Saturday, January 4, 2014

My plan for Chennai is off atleast for time being ......

1. last minute preparing of charts by railways creating huge inconvenience.
2. More trains needed for Chennai.  
3. Tatkal booking must start 5 days in advance and super Tatkal 24 hrs before where rate must be Rs 500/- more which a agent takes otherwise. Most of the large corporates who are required  to send their staff outstation suddenly use these agents who charge Rs 500/- for confirmed tatkal tkt. 
4. Return Reservation must option be given as otherwise returning becomes problematic if return tkt was in wait list. ......Alok Tholiya 

My plan for Chennai is off atleast for time being ......

I booked train tickets of three all trains leaving for Chennai on 12 th Dec 2013 for today that is 4th Jan 2014. But same were in wait list and none of them got confirmed. 

Worst is railways do not prepare chart 4 to 6 hours before as is required by law and do it just one hour before. That means you prepare and pack s food for travel and reach station and finally find that chart is just prepared without your name. 

This can happen only in India. 

Incidentally there is an agent who said Chennai trains are full round the year so you have to pay Rs 500/- extra for guaranteed ticket or travel by air or plan 3 months in advance. 

So my this visit  seems to be off and.....
Thanks and Regards,
Alok Tholiya,
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