Wednesday, December 28, 2011

what is greater in Jainism ritualism or good karmas

I wish to donate a handsome amount and wish to become Indra. But pl. enumerate what benefit our Jain poor, sr . citizen, suffering women at the hands of cruel in laws, students who do not have money for admission, Dig jain patients who hv no money to pay to looting medical services  etc etc .

 If u hv the answer then pl. give and if u dont hv then desist from wasteful extravanza which Jainism denounces and spreads awareness abt vidya daan, ahar daan, aushdha dan etc and good karmas. 

Alok Tholiya 
( spares no one)

आप सभी सादर आमंत्रित हैं .

पंचकल्याणक के प्रमुख पात्रो का चयन नव वर्ष की पावन बेला पर १ जनुअरी २०१२ रविवार को आचार्यश्री १०८ विद्यासागर जी महाराज ससंघ के सान्निध्य में दुर्ग में होगा 

"परम पूज्य आचार्य संत शिरोमणी श्री १०८ विद्यासागर जी महाराज ससंघ के पावन सान्निध्य में श्री १००८ श्री मज्जिनेन्द्र चौबीसी पंचकल्याणक तथा सहस्राकूट जिनबिम्ब प्रतिष्ठा गजरथ महोत्सव का आयोजन पद्मनाभपुर , दुर्ग में दिनांक १९ January २०१२ से २९ January २०१२ का होना तय किया गया है . प्रतिष्ठाचार्य बा . ब्र . प्रदीप भैया ' सुयश ' अशोकनगर ( म . प्र . )
झंडारोहण १९ January २०१२, पंचकल्याणक महोत्सव दिनांक २४ January २०१२ से २९ January २०१२ तथा गजरथ महोत्सव २९ January २०१२ को होगा.

कार्यक्रम स्थल : मिनी stadium , पद्मनाभपुर , दुर्ग, छत्तीसगढ़ 
विनीत : सकल दिगम्बर जैन समाज , छत्तीसगढ़ 
आयोजक : सकल दिगम्बर जैन समाज , पद्मनाभपुर 
इन्द्र इन्द्राणी हेतु संपर्क करे : 9302187347 कार्यालय , 9827196124 विनोद पाटनी 9993095558 सिंघई विनोद कोयला वाले ,9826153344 अशोक बडकुल ,9300263046 नवीन जैन , 9424116039 सुभाष जैन , 9826181732 विनोद जैन ,9424120960अजित सिंघई , 9425234346 राकेश जैन ,9425235611 धीरज बाकलीवाल .

Vinod Jain
Opp M 732, Padmanabhpur
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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

those who take from Mumbai everything for free oppose Annaji

Mangaleshwar (Munna) Tripathi:

Illegal migrants from most corrupt place and who produce children and do not give them education,sanskar and want to thrive on illegal slums, illegal business and pay nothing to Mumbai but take everything for free from BMC hospital, water, electricity,BMC school etc are opposing Annaji. 

  1. If  Mangaleshwar (Munna) Tripathi:  r man enough then ask those who illegally r encroaching Indu Mill and doing arm twisting. 
  2. If  Mangaleshwar (Munna) Tripathi:is man enough then he must go on fast  against frequent blackmail by  Saharad Rao, taxi union, those who oppose demolition of illegal structures, etc etc..
  3. go on fast against mafia's 
  4. go on fast against judicial system which is purposely giving adjournments so clients pay more to advocates and give bribe etc ..
  5. Those who chase illegal migrants and use force against them when there is a legal recourse available.
  6. Those who incite communal violence to serve their ends.
  7. Go on fast in sympathy of death of 12000 children who died in Maharashtra due to malnutrition and instead food was given to illegal migrants, wasted in partries of rich and elite, spoilt in govt godowns and so on. 
But instead u hv chosen to oppose annaji s

Group of 50 plans counter-rally at Azad Maidan 

Move Subject To Hearing On PIL In HC 

Swati Deshpande & Linah Baliga | TNN 

Around 50 people will conduct a fast rally at Azad Maidan,opposing veteran activist Anna Hazares move to fast at the MMRDA ground in the Bandra-Kurla Complex on Tuesday.
Uttar Bharatiya Vikas Parishad members have sought permission to conduct the fast at Azad Maidan.But it is subject to a hearing of their public interest litigation (PIL) filed in the Bombay High Court (HC).
Mangaleshwar (Munna) Tripathi,president of the parishad and a Congress leader,moved the HC on Monday to prevent Hazares fast from Tuesday over the government Lokpal Bill.
We will get to know tomorrow if the court accepts our petition.We will go to Azad Maidan for our fast rally only after the high court decision, said Tripathi on Monday.
Tripathi alleged that what Anna was doing was illegal.
Anna is resorting to blackmailing the government.If the court stops Annas andolan,I wont go in for a hunger strike.I am not against the anti-corruption rally.But the method used by Anna is wrong.When the Lokpal Bill has been introduced and debated in the winter session of Parliament,Annas protest was uncalled for and this was repeatedly said by Justice Majmudar,recently in the HC, said Tripathi.
He further said that any issue should be raised in a constitutional manner and without resorting to pressure tactics such as a jail bharo andolan and fasting.Tripathi filed the petition before the vacation court through his lawyer Yusuf Iqbal Yusuf. 

Sunday, December 25, 2011

R v Indians and India is doomed and Annaji

...and Annaji is trying to 

"When you know that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men 
who produce nothing, when you see that money is flowing to those who deal not in goods but in favours, when you see that men get rich more easily by graft rather than by work, and your laws no longer protect you against them but protect them against you,where courts mean dates after dates,where advocates and other hired professionals behave as they r your boss and while you pay them but even their assistance dictate on you, you  know that your society is doomed."

Sunday, December 18, 2011

nothing changes in this city rather worsens.....Alok

nothing changes in this city rather worsens but renaming goes on.... playing in the hands of politicians

Lohar Chawl is a famous old name and a landmark. But one can go for a renaming . no issues. But as association asked for renaming did association ask for improved civic amenities, freeing traffic, more parking and so many daily irritants and did u get any of these. BMC elections r arriving and all dirty politicians r trying to woo voters on silly / non issues. 
Demand actions on important issues and no need to hold function on renaming , nothing achieved. 

