Wednesday, May 25, 2011

329100 of 29/07/ 2008 ......Hathway there is something wrong with ur managemnet....Alok

Dear Massive problem Sir,

1. My account shows Credit balance of Rs 754/- on ur site. Still my acc was disconnected only with one sms of reminder that usage will cross. . Are not  u causing  more damage to ur clients and ur company  this way ?? Is making a email request to pay and finally one call is very difficult. I agree that it is a duty of subscriber. But an new ,erring customer is differant issue but I am ur  clint since July 2008 and never paid late or bounced the chk so U cant take care of existing old clients????Here is cut paste from ur site showing credit.


Balance   Rs  754.8

2. U have introduced new plans but no intimation was given.
3. On ur site

Powerway- 4 Months


12 GB


4 Months


is shown and on phone I was told to pay Rs 1709/-
3. But next person told to pay Rs1781/- But then he said to pay Rs. 1698/- .Three different rates in one go??
4. On ur site Power way 3 months is not shown but was offered on phone.
5. I wished to make payment thru net banking but HDFC is not on ur list.
6. I wished to pay thru credit card but again HDFC and City bank r not on ur list.

Pl. send some one to colect cheque with accurate fugure and I wish to go for Powerway 4 plan.

Thanks and Regards,
Alok Tholiya (S.E.O.)
(Real Estate, Insurance, Mutual Funds, Bonds,
Tholiya Marketing and Leasing Pvt. Ltd.
Marigold Party Hall,
Tholiya Bhavan,Next to Regency Hotel,
10th Rd., Santacruz East,
Mumbai 400055

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Monday, May 23, 2011

my no 9819733057

Pl. note that our life in Indian conditions is very miserable and we are working 12 to 18 hrs. We know that govt makes us run , delays, harasses cause they want bribe or r busy in doing scams.
So we want pvts to at least not to damage us further.

I went to ur Vodafone gallery on last sat. and while punching the token ur person said u will have to wait for min. 1 hr or more. Worst is there is no parking as u have unnecessarily selected a place which is nr busy signal. Nither u offer water or toilet.

And u call urself world class MNC.


Let ur gallery be in a little interiors but with parking, let it be on any floor ( in a building with fast lift service) but u must make ur customers free with in max 10 minutes.

When we call on ur help nos it has taken as long as 30 minutes on hold, we have to keep punching various nos. as per ur silly interactive plan. Why cant u give different nos for different purposes so menu need not be more then 2 or 3 steps. For major languages like Hindi and English too u can give separate nos so every time we don't have to select language.

Pl.......make our life easy. We r not interested in seeing posh interiors and red skirts but r interested in improved service.

Pl. call me for resolving my issues on above mobile.

Thanks and Regards,
Alok Tholiya (S.E.O.)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The truth of life.......Alok

  The truth of life the way I found and the way I learnt and the way I see::

