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This 28 point agenda I had made to discuss before Shiv Kheraji

When he had come to launch BRSP party in Mumbai and meeting venue was my mini party hall. I though there will be some time to have dialogue/ discussion before him. But he alone spoke at length. And ofcourse he is powerful orator.My these points remained in my desktop. Suddenly I notice d it today. Before deleting I have blogged it so may be few will read.....Alok



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Thursday, August 28, 2008


Firstly frustrate people by showing where the hell the world has gone and why we are still behind. Make documentaries. Create desire for better life, better food, better shelter, better education and then tell how we will give al that:


28 Point Programme as suggested by Alok Tholiya


1.     Four color PAN card/ Ration Card

·        Red poor Below Rs. 2.5 lac income p.a. For free or charitable rates

·        Blue Middle class Rs. 2.5 to 10 lacs p.a. for reasonable/ subsidized rates

·        Green for 10 to 25 lacs for normal rates

·        White get VIP treatment but exorbitant rates.

IN hospitals either there are Rs. 1 or directly Rs. 500 OPD charges. Middle class person with income of 5 to 10 k also pays 500/- and Ambani, Tata , Bachan, Khans with income in  Crores per month also pay Rs. 500/-The rate should be Rs. 1 for Red, Rs. 100/- for Blue, Rs. 500 for Green and Rs. 1000/- to White. Now same idea can be used in train , Air, Gas, electricity, education etc.etc. etc .Definitely white can be given some priorities/ preferences / home services like their passport can be made without visiting passport office and officials visit them but cost should be Rs. 10000/-. Otherwise too they unofficially use influence, pressures and bribes. Rather officially recognize them VIP being high tax payers but charge.

Application to court should be also in such order.


        2. Women quota by parties and not by govt. Means if a party announces candidates then 25% of them should be women.


3. One promotion / increment out of tern can be given to

·        Non alcoholic

·        Intercast marriage for encouraging national integrity

·        Family planning

·        Voluntarily surrendering govt. housing

·        Voluntarily refusing govt. post for own children


4.     All charitable and educational institutes above 50 crores to spend 10% in backward areas.

5.     All corporates to recruit 10% form backward regions and or have 10% of their investments in backward areas.

6.     Panchayat System, ombudsman, in all community, locality and business houses

7.     All political parties to hold one General body meeting / high command meeting  border states/ backward areas to test how deep is water and which will bring some upliftment in that area.

8.     Right to Redressal: Like RTI RTR to be introduced and the applicants grievances be redressed in time bound frame work say in 15 days or punishment be given to delaying authority.RTR should be also introduced in private sector. Say my grievances against service providers if not heard in 15 days then there should be penalty on same.

9.     Housing: Lot of migration has taken place since independence. The new migrants coming in search of lively hood do not have at their early stage money to buy flats / shops. Rental housing and commercial premises was never encouraged. Therefore we see fast creation of slums and unauthorized colonies in all cities. While millions are forced to live in sub human /  bad condition in slums the politicians together with  municipal , police and other authorities have made lot of money from these encroachers. Rental housing be given the status of Industry. The new era be introduced  where landlord should easily get back possession of his premises  from tenant and tenant should easily get alternate accommodation. Media must play right roll in this and not malign shelter providers. All landlords of 15 year and above be given easy finance repayable in installments to build / rebuild their properties if put back for the use of rental housing.

10. Senior citizens: If one is having  health policy for more then 15 years prior to attaining age of 70 then his policy can not be discontinued of premium can not be hiked. Presently one may have health insurance till he attains 70 but same ceases when he crosses 70. Who will spend money on his health when old? Similarly Presently Personal accident policy is not issued to people above 70. Why? Such discrimination should be stopped. Every bank if has credit card facility should issue one to their account holder even if sr. Citizen. It is shocking to note that card is not given to sr. citizens and then for emergency they have to stash cash at home. They are lonely and weak and become easy pray of criminals.

11. Counseling: Every police station should have counselors and mediators. Most domestic and neighborhood fight can be stopped from flaring up if instead of police the qualified counselors are appointed.

