Thursday, June 11, 2015

AK is easily getting a child and there r ppl who want that ....losers AAM ADMI

AK is easily getting a child and there r ppl who want that ....losers AAM ADMI

I hv been saying this for decades that even if v reduce taxes to 25% what v pay today still our progress will be much more then what v hv seen. But v r Taxed heavily and then that money is syphoned off by top bureaucrats and ministers . Our voters r corrupt too who vote for language, community, money, free saree/ free tv and so on. V hv only one hope that if AK removes / ignores distractions and concentrate on honest work then he will b able to prove my contentions but he is too busy with jung with jung and internal rivalry. There is no org. which does not hv internal politics , there is no org which does not hv some interference and distractions but over coming that is a success but AK seems to be defocused and common men will b losers again.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

My take on Tomar and mad caps fanatics of BJP:

It takes ages and sea of human and sacrifices of millions to form one good political party. And therefore party is bigger than any individual and definitely bigger then an idiot. Not every time u can form a political party having mass support. After ages v hv NAMO's BJP and AK's AAP. Millions all over India hv sacrificed so much that a force to reckon with is there before age old giants Cong, SP, CPI, DMK, .....and so many . Now some idiots are allowed to spoil the image of NAMO and BJP by their sick statements and the statement which achieve nothing. And on the other hand AK is allowing suicide of party by sheltering Tomar. Where is a problem in asking Tomar to resign till inquiry is pending? I wrote that before a month ago. Is Tomar more important AAP? AAP on which there r hopes of millions of poor, middle class, honest and so on. AK as member I call upon you to politely request Tomar to resign with assurance of any help ethically due from party and future come back if he comes clean. Bhagwan Ram had to send Sita ji vanvas for the sake of setting an example for future rulers but we hv not learnt to follow them but only worship him.BJP and AAP is getting badly affected due to sins of few but greater sin of nonaction by NAMO and AK respectively.