Saturday, June 23, 2012

Arrest Chief Secretary, Secretary PWD, minister PWD immediately

When cinema got burnt in Delhi, Ansal were arrested and prosecuted. Court has asked them to pay heavy compensation to victims , and rightly so.

Hospital burnt in Calcutta and Medical director was Jailed.

Mantralaya has burnt and more then 5 innocents have lost their lives. Very important documents are lost.
Our asset worth millions is lost in fire and they will renovate same with our blood sucking taxes.
They purposely ignored several reports and advises and rules which could have saved Mantralaya , life and property from being lost.

BMC and police will not act unless some one gets direction of court and get the culprits, those who neglected the relevant rules and remained busy in scheming for scams.

Someone also has to bring orders that Mantralaya and all other offices of Govt, police, BMC etc must be paperless, all e-documents must be uploaded on cloud at three servers situated at different parts of India or if possible ( from security point of view then one at Singapore ) etc.

Visitors need not flock Mantralaya. They be asked to have meeting on Video conferencing.

All letters ( till paperless office comes it existence) must be received at one post office type center. I had written on this several times. But they insist one to go to concerned dept to handover letter. So all couriers, peon, small to big visitors are first made to stand in long queue, thoroughly checked for security , then let in just for delivering a letter.If dispatch counter for Mantralaya is on gate post or like place , even in some other building preferably near Church gate station then such load on Mantralaya of daily frisking thousands will be reduced. But since all govt officers are busy making money they think less visitors means less interaction and less bribe so they do not like to implement this simple suggestion.

All correspondence and letterheads of govt offices must carry email id. Citizens be advised to use emails for all purposes instead of visiting in person. ( But bribe????) >

There can be a high tech committee to modernize Mantralaya safe e-record keeping. But again our illletrate politicians and old bureaucrats will  oppose modernization due to their inability to use modern gadgets and for some ill conceived fears which they bear.

Will some one file PIL to this effect?????????

Friday, June 22, 2012

Some make temples of stone and some make temples of humanity, love, compassion .....Alok

Some make temples of stone and some make temples of humanity, love, compassion .....Alok

Home away from home for cancer patients

Ranjani Rajendra, TNN Dec 28, 2008, 03.22am IST
MUMBAI: Shyamal Mandal wanted to do everything in his power to cure his only daughter of cancer. But exorbitant accommodation prices in the city proved to be a major deterrent.
Mandal was devastated when his only daughter, Tinku, was diagnosed with cancer two years ago. A farmer from Durgapur in West Bengal, Mandal was advised to bring Tinku to Mumbai for treatment. Although treatment at Tata Memorial Hospital came as a boon for the family, the high cost of living in the city only added to Mandal's woes.
"I had to sell my land back home to fund the trip to Mumbai. Initially, I had taken up a room at Rs 5,000 per month, but it was too expensive to continue there. At one time, I could not even afford a meal,'' said Mandal who had almost given up on continuing the treatment due to the lack of funds.
It was then that Tata Memorial Hospital authorities referred him to the St Jude India Childcare Centre, an organisation that provides a home away from home for people travelling to Mumbai for cancer treatment. Patients are provided free accommodation for as long as they need to stay in the city for treatment.
While St Jude caters specifically to children, there are many other such centres across the city providing either free accommodation or charging a nominal fee to patients coming from other cities. One such home is the Sant Gadge Maharaj Dharamshala in Dadar. Founded in 1985, this is one of the oldest centres for cancer patients. With 100 rooms, it houses 600 cancer patients, including their attendants. While the accommodation at the dormitory is available at Rs 10 per day for both the patient and attendant, a private room costs a nominal Rs 15. Patients can also buy a thali for Rs 3, or for those who cannot afford even that, it is given free.
The Tata Memorial Hospital runs the Dr Ernest Borges Memorial Home in Bandra that houses over 130 patients. While at places like the Borges home and the dharamshala, patients and their attendants are taught to decorate diyas, make rakhis and do embroidery, at the Bharat Sevashram Sangh in Vashi Gaon, the male attendants are allowed to help in gardening and other such activities at a daily wage of Rs 100.
Every centre has its own criteria for providing accommodation to the needy. "The families are referred to us by the Tata hospital. The basic criterion for providing them with accommodation is that the children have a chance of survival and come from a poor economic background,'' said Nihal Kaviratne, founder of St Jude.
While at all these centres, a majority of the patients are those undergoing treatment at the Tata hospital, the dharamshala and Bharat Sevashram also house those undergoing treatment at hospitals like Hinduja and Jaslok. "However, they are few as most of those seeking accommodation with us come from extremely poor backgrounds,'' said Prashant Deshmukh, manager at the dharamshala.
MIG Colony, Guru Nanak Hospital, Road No 4,Madhusudan Kalelkar Marg, Bandra East, Mumbai - 400051 | 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

BMC website --

Alok adds: Indians r only good for gossiping and complaining while travelling in train or while talking. No one wants to write, read, upload, fax, file PIL etc .. So such good platform for raising issues may shut down. 