Being a electrical market develop some rare fountain/ circle/ on the lines of Disney ( but on a small island as land is scarce there) so many more tourist / shoppers visit market and it becomes popular by achieving / contributing something and not by just renaming where nothing changes and politicians use this as there campaign platform. 
I think most of the dealers had been to Singapore / China etc ( I had been to Singapore  with other electrical market dealers  in 1984 thru Orient fans) and must be knowing that we r 50 years behind all these countries. But we as fools only ask for renaming and get happy. I willl come to take photo of same chowk which will be full of Paan spits in a month . 

Alok Tholiya  

Subject: Invitation > EMA Event > 19 Dec 2011
Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2011 23:37:27 +0530

The Electric Merchants' Association
Since 1937
To:  M/s.  Jawahar Traders
Email Id:
***   INVITATION ***

The Electric Merchants’ 
Association Chowk

The President & the Managing Committee of
The Electric Merchants’ Association 
cordially invites to  the naming Ceremony  of 
“T” Junction of Mangaldas Road & Kitchen Garden Lane
Mumbai 400 002.
On Monday. 19th December, 2011 at 3.00 p.m. by
***   INVITATION ***

The Electric Merchants’ 
Association Chowk

The President & the Managing Committee of
The Electric Merchants’ Association 
cordially invites to  the naming Ceremony  of 
“T” Junction of Mangaldas Road & Kitchen Garden Lane
Mumbai 400 002.
On Monday. 19th December, 2011 at 3.00 p.m. by
Shri Raj Purohit
President, BJP
***   INVITATION ***

The Electric Merchants’ 
Association Chowk

The President & the Managing Committee of
The Electric Merchants’ Association 
cordially invites to  the naming Ceremony  of 
“T” Junction of Mangaldas Road & Kitchen Garden Lane
Mumbai 400 002.
On Monday. 19th December, 2011 at 3.00 p.m. by
***   INVITATION ***

The Electric Merchants’ 
Association Chowk

The President & the Managing Committee of
The Electric Merchants’ Association 
cordially invites to  the naming Ceremony  of 
“T” Junction of Mangaldas Road & Kitchen Garden Lane
Mumbai 400 002.
On Monday. 19th December, 2011 at 3.00 p.m. by
Guest of Honour
Shri Rameshwarlal Kabra
Ram Ratna Goup
Chief Guest :
Smt. Jayvantiben Mehta
Former Minister of State,
Govt of India.
Presided by :
Shri Janak Sanghavi
Municpal Councilor

Ceremony followed by snacks at EMA Office

The Electric Merchants’ Associaton
Shreeji Bhuvan, 51, Mangaldas Lane, Room No. 7 & 12, Lohar Chawl, Mumbai — 400 002.
Tel: (022) 2206 0625  |  Email:  |  Web:

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Alok's opinion on beating of teachers at the instance of parents

  1. I do not know the full story but ......
  2. At most occasions / for most of us respect is to be commended 
  3. media is responsible for loosing right behavior
  4. media / govt / we only pay attention when someone reacts violently and not before that. Say if parents visit 100 times with folded hands to Princi/ eduaction dept etc but will never get due attention lest a justice ( and media will never cover their suffering but if they take help of a musclemen / force/ violence then ir will come in media instantly. 
  5. all concerned depts , ombudsman, vigilance committee, courts are a either sell out/ delaying or having sympathy towards the officers/ depts  against whom they r supposed to be strict if public grievances come but that never happens and hence Dawood, MNS and others come in picture. 

Some want instant justice and cant wait for god to do that in next janam. Either improve system to redress grievances or similar things will / shall/ and must happen and cant label vent out / suppressed exploitation when explodes as a terrorism. 

When did our education inculcate tolerance to the extent that ur child is beaten/ several wrongs daily happen to u in hospitals, injustice and delay in courts , callousness in police stations,loot in  banks by heavy charges , harassment at the time u claim from insurance etc etc.. and u commonmen is expected to bear all this notority silently ????  This is high order , cheap condemnation.

Only rich and influential get the redressal in our system. Only their children get VIP treatment so they feel everything is right and common men are wrong !!!! Shame. 

It is teachers who r trained to deal without beating, it is police who r trained to sense troubles, it is principal who is trained to win confidence of irritated parents . They all failed and we call suffering parents terrorists??? I want malham to be applied to affected parents,  suffering citizens  and others. 


  1. Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2011 12:51:06 +0530
Subject: Re: [member_cai] Re: Condemn attack by MNS

Dear Dr Shetty,

I agree with your views and what Dr Kinger has said about students losing respect for teachers. It is very true when politicians and  parents show disrespect for school authorities, the students too lose respect for school authorities and teachers and it is reflected in their arrogant  behaviour in school and the feeling of having power over school authorities.

Anju Mathur

On Thu, Dec 15, 2011 at 10:11 AM, NARENDRA KINGER <> wrote:

Dear Dr. Shetty,

I strongly agree with your views.  The politicisation of education to earn "Brownie points" should not be condoned nor tolerated.

Such attacks lead to development of a "fear psychosis" in children, teachers, parents, and general society and increase the level of stress and anxiety that we Indians are already overburdened with.

Also, by targeting Principals of educational institutions we seem to be sending the message to our children that "Teachers are no different and don't deserve our respect" and "Violence is the way ahead in life".  Under such a scenario, should we be surprised if there is an overall increase in violent resolution of problems in our society?

I feel the time has come for all educational institutions and mental health professionals to disseminate and discuss the importance of a "CIVILISED way of life" where "Pen is mightier than the sword". Also, a strong and clear message should go through "law enforcement"??? to such individuals.


Narendra Kinger 
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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Re: my building is dirtiest

My addenda to a mail of Sangita Sopte abt condition of her building ( her mail is below my reply) ...

Thank you for this info. otherwise I was thinking that my building is dirtiest  as:

There r  5 tenants and trespassers. Only one of them pays rent which is Rs 30/- p.m. .