12. All govt. servants must get 30 years interest free loan to purchase and own a house. Today govt gives them a house but throws them out after retirement.

13. Salaried including domestic staff: It should be made compulsory to provide health insurance and personal accident insurance of Rs. 50000/- and above ( rank wise) to all staff. The policy should be owned by staff and they can leave/ change the job and yet policy should continue (either new employer pays or they themselves pay). Many employers take group insurance. Same be stopped as once the person  leaves the job he becomes uninsured. Also if he has attained upper age then he may not get own policy if he so desires.

14. Safety, hygiene,: proper laws are required for these. These are least bothered issues today.

15. Not only doctors but every graduate be given one year's assignment, apprenticeship, training in backward area. Say journalists. They are graduated in cities. They cover only people in lime light. Often 80 % paper is full with cricketers, politicians and filmi news. Nothing is given to readers form N.E states. They exist only in our maps. Poverty news given only when World Bank talks about same. These news reporters are invited by PRO's to cocktail and dinners. That is how page 3 are covered. These reporters think their paper can not sell unless everyday few khans, few bachans, few kapoors, thakrey,Tata, Ambani, Mallaya, Mittal,  cricketers are shown prominently. Actually law should be enacted that atleast 10% of newspapers space be covering mofussil, adivasi, backward, frontier states etc..  

16. Flood free country by 2012: After due study preventive measures have to be taken to avoid flooding and to avoid consequent losses. Now even with little showers even planned cities are getting flooded. Proper drainage system will have to be put in place.

17.   China: We have to set up a high powered com. Which should ensure only required and high quality goods are imported. Today India has become dumping ground of poorest quality cheap and fancy products. It will affect our economy and ecology. Good quality products will ensure less productions of E-waste. ISI /CE norms will have to be framed / adopted.

18. All corporates above particular size will have to have in their campus either school / collage/ hospital or sr. citizen home.

19. Looking to rising mortality age govt will have to encourage Sr. Citizens home and other infrastructures like pathways, roads, transport, public utilities will have to be such designed that it does not inconveniences the sr. citizens.

20. Roads: India is very big. And has to be well connected by roads. But our roads get damaged very soon. After proper research and study a suitable national standards will have to be prescribed so that trillions of rupees do not go every year in just  repairs and filling potholes.

21. Buildings:

·        Even new buildings develop leakages. Proper construction quality and standards will have to be set so that troubles and wastes are avoided.

·        We will have to fix a life span of each building when occupation certificates are given. Then landlords / societies will have to create fund and keep with nationalized banks for reconstruction after its age is over. These funds have to be collected from each occupier of building on sq. feet basis every month. IN the absence of this soon we will find buildings are crumbling and everyone asking govt. to fund the reconstruction.



22. Education and health: With present speed we will not be able to take education to all parts of country. Special incentives will have to be given like 200% tax benefit or 50% money laundering if rest is spent in backward area for the given purpose.

23. Sports: Tax benefit to corparates/ institution/ clubs to take up one sport and impart best of training in same and on getting medal, cup more incentives can be given. There is no need to give unlimited benefits to winners but benefits have to be given to those who develop winners. In next Olympics India must set a good target say of 25 Golds and prepare accordingly. Millions of youth get mentally affected when we loose badly.

24. Simplifications of procedures, laws and taxation.

25. Rapid Infrastructure Growth: by privates on profit sharing basis. Why crawl like a pest in traffic? Why suffocate in overfilled trains? Why wait for hours for buses? Why reach in hours and days when world is moving to rapid transport? Lets have modern transport and infrastructure by private participation.

26. Courtesy and Respect: Common man never gets. Only VIP's and who's who get courtesy and respect .we shall strive to give that to aam admi.

27. Better working environment and pay to Police, elected representatives and judiciary.

28. Like IPS, IRS, IAS etc. we should have IJS : Indian Judicial Services. So fitting and appointing Judges directly who don't identify themselves with inefficient , delaying Advocates and System.

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