Thursday, October 10, 2013

pl. convert one of the toilet in to Loo and dresser in outstation trains

Dear Railway minister ji,

Also I have seen that during travel gents go to loo more often and block the WC. Similarly nowadays many passengers want to look uptodate / ready when they are to get down on their destination. There is no dry private area.

So Railways can consider converting 1/3 of one toilet out of 4 in bogey in gents urinal and rest 2/3 as bathroom / dresser. It will help immensely all passengers specially those going on business calls  / conferences etc. directly from the station or are going to be received as important traveler to those coming to receive them.
Presently some desperate get ready in toilet and others either get down shabbily or go to a hotel to change where by they have to spend time and money both.

Noone tells you this except alok tholiya ......