There is a dhobi hut and inducted by a bullying tenant who does all the mess in the building.

Other tenants dont pay but rape the whole building to core.

Local politicians and ward officers have taken Rs 10 lacs each from illegal migrants and allowed unauthorized shade in front of my building.

Saffronists party has a tempo union and promotes and safeguards illegal migrants to have a illegal tempo stand all around my building.
Prominent UP leader who has made 1500 crores in Mumbai in last 20 years under the nose of sena Tiger advised them not to pay Rs 300/-

for parking under flyover  and cause traffic jam. And they eat paan worth Rs 1000/- pm and spit all over and park for free tempos and are promoted by saffron party.

Every year I write to BMC to clear choked drains but they dont and our compound gets flooded every monsoon and our local corporator a son of a hawker has built palatial house in UP with swimming pool.

And so on.....and still if u say your building is dirties then I am happy that some one is above me.

And if u want to improve condotion of your building and locality then sell a flat to a IPS/IRS/IAS or mafia politician or selfish people like Lata Mangeshakar ( she cud stop a much needed project for a decade due to her selfish nature and influence) ,  or buy a flat next to a poserful neta, officer as all funds are spent on the locality where they live. If u want to verify then I can take u round the VIP areas and you will realise the facts. .......Alok

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>  Location: PAREL
>  Email: sda156@...
>  Page URL:

Wednesday, November 30, 2011



 I believe RGBC ( and its types) are a racket, RCI is mother of all time share racket, and those who are taking fees from innocent already duped, suffering and cursing are further trapped. 

Thanks and Regards,
Alok Tholiya,

Saturday, November 26, 2011

My response to Advocates conference...on facebook

Vinod Sampat EXCELLENT PROGRAMME ORGANISED UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OF ADV. ANIL SINGH BY THE BAR COUNCIL OF MAHARASHTRA AND GOA WHICH WAS ATTENDED BY CHIEF MINISTER MAHARASHTRA AND GOA BESIDES A NUMBER OF JUDGES OF SUPREME COURT, BOMBAY HIGH COURT AND SENIOR LAWYERS. ABOUT 1400 ADVOCATES ATTENDED THE SEMINAR IN ITS 50TH YEAR. MOOD OF CELEBRATION IS PREVALENT AMONG LAWYERS. VERY HAPPY TO MEET MY OLD BUDDIES. Like · · Share · 14 hours ago near Mumbai · --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ajay Chaturvedi and 4 others like this. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alok Tholiya So it was a good Facebook kind assembly. But is something going to change in justice system??? Any important resolutions passed??? Is Anil Singh trying to rub shoulders or he means business??? Pardon my language but I have spent my 57 years in such gatherings where nothing was achieved, nothing was debated, nothing was passed but light was lit, bouquet distributed, speeches given, had sumptuous food , kingpins of org rubbed shoulder and others left for facing next day before delaying courts, harassing officers, corrupt politicians etc etc.. My life never changed for better.. Has anyone's life , has Mumbai, has judiciary, has bureaucrats ever changed for better???????? Sorry ...and I stand to correct if I am wrong . And I wonder this is a second such meeting as in first meeting CM did not come. So this time they managed to have CM. Great. But the expenditure on these two meet may be around 25 lacs.( host a small party and one will know the cost) . It is very important to know who is funding and why??? I have stopped having a cup of tea in social functions if I dont have these answers. I will have something only if there is a registration charge or or if prominently the name of sponsors are announced. Big order but yes I dont want fingers on me as I raise on all and sundry. Though I may attend such meetings to know / deliberate but avoid food, souviniers, memntoes etc.. a few seconds ago · Like

MY response on facebook on Kingfisher still flies.......

Ajay Chaturvedi kingfisher working n alive, reached safely mumbai. Like · · Share · 9 hours ago · Ajay Chaturvedi and 7 others like this. =========================================================================================================== Bheda Chandresh cheers!! 9 hours ago · Like ============================================================================================================== Alok Tholiya: So many textiles mills too worked for decades but drowned were suppliers, creditors, tax authorities, bankers, financiers. Rather when the management realized their industry was sinking they diverted lots of resources to personal accounts and while staff and others suffered owners were still enjoying life like Vijay Mallaya. Vijay Mallaya should be asked to sell his airline if he can not manage but should not be given bail out. Govt has to bail out those below Rs 32/- earnings and not Malalya.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Great Harvinder

Indur K Chhugani Just 1 slap & Sardar booked under 4 sections of Indian Penal Code. Every NCP worker goes on a riot, burn and damage property and no action against them. And still the politicians wonder why people are angry. Like · · Share · 16 hours ago · Vinod Sampat and 29 others like this. 15 shares Raju Korti I am sure, tomorrow, they will book someone for looking angrily at a political leader. 12 hours ago · Like · 3 Harbir Singh Gill shared.... 9 hours ago · Like Alok Tholiya And what abt punishment to rioters who vandaled after arrest of Indira Gandhi. Rather many of the m who burnt buses etc were given tickets to election. I salute Harvinder singhji who has raked up the issue of price rise in his own way. He is Bhagat singh ( I hope he does not do anything wrong of the kind which will tarnish his good image) of 2011 and needs proper assistance in court and good protection.Of course he should have restrained himself to slap and not branded a kirpan.

what they write on face book and what I write .....

