Friday, February 6, 2015

Alok comments on controversy on one religious head

Alok comments on controversy on one religious head extending support to a particular political party: Every Indian has right to support / extend support to any candidate or any party legally standing. Any controversy is attack on their freedom. As far as religions over tones are concerned till there is some healthy law all religious heads some little or some more are giving dictates / fatva or trying to influence voters.
It is discourteous to refuse any support. One has right to support as a voter and if you have not asked for it just keep quite as anyone doing so on his / her wish is his right and concern. There r smugglers, mafia, criminals and so on contesting or supporting some one or other but there is no halla gulla but a particular religious leader doing so is attacked left right and center. Why? If Akali heads , sadhvis, sadhus, Sri sri, Baba, saffornists, communists, saccha dera, Jats, maraths, some on language some on community, Dawoodi bohra head, Churches etc can take sides then what crime a particular religious head has done to invite so much criticism? Let us not have double standard or so much of venom against a particular group on account of their siding with some one you do not like for your vested interest

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Development Development Development.........

Development Development Development.........

I am a real estate agent. I offered one of my friends property to a builder. Today he  told me that he will  have to buy TDR, pay premium and purchase Fungible FSI for which he will have to pay few crores. Then he said about 3 crores he will have to pay as bribe to Municipal staff and commissioners without which neither plans will be approved nor OC will be given. Pl. note that Mumbai municipal corporation is controlled for last 30 years by BJP and Shivsena. Then he added that  he will have to give about 8 lacs to PWD officers of Govt of Maharashtra for Highway authority NOC. Presently BJP is ruling Maharashtra too. Though it is sin since the time of Congress regime so we can understand that BJP can not cleanse the system so fast. But then there has to be some fear while demanding or accepting bribe which has not come means that govt officials are sure that BJP is not against corruption.

Todays newspapers loudly and clearly says that Mumbai municipal corporation will be hiking the already high taxes and also will be introducing newer ones. This is all done as scam can increase in municipal work contracts and booty can be shared between officers  and BJP/ SS leaders.

So what is this nose about development? As I observe development means gifting billions of rupees land to business tycoons and MNC's, giving them scarce power,  water on asking where as ordinary citizens waits whole life for some more power and water. All licences are given upfront to top notch influential businessman but aam admi is made to run pillar to post for even admitting serious sick patient, for obtaining death certificate, for even basic essential services. While industrialists and businessman are given 1000's of crores bank loan without security but even medical or education loan to small guys r given not before lot of harassment and securities. Against my own property I am not given loan but builders are dished out huge loan irresponsibly. VIP's are treated in govt offices as king but a common man is ill treated, insulted, made to run pillar to post for years. Justice in courts are evasive. Good lawyers, doctors are beyound reach and only cheats available to serve ( fool and loot) aam admi.

Be it police or school or govt hospital  u r treated like a unwanted burden who has been paying taxes thru nose.

Delhiites think of your day to day experience ? R u treated with dignity? R ur small work and needs met? R u able to save after paying taxes which BJP in Mumbai Municipal is proposing to increase?

Note only AAP or similar party can reduce taxes as scam and corruption will go down. U will get respect as equal citizen as Ambani and Adani and BJP leaders get. definitely congress regime was worst but things for common man has not changed a bit. ...................Alok Tholiya