Friday, April 17, 2015

Fadnavis ji first ask your officers to give dignity to Indian businessman, give them permissions instead of harrassment

Alok comments: 

If bureaucrats and banks stop arm twisting, harassing, blackmailing, if mafia and police do not threaten businessman, if unions are not allowed to wrongfully harass, if all black money is unearthed and brought in circulation then we have more funds, more talent, and energy to do business and no need to sell India to East India co.

Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis on Thursday urged European investors to look at Maharashtra, which he said was a leading destination for global investments.

Devendra Fadnavis addresses investors at Stockholm.

Fadnavis ji have you ever had tea like this with Indian Small scale entrepreneurs, farmers, professionals and so on?? Did you ever offer same facility an welcome which you offered to foreign businessman???? Shocking that instead of trying to exploit what we have untapped we are begging to foreigners.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

NAMO will have a last laugh in Kashmir issue.......I am sure .......god bless him and All India is with him

I think in deteriorating conditions of Kashmir let us wait and watch as so sunar ki and ek lohar ki kahawat Modi ji sach karenge aisa mera poorna vishwas hei. And if conditions deteriorate then there is no choice but to take steps as were required in Operation Blue start and other occasions. However there is no harm in criticising NAMO as that keeps him and government on toes and will make him busy in looking for solution to this decades old cancer. I am sure strategy planners are busy for finding ways to solve this age old menace.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

as one party nears the power all opportunists too jump in and with innocent mask

All political parties have to be cautious as those with vested interests join main political party to exploit power. So not only congress or BJP but even AAP etc may be infected by unwanted people. And such people show more commitment and spend lots of money and show highest loyalty towards top notch to get tickets and posts easily.

scams and non family planning is reason of our children go hungry and go in the hands of ISIS

V want fighter jets as well as hv to take care of our children. But if one produces more then two then it is not possible so govt must introduce incentivised family planning immediately and stop scams. For two children per family we have enough funds .

Monday, April 13, 2015

be ek Baap ke......condemn all and sundry for communal over tones and not just Saffrons......Alok

Singhvi had ever asked Sonia ji to comment on Azam, Owaisi, and Kashmir separatists? Singhvi kis maa ka dudh piya tha tune. U r a black spot on your faith.I want all such utterances to be dealt same way and not that congress and Mulayam etc remain silent on idiocity of Muslims and others remain silent on saffrons
Singhvi questions BJP's silence over 'communal' remarks by Sena, Sadhvi - Condemning the remarks of the Shiv Sena and Hindu Mahasabha leader Sadhvi...

electioneering or reporting on communal / regional basis must be banned by Apex court

 All political parties having communal, regional names must be ban, media should not be allowed reporting on basis of which cast / group is in high population in which area and no political parties should be allowed to put up candidate from a particular group only because that group voters are in higher numbers. But these and many steps no elected representative will take so someone like Prashant Bhushan must file PIL giving instances of communalising elections and seek prevention of same on the basis of cast/ region /group. No benefits must be passed on on the basis of cast/ religion but only on the basis of economic grounds.If this is not done immediately besides introducing family planning with very attractive incentive scheme then India will be divided by 2024.

beating around the bush.......achieving nothing .....the saffronists way

Many saffronists hv no brains. They beat the marks left by snake and snake is unhurt. They can not think of viable solutions and just shout and make noise. They prepare the opponents more and create ill feelings towards self and party by unexecutable demands. There r solutions available with in constitutions, they r peaceful and executable but.............