Siddharth Murarka today is LAW DAY and also 26/11 yani kasab day. we promise all terrorist that whatever may be the expences we will not punish them, keep them guest and will give them lifetime proper hearing at all levels though we may have to sacrifice our own men and violate their right to be heard in court... PAKKA PROMISE. jai kasab Like · · Share · about an hour ago via BlackBerry · 4 people like this. Mukund Chari is this the promise by our PM AND soniya ji,,, about an hour ago · Like Ahtsham H Batt India being A sovereign state hs its own identity @ Int level.& nations r not governed by sentiments. about an hour ago · Like <b>Alok Tholiya In all probability Kasab will be hanged. However we can not circumvent process of law and earn bad name. Bad name has been earned by judiciary by dealying cases as influential advocates take adjournments on false grounds, cause influential politicians take bail like fast food served really fast, that who's who get balance of justice always on their side. But in Kasab's case there has been no unnecessary delays. We dont have to criticise only for the sake of ... And Kasab has to be protected till he is hanged else Pakistan will kill many of our innocent litigants on same example. He is a prized catch. His capture has changed the world opinion on Pak. Brave police lost his life to arraest him and thus we can not risk his life at the hands of some unruly crowd. Our people are so mad and coward that they can attck Annaji and other unprotected harmless. They wont dare to attack Dawood or alike. Hence he is to be protected till hanged by due process of law. Sorry though u r an advocate but ...... no one dares to say except Alok such things........... a few seconds ago · Unlike · 1

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


He believes Manmohanji is good and honest and I said according to me he is most corrupt. Read what is corruption as per wikipedia and but as per some corrpution means bribery and since MM ( PM) does not take money he is not corrupt. No sir, no he is most corrupt::::::::read on:::: corruption [kuh-ruhp-shuhn]   1. the act of corrupting or state of being corrupt. 2. moral perversion; depravity. 3. perversion of integrity. 4. corrupt or dishonest proceedings. 5. bribery. Synonyms 2. dissolution, immorality. 8. rot, putrefaction, putrescence, foulness, pollution, contamination. Antonyms 1–3. purity. 3, 4. honesty. look for true meaning of corruption,Bribery which does not only may be corruption but corruption means lot more then bribery. If lust for post or flattery or importance or even under influence of fear of community etc if one does something wrong or does not do what is desired is a corruption. Recently I was in a conference organised at the behest of a well respected saint. The speakers after speaker were diverting from topic of the day and getting indulged in bestowing lots of praises of respected saint ( which he deserves too).The speakers were totally evading the main topic. I wrote to saint that pl. inspire speakers to majorly cover the topic in their speech and not otherwise. He read and kept my note on one side. According to me that is also a corruption. I complimented Justice R J Kochar for being only blunt and honest speaker ( honest to topic of the day) during lunch break and added Sir I give you 100% where as to this graet saint I give only 95%. In a conference of advocates ( where I was not eligible as a delegate but allowed to be observe as guest) at goregaon held recently the speaker after speaker were doing lal ( flattery) of newly elect Presi. And the topic was just forgotten. Is not that corruption??? In conference of fast justice where the then law minister was present, many ex-justice, and many dignitaries were present like Medha Patkar, etc.. In few minutes I lost my cool as a leading ex justice Dharmadhikariji himself was talking on totally different experiences then what, why and how to get fast justice delivered in India. I raised point of order and stopped all that and asked the Chair of conference to stick to the topic. The presiding officer had to. Most activists spoke on how bad and slow is a judicial system and how the justice can be speeded up but again a aspiring politician came and started talking abt other important issues but not relevant to topic for which conference was called. This time I made heightened hue and cry specially when I was a registered delegate. This politician is good, but this was no platform for increasing vote bank. So Manmohanji as per me is most corrupt Prime minister as he has no control over his governments doings. He may not be taking bribe but he is silent on various issues which one should thru even fufkaro lekin kato mat mantra boost image of party and govt. His men's scathing attacks on people like Annaji etc and on the other hand giving impression that if it was not the Judiciary no scams would have been unearth and dealt with. That means he is encouraging many other sitting ready to do scams and worst is his remark in support of Vijay Mallaya bail out. He has no time to bail out poverty stricken dying farmers, widows, children and does not think of bailing them out , does not think of mahngai/ inflation and does not think of bailing out good hospitals, charitable, welfare institutions but trying to bail out Kingfisher!!! He may be honest but for wrong reasons and there r stories of ppl like robin hood who did wrong for right reasons AND I ALOK WILL ACCLAIM THE ROBIN HOOD.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

By running ALM's sukhatankar has given more free time to BMC staff to loot us

BMC officers and corporators loot the booty and the innocent residents made to work to keep city clean????? What is a concept of ALM ALM= aram se lootne ke mechanism. so BMC officials and corporators loot the city , sell it off to land sharks, illegal migrants, contractors and so on and keep innocent citizens busy in sweeping the city. ALM should only act as a watch dog and see those rascals paid so high work and not that u work and they get time to loot you more. Read item 2 below. .......Alok 2. PRESS RELEASE: BMC gives Rs 26,500 salary to Sweepers & Peons-on-hir From: Krishnaraj Rao View All Topics | Create New Topic Messages 1. Mumbai, 19 November ‘11: Municipal Commissioner Subodh Kumar and Maharashtra Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan have got us all convinced that they are serious about cleaning up. Here is a small shocker that makes us wonder just how serious they are. RTI activist Pramod Kadam learned that the Municipal Corporation had entered into a contract with a couple of firms to paying a mind-blowing salary of Rs 26,578 for 759 personnel, and Rs 26,199 for 754 personnel. The personnel were sweepers, school attendants (i.e. peons), plumbers and electricians to Municipal schools. Please note, this is probably a bit more than the salary of Principals and Headmasters of Mumbai’s Municipal schools, and definitely more than even experienced teachers and staff! The names of these firms are: · Krystal Trade Com Pvt. Ltd -- · BVG India Ltd -- The payment for this three-year contract, which began on 1 February 2009-10, is being done on a monthly basis. The monthly payment is nearly Rs 2.02 crore to Krystal, and nearly Rs 1.98 crore to BVG. See work order: Being a bank employee, Kadam also found out that the actual salaries credited by these agencies to their salary accounts was a meagre *Rs 4,000 to Rs 5,200.* As anybody can see, the massive amount pocketed by the agency – over Rs 21,000 per employee provided – is extravagant and unreasonable. He also found out that a comparable contract award had been awarded in 2008 for security and maintenance of Prabodhankar Thackerey Hall in Borivli for Rs 6,600 per personnel per month. Hence the difference between these two contracts, awarded about one year apart by the same Standing Committee, was Rs 20,000. Besides this huge wastage of public resources, he also found that many things were not in order. After a lot of RTI research work over a couple of years, Pramod Kadam finally complained in January 2011 to Municipal Commissioner Subodh Kumar, CM Prithviraj Chavan, the Municipal Chief Auditor and others. Read his detailed complaint: A couple of months later, the audit department confirmed Kadam’s allegations. However, instead of comparing the salary with the Rs 6,600 benchmark of Prabodhankar Thackeray Hall, the auditors compared it with Rs 13,800 per head paid to the security staff of toll (jakaat) nakas. On this basis, it calculated that there was excess payment of Rs 34.52 lakhs per year. Perhaps more importantly, it questioned how these firms could have been selected when they did not have the necessary Income Tax and Sales Tax clearance papers. Read the MARATHI report of the municipal auditors: However, eight months after the chief auditor’s report, the contract continues. Not only that, as the municipal elections near, almost coinciding the renewal date of this contract(Feb 1, 2012), one hears over the grapevine that THIS EXTRAVAGANT CONTRACT IS ABOUT TO BE RENEWED. Why will it continue? Because some political parties in MCGM need the KICKBACK MONEY FOR THE ELECTIONS. Mr Municipal Commissioner Sir, Mr Chief Minister Sir, are you listening? What do you have to say about this? In this instance of blatant corruption, the buck clearly stops with you. Warm Regards, Krish

