Sunday, February 12, 2012


Dear All, Don't let any one rule for 5 yrs and squeeze ur blood. Bargain. take commitment in writing. ======================================================================= TIPS FOR JAN SABHA FOR MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS IN MUMBAI ======================================================================= karmayog ✆ 09:45 (8 hours ago) to me, karmayog On 12-Feb-2012, at 2:52 AM, Alok Tholiya wrote: If Jan sabha has to be made more popular then : 1. allow more participation by voters. In Jansabha in my area last night 3 organizers took 100% of time on behalf of voters. They achieved a lot in terms of getting commitment from candidates but lost grass root appeal, failed in creating mass base and we were all spectators. They will hv to ensure better participation. If they were to organise 2nd Jansabha the attendance will go down. ======================================================================= 2. Attendance was poor as citizens are not behaving as alert , responsible citizens. A proper hard hitting appeal / awareness has to be spread. Give ur 1 hour and we will give u 5 yrs of progress like slogans. ======================================================================= 3. Congress and BJP candidate did not attend and it is more likely that one of them will win. A pressure group must since morning stand outside their house with placard reminding abt the Jansabha and then if they ignore then again a small protest with due police permission must be made at their house for ignoring Jansabha. Unless their is backlash more candidates will undermine Jansabha and voters power. ======================================================================= 4. Very good video clippings were played showing comparison with foreign countries and my ward. And they must have added comparison of locality where VIP's , top bureaucrats, Local MP's stay as these areas r kept spic and span and other areas of Mumbai r neglected. ======================================================================= 5. Video records of house and other properties of likely to win candidates must be kept and in next 5 years how it changes must be also recorded once they win. ======================================================================= Thanks and Regards, Alok Tholiya, ======================================================================= DONT VOTE FOR SLOGANS,PARTY, RELIGION,LANGUAGE BUT ONLY AGAINST WRITTEN ASSURANCE OF WORK TO BE DONE BY CANDIDATE IF ELECTED.