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Alok's opinion on beating of teachers at the instance of parents

  1. I do not know the full story but ......
  2. At most occasions / for most of us respect is to be commended 
  3. media is responsible for loosing right behavior
  4. media / govt / we only pay attention when someone reacts violently and not before that. Say if parents visit 100 times with folded hands to Princi/ eduaction dept etc but will never get due attention lest a justice ( and media will never cover their suffering but if they take help of a musclemen / force/ violence then ir will come in media instantly. 
  5. all concerned depts , ombudsman, vigilance committee, courts are a either sell out/ delaying or having sympathy towards the officers/ depts  against whom they r supposed to be strict if public grievances come but that never happens and hence Dawood, MNS and others come in picture. 

Some want instant justice and cant wait for god to do that in next janam. Either improve system to redress grievances or similar things will / shall/ and must happen and cant label vent out / suppressed exploitation when explodes as a terrorism. 

When did our education inculcate tolerance to the extent that ur child is beaten/ several wrongs daily happen to u in hospitals, injustice and delay in courts , callousness in police stations,loot in  banks by heavy charges , harassment at the time u claim from insurance etc etc.. and u commonmen is expected to bear all this notority silently ????  This is high order , cheap condemnation.

Only rich and influential get the redressal in our system. Only their children get VIP treatment so they feel everything is right and common men are wrong !!!! Shame. 

It is teachers who r trained to deal without beating, it is police who r trained to sense troubles, it is principal who is trained to win confidence of irritated parents . They all failed and we call suffering parents terrorists??? I want malham to be applied to affected parents,  suffering citizens  and others. 


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Subject: Re: [member_cai] Re: Condemn attack by MNS

Dear Dr Shetty,

I agree with your views and what Dr Kinger has said about students losing respect for teachers. It is very true when politicians and  parents show disrespect for school authorities, the students too lose respect for school authorities and teachers and it is reflected in their arrogant  behaviour in school and the feeling of having power over school authorities.

Anju Mathur

On Thu, Dec 15, 2011 at 10:11 AM, NARENDRA KINGER <> wrote:

Dear Dr. Shetty,

I strongly agree with your views.  The politicisation of education to earn "Brownie points" should not be condoned nor tolerated.

Such attacks lead to development of a "fear psychosis" in children, teachers, parents, and general society and increase the level of stress and anxiety that we Indians are already overburdened with.

Also, by targeting Principals of educational institutions we seem to be sending the message to our children that "Teachers are no different and don't deserve our respect" and "Violence is the way ahead in life".  Under such a scenario, should we be surprised if there is an overall increase in violent resolution of problems in our society?

I feel the time has come for all educational institutions and mental health professionals to disseminate and discuss the importance of a "CIVILISED way of life" where "Pen is mightier than the sword". Also, a strong and clear message should go through "law enforcement"??? to such individuals.


Narendra Kinger 
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