they do not want to bail out small investor to, poor, sufferers but a playboy

yeh news pad kar aaj ka din khrab ho gaya : LIC the only proud flagship corporation of Govt of India which has been acclaimed the world over is being given a slow poison by enemies of India , and sonia and Manmohan are becoming tools of same. LIC has earned shame and disrepute by asking agents to sell ULIPs by over promising and giving rosy pictures and thus millions specially poor and middle class have made heavy losses. LIC is not bailing out them. Manmohan not asking LIC to bail out its investors who have made losses due to false promises given by LIC thru agents and before the last day of closing of those ULIP's the branches of LIC were collecting premiums till dawn next day. Poor villagers and others have morgaged their personal belongings and valueables and to bail out small LIC itaken ULIPS and now these ULIPS are in loss. Many LIC clients have it seems committed suicide due to losses. Has ever Manmohan / Sonia / Digvijay/ Kapil Sibbal / Prafull have ever thought of bailing out any of loosing poor investors of LIC???? Why ???? And why are they trying to bail out Vijay Mallaya the person who spends time on beaches shooting for loust naked girls calender, in IPL, in Car race in alcohol trade etc etc .. What are there connections with him???? My marathi manoos bai who worked in various houses as domestic servent is bed ridden due to damage to backbone ( paraplegic), her husband already had paralytic attack. They have two daughters. One has taken over her mothers work and other is studying. They r unable to meet their expenses. I asked them to get a BPL card so that they can be treated in good hospital for free. The marathi manoos officers asked for huge bribe and gave lenghty procdure for illetrate , ailing poor senior citizens. But one who lands today from UP/Bihar / bangla desh gets taxi / auto permit/ unauthorised hut and then free house/ unauthorised stall and they are all helped and saved by marathi speaking officers. Why??? Garibi hatao or illigal migrants are only issues to raise sentiments and get votes but at the end of the day who is the winner won who bribes. Aur mera hindusatan mahan?????? Shame and sorry for those believe in these leaders. Thanks and Regards, Alok Tholiya,

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

US economy, their courses and we monkeying them ...Alok

Presnt MBA course must be relooked and etics and moral must be included. Present MBA( and allied courses) is producing obssessed and maniacs chasing money at any cost overlooking its effect on society and humans. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. The US has made a new weapon that destroys people but keeps the building standing,. Its called the stock market - *Jay Leno* 2. Do you have any idea how cheap stocks are ?? Wall Street is now being called Wal Mart Street- *Jay Leno* 3. The difference between a pigeon and a London investment banker . *The pigeon can still make a deposit on a BMW* 4. What's the difference between a guy who lost everything in Las Vegas and an investment banker ? *A tie* 5. The problem with investment bank balance sheet is that *on the left side nothing's right and on the right side nothing's left. 6. I want to warn people from Nigeria who might be watching our show, if you get any e mails from Washington asking for money, it's a scam. Don't fall for it - *Jay Leno* 7. Bush was asked about the credit crunch. He said it was his favourite candy bar -* Jay Leno* 8. The rescue bill was about 450 pages. President Obama's copy is even thicker. They had to include pictures. *Jay Leno* 9. President Obama's response was to support some small business owners in America. The small business owners are General Motors, General Electric and Century 21. - *Jay Leno* 10. What worries me most about the credit crunch, is that if one of my cheques is returned stamped 'insufficient funds'. * I won't know whether that refers to mine or the bank's.* *NEW STOCK MARKET TERMS* *CEO* --Chief Embezzlement Officer. *CFO* -- Corporate Fraud Officer. *BULL MARKET* -- A random market movement causing an investor to mistake himself for a financial genius. *BEAR MARKET* -- A 6 to 18 month period when the kids get no allowance, the wife gets no jewelry. *VALUE INVESTING* -- The art of buying low and selling lower. *P/E RATIO* -- The percentage of investors wetting their pants as the market keeps crashing. *BROKER* -- What my broker has made me. *STANDARD & POOR* -- Your life in a nutshell.. *STOCK ANALYST* -- Idiot who just downgraded your stock. *STOCK SPLIT* -- When your ex-wife and her lawyer split your assets equally between themselves. *FINANCIAL PLANNER* -- A guy whose phone has been disconnected. *MARKET CORRECTION* -- The day after you buy stocks. *CASH FLOW*-- The movement your money makes as it disappears down the toilet. *YAHOO* -- What you yell after selling it to some poor sucker for $240 per share. *WINDOWS* -- What you jump out of when you're the sucker who bought Yahoo @ $240 per share. *INSTITUTIONAL INVESTOR* -- Past year investor who's now locked up in a nuthouse. *PROFIT* -- An archaic word no longer in use

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Reply to query raised by Shri Bharat Chudiwalaji

