Friday, September 2, 2011

My reply to Samy who shows anger against Anna

Ski Samy wrote in reply to my mail : Re: Tit bits on Annaji...................Muslims, Balasaheb, Imam, Minorities, courts, farmers, poor, and all others .....

ski samy to me
show details Aug 25 (8 days ago)

Dear Alokji

I'm almost of your age. Except this fasting what the other this man
Anna sacrificed in his life. You may not follow suit to Anna
but I will and I can. But one thing I want to ask you sincerely
will I get the same publicity and media attention which this
publicity hungry man got. Yes, every Indian concerned  about
the growing menace of corruption. But that doesn't mean you
hold the parliament and constitution into ransom. Who is he to
give certificate to Modi. Is he supporting communalism ?
Everybody says he served in Indian Army. Don't know what
was his contribution during his tenure in the Army ? Lakhs served and
still serving the Armed forces. How the entire channels turned this
advertising agencies. Is this man really
knows what he stands for ?

Sorry I am not Anna.



by Alok :


There r 100 MBBS student in one batch. Do all get same success in life / career?
There r so many good boys ( Rahal Gandhi/ Salaman Khan ) but do not have one single wife as against same there r Dharmendra and many others who have 1 +

Many buy lottery . Do all hit jack pot?? There r 100 equally hard working Coolie/ porter . Do all of they make same money at the hand of the day.

There r many good products/ brands but only few r popular. Why??

R all those born r having same weight, color, size, looks, health, destiny ( one goes to slum and other goes to OT, another to Palace, and yet another to cancer hospital.......

And I can go on. That is why make good Karma if u want to hit jack pot, hit publicity, get good spouse / children etc ..

U r having jaundiced eye so u r making all ur calculation not based on a persons life time achievements, sacrifices, deeds,work for poor villagers but on his one statement. And that statement is also 100% true. Modi has worked for development of Gujarat. Can any honest person deny that???  Only a dishonest will. And only a mean will link this one statement with his other deeds/ misdeeds. Annaji s statement is only with the refernce to his work for development and not for any of his other acts. Learn to acknowledge good in even a worst person without being 100% prejudiced.

And also be honest in speaking abt other communal forces , voilence, demolition of religious places since the times o Moguls to taliban, attack on millions of women since the time of Moguls to attack on Kuwait, atrocities on minorities in Pakistan, Kashmir and other places, existence of Mafias , law breakers, smugglers, drug peddlers etc concentrated  in some groups or community, And list can go on.

I praise Modi for good work and condemn communal violence ignited by Godhara incident and also condemn Modi Govt for failing to control same in time. Will you criticize all those who demolished all those temples for centuries. I condemn all those who block traffic be it Hindu, Jain, Muslim, Christians or RPI  etc  .. Will U???

I criticize who force holi on others . Such a shameful act. Cheap mentality. Will u criticize those who remove attack procession of other religion passing thru public road??

Will u criticism those who give birth to children and make a liability on other tax payers, do not give these innocent children proper education and care and let them become criminals, mafia, terrorists or just a laborer??

Will u criticise those country who do not let others to practice their religion? India, Narendra Modi, Hindus, RSS, BJP and most of us allow and love peaceful coexistence and give all full freedom, equal rights and  equal opportunity. There r some bad sheeps I agree but before they raise their ugly head statesman of our own community curb them.

AApe mein etna sashas hai?? Do u mean that there is no one from other communities who r responsible for equally serious crime as u think is of Modi ? Have u voiced similar hatred against them. Do I have to remind those names, those hundreds of serial bomb blasts , those riots from Bhivandi to Malegaon , to bhendi bazar / J J Hospital marg where 150 Hindus were stabbed on their lever ( trained hand) .

For development of our country  population control, stopping tax evasion, brotherhood,respect to each others culture,discipline,eradication of corruption, punishing the scamsters  etc are the basic need. How many of these u , ur heros, ur preachers, ur moral guide r promoting??

And yes Sharukh, salman, and Aamir have in great way  stood for harmony and they have set example starting from their family. But majority of their community are liking that??? Are praising that?? will they be awarded for this that respect sentiments of each other??

Sorry I am Anna..

Alok Tholiya ( and I do not hide my identity)
Kahte hain neki kar kuve mein daal means hide urself only when u r doing good and not otherwise).

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Omar, BJP vis a vis silent anti anti anna team on TN resolution

Guru & Rajiv killers must hang,says BJP

Srinagar/New Delhi: J&K chief minister Omar Abdullah,in his tweet on Tamil Nadu politicians appealing to the president to spare Rajiv Gandhis killers the noose,said,If the J&K assembly had passed a similar resolution for Afzal Guru,would the reaction have been as muted I think not.
The CM had earlier conveyed his reservations about Gurus execution to the Centre,saying he was worried about its fallout in the Valley.
However,Omars apprehension of a political furore appeared justified when the BJP asked him to refrain from commenting on the issue.This is a sensitive issue and Omar Abdullahs comments are unfortunate.Had a Hurriyat leader made such remarks,it would have been understandable.But a responsible chief minister should be restrained.At a time when the Supreme Court has already given the death sentence,raking up this debate is unfortunate, BJP spokesperson Shahnawaz Hussain said.
Another BJP spokesperson,Ravi Shankar Prasad,insisted that any person who tries to attack Indias sovereignty and integrity or kills a former PM deserves the death sentence and ought to be executed.The BJP is clear that all those handed capital punishment after due process of law,including confirmation by the Supreme Court and rejection of clemency plea by the President,should be executed, he said.
The Congress remained noncommittal.
The CMs comment on twitter is his business.Its not for us to take cognizance of.These are sensitive issues on which each state government has its own perception.We can only wait and watch, party MP Renuka Chowd hary said,adding,In a democracy,it is perfectly okay for people to voice their opinions collectively or individually.I do not think we should speculate. TNN & AGENCIES