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Pl. advise on following issues:

  1. In certain cases LIC is charging extra premium on grounds of health. I have gone thru the LIC site, BIX/LIX package which I use / and even ready recknor but cud not get any info on same.Where can I get such info?
  2. In one of my proposal Class 2 extra has been proposed but no written advise has been given to client.And directly consent letter has been asked. How can one consent without knowing how much is his liability? Finally such issues become disputes.
  3. This is a age of speed and thru email and software same can be achieved. In spite of several followups update on proposal has not been given properly where as all fresh requirements can be generated by NB on PC and can be emailed and save time, have more clarity and remove hurdles like follow up on phone and in person.Specially my branch is in traffic affected area far away from station ( Sakinaka 89G).
  4. All DO's must compulsorily advised to use email and PC. There is no need for agent to follow up with various staff and officers. There is no need for agents to visit branch. They must concentrate on business and DO who too are making lot of money in each proposal must become a link between LIC and agent. And agent is a link between DO  and client.Most DO's in this age of IT also do not use email, sms, and r not available in office.Why LIC is callous about their responsibilities. Netbook comp is coming for only 15000/- and branch can have WIFI.Bulk purchase of NETBOOK PC for DO and agents can reduce cost drastically. 
  5. For plan 164 for age 45 yrs under class 2 Extra health premium told to me on phone is Rs 7105 which is much above 4480 the normal premium. Is it correct. How do we verify / cross chk as customer is likely to run away with such big hike.

Thanks and Regards,
Alok Tholiya

JUDICIARY COLLAPSED as this is as per agenda of bureacrats, politicians, mafias


The biggest sinners r bureacrats, politicians, mafias etc.. They control the govt machinery. It is in their interest to have slow,bias,corrupt judiciary. So it is so. I am nither alarmed nor astonished with these vacancies. It is part of design of our rulers.
They have made Income tax to everything else computerised but not courts and judicial system. Why?? They want them to be slow and ineffective. Computerisation of Income tax etc helps them recocering more bribe and even tax which they can syphone ( Kalmadi type r in every field).

They allow ICICI chairman to take salary of crores but pay paltry to court and police so :
  1. Good quality stuff do not join
  2. corrupt get reason to take bribe and say we r under paid
  3. inefficient get reason to say we r under staffed and illequpied
And u raise the issue and not the Advocates??? Why?? As many advocates get paid more due to prevalance  of delays, setting,bribe ( as they keep cut) . Any illegal encroacher , illegal business conductor can get stay and then stay on for decades. There r advocates wgo dont know law but know how to get stay/ injunctions/bail and then let the matter remain in adjournmnts for 3 to 4 decades. So u see powerful vested interest want it that way.
So as per kaliyug and karma theory u r born in hell ( which is India) which evils rule and u r destined to suffer. But let good like u keep fighting and earn some good karmas.
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Total no. Of High Court Judges working in our country are 607 against the sanctioned strength of 895.
The vacancies = 288 i.e. 32%.
If a case, civil or criminal, is filed in a taluka or a munsif court, it travels through the District Court, Sessions Court, High Court and the Supreme Court.
It normally takes to finish anything from 20 to 40 years. One is not sure if the Petitioner / Applicant will be alive or not when the case finally is disposed of.
One of the reasons of the prosperity of the western countries is their system of speedy justice. We in India have 10.5 judges average for one million population which is 41 in Australia, 51 in U.K., 75 in Canada and 107 in U.S.A.
That during the 10th plan (2002-2007), the allocation to the judiciary was Rs.700 crores, which is .078% of the total plan outlay of Rs.8,93,183 crores. Such meager allocations are grossly inadequate to meet the requirements of the judiciary. While the expenditure on the judiciary by our country is so law, in Korea it is more than 0.20% in Singapore it is 1.20%, in the U.K. It is 4.30 and in the U.S. It is 1.40%.
Now see the irony of a case filed in the Supreme Court by the All India Judges Association of India Versus Union of India (2002) 4 SCC 247 for increasing the judges strength to almost fivefold (precisely 476%) i.e. From 10.5 judges per million population to 50 judges per million population. This prayer was based on recommendation of The Law Commission of India in its 120eth report published in 1987.
in its judgement in April 2002, the Supreme Court accepted the said prayer and directed the Central Government to increase the strength of the judges in the High Courts from 10.5 judges to 50 judges per million population within 5 years with commensurate increase in the infrastructure (i.e. no. of courts and staff).
But neigther the judiciary nor the government ever cared to see whether the said judgement was even partly implemented. Instead the judges strength is down by 32%!
There is no fear of the court to anyone whether hs is a defaulter, criminal or a politician. You know 28% of our Lok Sabha members are facing serious criminal charges in various courts for thefts, threats, rapes, murders and scams.
Don't you think our personal and territorial security is in great danger due to our dilatory justice delivery system?
Janhit Manch has filed a very exhaustive PIL in the Supreme Court in 2008 being W.P. (Civil) No. 122 of 2008 which is being argued by Shri Prashant Bhushan an emient and the most activist lawyer of our country.
Forum For Fast Justice, a trust set up to spearhead the national movement for judicial reforms under the project name of SAVE JUDICIARY-SAVE NATION seeks the support of well meaning citizens, corforates and NGO in pursuing this paramount mission to protect our hard earned democracy.
(Bhagvanji Raiyani)
Chairman & Managing Trustee
Forum For Fast Justice