[menow] Reply to query raised by Shri Bharat Chudiwalaji ....Seat Belts Save lives????‏ Namaskar. I want to simplify life by saying we should not delve in to all issues. Human rights, dignity, development , corruption free society, right to get lawful work done in right time, are issues which we must all be alert and protect our rights and for which we have to be alert, thinking, vocal and if needed should fight for like Annaji and commonmen and even media did recently. But many other things we must leave on sensibilities of govt. machinery like traffic rules, pollution, population, dance bars, gutka, smoking , saving greenery, protecting wild life, conserving resources etc etc If there r no enough rules then we may raise issues but when there are enough rules then we must blindly follow them and be a resposible citizen. These rules are framed after lot of studies, lot of efforts, experties, expirience go in to making rules. Since there r many countries who are already ahead of us in many ways so they face the music too before us so while framing a rule even our govt . experts take in to account how and why from issues affecting them and rules framed by them. Motor accidents are also similar issue. The modern cars with quick pick up and high speed and express highways / flyovers have come up. To control severe damage to drivers and passengers the belts are must. But not many care so the strict law. I feel even Air bags will be compulsory in a year or two. Country can not afford paraplegics everywhere due to car accidents. Similarly speeds are also regulated by authorities. So to avoid severe accidents as happened in the case of Salman Khan there r speed limits and everyone must adhere to them without being smart or feeling superior or feeling he is VIP and is above law. Specially parents must educate teens to learn driving discipline as their life is the costliest and that is a age when they are negiligient. Similarly alcohol. Govt is doing their best to eduacte and punish such motorists but many still undermine the law and suffer or make others suffer. At times I find govt / ministry has made a very good law but even judiciary has unnecessarily intervrned. Like govt has to manage law and order, health of citizens and therefore they are best to decide timing of bars, ladies bar, sale of Gutka etc but thru PIL courts have intervened where they should not. But same judiciary has also passed so many bold and visionary orders that we can breathe a free air or if was fully left in the hands of only govt then we could be just living like in banana republic. So things go on ... we must delve only on very cocerning issues and let experts in bureacracy frame good laws and we follow them. Thanks and Regards, Alok Tholiya To: From: Date: Fri, 9 Sep 2011 18:01:48 +0530 Subject: Re: [menow] Seat Belts Save lives!!! Dear Alokji, I have a question, which I often ask myself or even a traffic cop!!! Which is a better option??? To Wear a SEAT BELT and DRIVE FASTER!!! (You may SAVE YOURSELF, but what about PEDASTRIANS???) It seems we have forgotten NANDAs and SALMAN KHAN!!! or NOT TO WEAR A SEAT BELT but DRIVE SLOWER?? You save yourself, but more importantly you DONT KILL OTHERS!!!) Bharat

Top officers, politicians and neta's cooking for nibbling 7000 cr and poor will keep suffering

Vijay Mallaya has offered PM Rs 1500/- crore for UP elections and in turn he is getting bail out package being drafted by Prafull patel, Vaylar ravi, digvijay singh and Kapil sibbal . If some one does not file writ or an agitation is started then we will loose another 7000 crores which cud be used for poor, down trodden, widow, sr citizens, patients,or for development. And after bailing out Mallaya is going to take Sonia, Rahul, Manmohan etc for photo shoot of calender showing naked girls. ......Wake sleeping Indians, if u pay taxes, pay for high cost petrol etc etc then raise voice before govt coofeers are emptied on Vijay Mallaya for splurging on girls, horses, wine, race etc etc.. ...Alok Tholiya --- In, karmayog wrote: > > > On 12-Nov-2011, at 6:54 PM, SURENDRA MALHOTRA wrote: > > It is well known in the aviation circle as to how this syndicate of Jet,Kingfisher and the aviation minister have been looting the tax payer. > First they made Air India sick and now because they dont want to pay they want the tax payer to pay for their extravagant jaunts. > What about the money made by these airlines when they treble the fares.The govt has no control. > Why other airlines like Indigo and spice are not in the red. > If at all the govt wants to bail out then they should first bail out the farmers who are committing suicides. > Because of wrong policies of the govt many industries have become sick.How about bailing them out. > No one asks this govt why plastic raw material is available at almost half the price in China. > No one asks this govt as to why in Bangla desh petrol is available at Rs 45. > If at all some one needs bailing out it is the common man burdened by inflation ,corruption and terrorism. > S.Malhotra > INDIA FIRST >

Sunday, October 16, 2011

safforonists, congis,unionists Sahard Rao, NCP's, bureacrats, and all other have milked this poor and innocent Marathi manoos and Mumbaikars..

From: Alok Tholiya <>
Subject: safforonists, congis,unionists Sahard Rao, NCP's, bureacrats, and all other have milked this poor and innocent Marathi manoos and Mumbaikars..
To: "Alok Tholiya Gmail" <>
Date: Sunday, 16 October, 2011, 1:26 PM

Yeah there r many mega projects in Mumbai : Tahkreys, Sharad Rao,Bhujabals,Rane,Pawars,Patil's,Kalmadis,Kripa,Deora,datt,rajeja,Hiranandani,Dawood and his heroic team, kings of filmdom and so no.
And while kolkata, delhi got Metro years back, Banglore getting this month we will get one day.....??????!!!!! 
While Mumbai Municipal corporation is having budget more then several states in India and many countries in world but the funds go the above named Mega projects ( nibblers) and the commissioners,collectors,etc etc...
Another mega project in Mumbai is setting up slum colonies.
I am sure u r refferring to these ????!!!!!! 
I only know what britishers left we have deeteriorated and achieved nothing but our Aka's our netas, our sahabs have achieved personal Mega projects and my heart cries for my Maharashtra, my Mumbai and its innocent Mumbaikars who give blood to city and get worst civic amenities and reverse development. Alok 
--- In, wrote:
>  Subject:  The Mumbai Megaproject 

>  Main Point:  The Mumbai Megaproject , is a large , do-able plan that
> unlocks US $ 308 Billion ( Rs 14 Lakh Crores ) of value in Mumbai and
> uses that money to totally rebuild the city by 2024. 

