Saturday, April 5, 2014

Do not vote for criminals, mafia, corrupt , scamster on...

Will not a corrupt appoint corrupt Judge, corrupt police, corrupt secretaries in all dept and mantralaya who will eat away development funds. Will not a criminal if elected save another criminal, save rapists, save smuggler, save scamsters, do illegal mining, promote drugs to your youth, ......and so on ......develop the idea and you will know whom to vote....and if you shut your eyes like pigeon does then cat ( corrupt and criminals) will eat you away.

While other parties specially BJP and Congress , SP etc have top gun mafia, scamsters, murders , rapists as candidate but AAP is removing a candidate with slight black dot. Remember only honest, straight forward, clean person can give you Ramrajya, swaraj, justice , progress. Others will only help other criminals, thugs, frauds, black marketeers, looters and power brokers.

unnecessary postal rates discounts to print media

There was a time when mass communication was only thru print media.To encourage literature, , education , social and cultural information govt gave free or very low postal service for book post and registered organisations.

Now there is web, Facebook, blogs, Whatsapp, sms , mms , email  etc.. Now organizations are spending huge on dine and wine. Books, magazines are getting good amount of advertisements. So the free and discounted service by Post and telegraph dept is not required anymore.

I receive many magazines which I hv not subscribed. They send same to show  their high circulation.
There r many who send same magazines twice or thrice.

My beloved father had subscribed to several religious and other magazines. I hv requested most of them to pl. stop sending same as now no one reads it. None of them hv cared to take any step as person ordering, printer, person posting normally r careless or hv vested interest.

There r many other reasons but last and important is that these publications who print junk do armtwisting for advertisements, donations , subscriptions and so on.

No one told you this before .......Alok Tholiya ( Imaginary, visionary ,  concerned responsible citizen)

Monday, March 31, 2014

Alok on Quota

If one runs govt honestly then all citizens will be benefited. No need for any reservations. If any more reservations come then v shall oppose. Muslims , jains , Sikhs etc r enjoying minority status so they can build their own educational institutes and get quota for 50% seats. Similarly there r benefits for starting business. No more quota. Besides if one keeps producing children and then want quota then that is limit. Every citizen must oppose quota demand tooth and nail. Quota must be given in jobs to those who do family planning after first child . Not to those who keep breeding uncontrollably.