1. It is up to me to be honest and it is up to other person to be honest. Because I am honest does not mean other person will reciprocate.
2. My duty is towards myself and myself alone ( in right and spiritual way and not in mean and criminal way).
3. If I spoil my wealth, health, peace, spirit then no one will be bothered to care for me. No one has time, inclination,interest ,  ways, means to do so. So I must build my wealth, health, spiritual well being and nature.
4. People don't have time, resource,interest  to know another person. So a person nicely behaving, spending money, throwing party will be considered good by all even if he is sinful to others at other times. Most criminals are worshiped ( telgi , dawood, Sanjay datt, Bhai Thakur, to most of mafia and criminals are very popular in their own folks, village, neighborhood as they keep distributing alms / favour to them.No one is concerned towards how they treat others, break laws etc ..Most Jails are surrounded by the fans of these criminals when they are to be released and are garlanded and worshiped. As they are indispensable to thier own folks. No one has a courage to say we have nothing to do with you if you take law in hand, if u don't change, if u don't mend your ways.
5. There is in some way and some proportion two personalities in everyone of us. But only thing is if Mr Hyde personality becomes over powering and when alone and at that time can not control the Hyde personality and takes law in hand then the big law and order situation takes place. Read Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde  but even in this case the Dr jekyll wants to prevent Hyde from taking over himself. But most others just continue the spat of illegal acts as they never feel they have done anything wrong, there is no remorse, no gulit, they have number of excuses and justification to support their misdeeds and  are stronly convinced  that the path howsoever illegal was correct and shall be repeated if required. 
6. Most people cant see Mr Hyde: There r some who r really innocent, there r others who are biased, there r weak who can not accept the fact that their own blood / hero/ leader/saint/ teacher is like that. So one should not mind if people behave like that . Supposing some one says your mother / father is like that when you have never seen them that way then will you easily believe??? No.. Would you have time to go in detail?? No.. Would u have courage to admit / accept / go in detail and  find the truth??? No. Same way pl. accept the fact that relatives and friends of a Mr Hyde will never accept you version and will only side him.
7. And it is not easy to know the darker side of a person. In last 3 years so many big religious heads , sadhus have been found in illicit relations, involved in scandals etc.. Lacs of their followers were with them most of the time. How then can they believe there exists the darker side of their hero.While same masses will easily accept the false stories against a filmi, a politician and police as they have been painted so in our mind. But my son/ my mother/ my guru/ my community/ my religion / my my my are so painted in our mind that we can not just accept any truth against them. So person expecting that their ilks will accept the Mr Hyde side of their own person is like seeing moon in june noon.
8. But ofcorse if there are any chances of Mr Hyde  being hanged/ committing suicide / being jailed/ going under sever punishment / putting to shame the close-ones / inviting retaliation / going in hiding/ having disrupted family ( cursed)  life etc exists then it is because of the lack of sincere scientific efforts from the near and dear ones of  such person. They think by ignoring, not believing/ delaying/  or puchakarmna or dantana are sufficient. No it is not. One should  note if there is a dhuana ( smoke ) then there is some gadbad( risk) and it can catch fire and engulf many others . But most sit in disgust/ disbelief and  wake up when it is too late. Rather even after a very dangerous happening they keep playing blame game instead of admitting that we had time to repair our break failed car (person)  going wrong unstoppably and finnaly crashes.
9. Worst situation is where a family member wants to repair a car ( defective person/ Mr Hyde) when he is not trained to do so. Only a good Psychologist/ psychiatrist/ counselor/ spiritual leader can do so. Specially the present generation thinks too much of themselves and does not listen to parents/ spouse / elders . They are successful in their career so they think they are right and master of everything. But nay! They r not .

Had Duryodhan listened  to even one elder / wise man then fall of all Kaurav cud be avoided. If Ravan had listened to hanuman/ Vibhishan etc then Ramayan would have been written in different way. But vinash kale viprit buddhi. And in such situation if one expects any beneficial assistance from any quarter then it will be major disillusion.
So do what::
1. Learn to uplift own mood, own understanding, expect less from life, keep fit and remember after every fall / summer there is a green spring days too. Woh di nahi rahe. Yeh din bhi jyada nahi rahenge ( unless u stick to them) . Yeh din bhi hava honge. Nai subah naya di lekara ayegi.
2. Forget to change others.No one can change easily unless he/she  wants to.  Prepare yourself to face the world/ trauma/ attack/ ups and down.Keep your self busy in domestic chorus, profession,hobbies etc etc.
As per Jain dhrma after lacs of Janam / life U have got this human life. Live it the way that people take lesson from you. This life is not for wasting. Not for getting obsessed to/ affected with one issue. Go on and you will get  a caravan of your choice. But one needs patience. Kahe hot adhir. Read this book. I am left with only one copy of same.

Alok Tholiya

defective sick genes
Subject: defective sick genes
Date: Tue, 3 May 2011 08:39:28 +0530

Dear Alokji,
A very bold thinking for a deep rooted  ' Khandani Gundagardi ' in our socaity.
It is much more observed in  more educated class - because of the fact that if you are Ladke wale to bat alag karte ho and if you are Ladki wale to alag bat karte ho - dohari dogali bat chal rahi hai.
Everybody of us has to start from his own house and family- just do it , be strong.
What you have decided for you and your family should be repeated by all and evrybody - let us pledge and do it.
Best of luck, I am with you.
Er.D C Jain