>  Category of Topic:  Mumbai Development Plans 

>  Message:  The Mumbai Megaproject is available for free download
> from the following link :
> esentation_24_September_2011.pdf The project presentation is also
> available on You Tube. Please click on the following link to see the
> presentation : 

>  Name:  Ashish Puntambekar 

>  Organisation:  The Nataraja Foundation 

>  Location:  Nerul ( E ), Navi Mumbai 

>  Email 1:  ash_puntambekar@... 

>  Email 2:  ashish.puntambekar@... 

>  Information about yourself:
> ume.pdf 

> Click here <>  to
> Reply

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Yes I want to join....Alok

Yes I want to join....Alok 

 And six extensions?? 

No. U will be shocked to know that there was a metropolitan transport team  of planning commission which planned this flyover in 1965 and was to be completed by 1970. But as politicians and bureaucrats are busy in making money they keep delaying everything to get full juice by exerting more crush and hence delay of 40 years in this link road. In 40 years world has changed for better but India specially Mumbai has gone to doge. 

How I know abt MTT??? By dad's closest friend just like brother Shri Rameshchandraji Sharma was in this team and made several proposals for development of Mumbai. He was in planning commission, Delhi. For his planning he used to come to Mumbai and would stay with us. He would share these plans with us while chitchatting but whatever I heard from him nothing or very little has come up in Mumbai. 

I still have his email id/ and nos. ( though retired and old)  if some well known person from media would like to take his interview and let citizens of Mumbai know that all best plans have remained in files and money gone in scams and today IAS, commissioners, collectors,secretaries,tahsildar,talati  and others are having 1000 crore + in their coffers but we live in Pathetic condition. 

Some RTI activist can also get info from planning commission as to what were the plans for Mumbai. 

I appreciate ur good work of creating awareness abt govt apathy and sinister delays. 

I have been saying for years  that we must make small videos comparing Malaysia, China etc who have come up in last 25 yrs and where we stand. 

And they say India shining???? Shameless people. 


On Fri, Sep 30, 2011 at 1:57 PM, jiten <> wrote:
Next 2 next Sunday, that is, 9th Oct. afternoon/evening plan to do documentation with photographs of present situation of work of Santcruz Chembur Link Road (SCLR) which had 6 extensions of completion date. Delayed by more than 4 years still about 30% work pending. On this day we, Citizen wish to complete first phase from WE highway till Kurla west tracks. If time permits from Kurla east till EE highway on same day or otherwise next subsequent Sunday. Those who wish to join, please confirm. Such documentation could be use to built extra pressure. Already some media people & concious citizens have confirmed their participation.


Jitendra Gupta
member of Citizen Transport committee (CTC)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Why people attack medical staff

I am writing to WHO,newspapers, media, 50K my other email contacts abt this so : 
  1. An investigation by international organisation must be carried out in Indian Hospitals their ICU's and OT's to make sure that our hospitals are not carrying infections specially lung infection. 
  2. Daily a check of nursing staff / docs and their equipments must be made and sanitized  My father in law developed infection after he was put on ventilator and subsequently it was found that he has developed lung infection. Is ventilator the culprit. 
  3. Whether a law be made where hospital can not charge a patients if post 3 days of hospitalization new ailments develop.
  4. Doctors have to be available in large hospitals or their licence be cancelled. 
  5. Patients relatives must not be allowed inside ICU /ICCU but CCTV must be installed so relatives can see the patients and there care. 
  6. I am a witness of some cases where the saline needle shifted and whole hand was swollen and only when patients relative brought this dangerous situation to knowledge of nursing staff they ran to attend the patient. What is a remedy. Everyone else is punished for negligence but has ever been hospital staff been punished. 
  7. From the recovery or death with in one hour patient/ body must be discharged. Most hospital delay same and charge for next day too. What is a step govt going to take to stop fleecing the clients?? why so many cheats have come in this profession?? Is it because politicinas and bureaucrats run medical colleges charge huge donation and then docs recover same this way and finally continue to do so whole life?? 
  8. I have seen docs specially dentists who don't use disposable gloves, don't use proper cleanliness, hygiene, and staff is not trained. I condemn attack on medical professional but then what is a remedy for aggrieved relatives of patient???? Is law balanced to common man. I am fwd this mail to Indian judiciary and others too for waking up to sufferings of innocent patients and their relatives. 
  9. In a five star type fortis hospital in Jaipur there is no proper rest room for relatives of   ICU/ critical  patients and are made to sleep on floor and where as docs and hospital management  sleeps in 5 star apartments. But I equally condemn pathetic condition in which interns are made to live in hospitals and that is where they become cruel to others as they have faced all kind of inconvenience, sufferings and under payment. But shocking is is their not a single doctor in Jaipur Fortis / Ajmer Mittal hospital who is making lots of money ( whether patient die or live) to raise concern abt the inconvenience meted out to relatives of critical patients who are already so badly  stressed and in shock for critical condition of near one. 
  10. All hospitals should allow visit of another doctor of choice of patients/relatives to give second opinion. They be allowed to see all reports of patients  every 12 hrs. How can they play hide and seek?? Here I found Asian Heart experience abt patients relatives counseling ion daily basis very good system. Legally same must be made mandatory for all hospitals. Why should we chase a doc for feedback/ update etc like a beggar even after paying them huge money. I have seen many who have taken loan and paid to docs/ hosps and yet get miserable treatment where as if their VIP / filmi like Amitabh Bachan is there then they give hourly health bulletin because the doc gets to see/ and show his face on TV?? Are they more equal then other citizens of India??? Will supreme court have to order a system or will corrupt IMA and govt take some steps?? 
  11. When my mother in law was taken to hospital every other her belongings were removed but for nose ring ( or whatever u call ) studded with diamond as it was not coming out. On the sad day same was noted to be there by visiting relatives till 6 pm. At 7 pm she was declared no more. After that when body was handed over the nose ring was missing.We know of cases where from rooms of hospital things missing.We cant narrow down on anyone. But here she was in ICU and then handed over to realatives. Should not necessary law be made of taking inventory of such things on admission?? Should not there be a camera till the place the dead body is stored?? Will people at helm of affairs the docs, the management,the govt authorities wake up and do something as these things pile up ( like communal violence ) and then gets bursted like a volcano ( my close dear friend  doctor in Mumbai was gunned down some yrs back by a brother of patient who died. 
  12. And the biggest inhuman are TPA's and insurance cos who make run pillar to post patients and their relatives when u need them most. But IRDA,Insurance council, Ombudsman, consumer courts,govt insurers are all appointed by govt / bureaucrats so they are all chor chor mausere bhai who will reduce sufferings of common-man where VIP gets all work done in ziffy and we suffer as slaves in India. 

My father in law was admitted in fortis Jaipur  for stroke and paralysis attack but fourth day docs informed that he has developed lung infection.  I strongly feel these hospitals are carrying infections and specially lung. And lo he died on 7 th day of admission. 
My mother in law died exactly died 55 days days ( and she was hardly old enough ( 68 yrs) of lung infection. Nawab Pataudi died of lung infection. There r many other cses I know where people were admitted and then found to have  lung  infection. 

Similarly I have seen cases of persons admitted for High BP or heart attack. Hospital does necessary. But in the meanwhile there kidneys fail which were working well when they were admitted.

Thanks and Regards,
Alok Tholiya,

On Mon, Sep 26, 2011 at 10:26 PM, Deepak Barodia <> wrote:

Date: Sun, Sep 11, 2011 at 6:50 PM
Subject: Are you making doctors.........Money making machine ?
To: ranjana.smetacek@..., ruhee.dhar@...

Dear All,
Please forward to all.
With deep regret I want to inform you the demise of my wife Rupali Sharma
on 17th July due to post operative complication after brain surgery.
I would also like to bring to your notice how private hospitals like
FORTIS are robbing people of their life and money. Please be very careful
while dealing with such hospitals. Find below the details of my experience
with Fortis Noida.
My wife age 29 ( occupation- trainer with HCL) was diagnosed with a non
malignant brain tumor on 17th June2011. She did not have any major
symptoms like headache, eye problem or vomiting. She was suggested surgery
for removal of tumor. We took opinions from Max, Indo Gulf and finally
decided on Fortis because of the good reputation of Dr. A K Singh.
Doctors did not make us aware that it is a very complicated surgery and
said that there are only incidental risks. "Amount of risk involved is
same as the risk when you come from your home to hospital"
On the date of admission I pointed out several times that my wife was
having severe cough and cold. It was ignored by doctors saying "Everything
is perfect". Later on Dr Sanjay Gupta admitted that this could have led to
infection.How could they ignore it? Moreover the doctor preponed the
surgery by one day because he had to go outside India.We were totally
unaware of that. Why did not they postpone the surgery instead?
From day one the team did not have any consensus on how the tumor will be
removed. They said that they will try from nose first , if not they will
cut open the skull. On the day of operation (8th July)they said after 5
hrs that they could not extract tumor through nose so .. they will open
the skull. My dear wife had to go through both the procedures. The whole
operation took 12 hrs.
Post operative care is pathetic. Why was my wife given sandwich and chole
chawal in ICU after next day of such a major surgery?My wife vomitted on
13 July morning and was drowsy. We immediately alarmed the doctors on
duty. But they ignored the situation saying that everything is normal. In
the evening she was perspiring, We again alarmed doctors on duty but no
action was taken. If the doctors have been proactive they could have saved
my wife.
By 14th morning the condition had deteriorated and doctors took her to ICU
and put her on ventilator saying it is not required but as a precaution
they were doing it.The worst part is that senior doctors A K Singh and
Sanjeev Dua went out of country on that day. We tried to reach them
through various means but they were not available for next 3 days. (How
could they leave two patients in such a serious condition?There was
another patient with similar case in ICU who also died )
Doctors who were available ( Vikas Gupta, Bundela, Sanjay Gupta ) acted
like bunch of idiots. They could not diagnose the problem and condition
deteriorated every day. There was total lack of leadership and no team
work at all. Each doctor gave a different reason for the problem ( lung
infection, hypo perfusion, brain infection none of which was confirmed by
the time of death). On 14th July, doctors were saying that there is lung
infection but they had not called any lung specialist. It is only when we
suggested , they called an expert? Why did not they call the experts on
there own?
On 16th July Dr. Vivek Chawla was instructed to update us the condition by
7:00 am in morning. However we were not informed till 11:00 Am that she
had a cardiac arrest at 4:00 am. My wife's cousin (who is a doctor in
AIIMS) visited Fortis Neuro ICU on 17th July , he told me that my wife was
already dead. After he left , hospital declared dead my wife. Otherwise
they would have continued with ventilator for god knows how many days. One
of the lady doctor in ICU very shamefully admitted that there was
negligence on part of doctors.
The hospital has international standards in only the exorbitant rated they
charge. They gave me an estimate of 2.5 lakhs to cure my wife and charged
Rs 5.5 lakhs for her deadbody. We were never communicated that the charges
had gone beyond the estimate. How could they expect us to deposit more
than double the amount at the time of death on a Sunday evening?
There was no doctor from Neurosurgery team available when the death was
declared. When we shouted at the authorities they were quick enough to
call the police within minutes. But they could not get any doctor to
confirm the cause of death or at least give a condolence message as a
human gesture. We had to immediately arrange double the estimated cost,
otherwise they would not give us the dead body.
We had a meeting with hospital management and team of doctors on 4th Aug.
Where doctors accepted majority of our allegations. We demanded a return
of the extra money paid and action against doctors. Director Mr Sukhmeet
Sandhu assured a response by phone in two days. After 8 days we received a
condolence message with no action.
Nowadays hospitals believe in profiteering even at the cost of life. There
is no trasparency and they put people on ventilator even when it is not
required. Very careless attitude of doctors, nurses and other staff. Again
warning you against such malpractices.
Kindly request you to forward this mail to all your friends and relatives
and request you to suggest me good lawyer/ agency who could help me in
dealing with this situation.
Srijan Sharma ( F1707 )