Poor response to pothole app, BMC looks at BB, FB

By: Rinkita Gurav Date:  2012-01-30 Place: Mumbai

Civic body wants to target BlackBerry and Facebook users due to lack of interest, also wants public to report on other civic issues through the mobile application

Potholes rile commuters in the city. But after the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) took cognizance of the menace and launched its pothole-tracking mobile application for people to complain about potholes, the civic body is now grumbling about the poor response received from the public. 

Hold-up: The poor response has led the civic body to decide that the 
software should be used by citizens for complaining about other civic 
problems as well when they traverse the city. representation pics

It's been two months since the civic authority sanctioned the Rs 60-lakh pothole-tracking software. During this period it received only 155 complaints and images of potholes in the city. (Presently, citizens click pictures of potholes from their Android phones and upload it on the BMC website --
The poor response has led them to decide that the software should be used for complaining about other civic problems when people traverse the city. Data, when taken from large number of phones, could give an accurate look at the problems. "When the software can get you details of any kind of transgression with just a few clicks from your phone then it should be encouraged. Why should it only be restricted to potholes when there are other problems evident in the city?" said Aseem Gupta, additional municipal commissioner. 

Seeing potential in projects like these that mine data collected from phones to provide better public services, the commissioner further mentioned the application would soon be available for BlackBerry phone users too.
Meanwhile, the application, which is currently only available on Android phones, has been gaining momentum among people according to the developers of the application. "Although a bit more awareness is needed, people are installing the software after browsing through the tutorials," said Shantanu Kulkarni, director of Probity Solutions, the software firm in charge of the project. He added they would experiment via Facebook soon so that more people can report the nuisance.

Lax civic activism 
Out of the 155 complaints received via the website, maximum complaints came in from M-East ward which numbered 36, while A-ward received 11. Citizens of H-West ward have not reported anything in the past two months. 

Pothole update
Additional Municipal Commissioner Aseem Gupta said, "The work on the Rs 8- crore contracts for fixing up the roads is almost complete. 99 % of the work has been done." 

Primeminister for Pak

Yesterday night they all TV Chanel was repeating that there are 4 candidates in race to grab Prime-Ministerial posts of Pakistan. I do not know how they forgot two strong contenders : Mulayam and Laloo??

noone tells you this.....except Alok: divide Mumbai civic body in to 4, do away with civic elected body, hv panchayat at ward level with greater say of common man

noone tells you this.....except Alok: divide Mumbai civic body in to 4, do away with civic elected body, hv panchayat at ward level with greater say of common man

Mr Kashyap,
Pl. explain why r u after one person who can't afford costly office premises and using his home for business. U mean he does not hv right to use his own premises without causing nuisance to others and do legal business???????

Where as 60 % of Mumbai is settled on roads, footpath, railway lines, govt land, encroaching private land, and misused, they dont pay taxes, run illegal business, are health and fire risk hazard etc etc. These unauthorised settlers steal electricity, steal water, hire children, etc etc.. Have u raised voice?????

U will hv to justify ur stand , reason to persecute one businessman and for bothering all of us with such mails and trying to use bad law which BMC officers, goons, corporators, Advocates and police use for making money. Pl. reason out for my sake why such laws LIKE MRTP be not scrapped when 60% on Slambay is in unauthorised land and Saffronists ( as they rule Mumbai for 30 years otherwise other politicians are not less)  invite illegal    settlers to encroach so these saffronists make money. Come near my house recently illegal stalls have come up and run by Bnagladeshies, Biharis and UPians . And who is corporator ????  Shiv sena has corporator for 10 years  in my area. And 70% of my ward is slum. 

Actually not only MRTP be scraped but elected municipal body itself is not required and is a liability to Mumbai which nibbles our funds but done no development in Mumbai in 60 years. Atleast in my area ( and my janam Bhumi and karma Bhumi) in Santacruz East does not have any thing worth seeing, worth talking , worth taking any guest to . No proper garden, no pool, no lake, no fountain, no free footpath , no good road, stink everywhere, water logging, badly maintained municipal hospital, schools etc... The Mithi river floods every year. Tempos and taxis protected by Shiv sena and MNS and BJP unions are parked haphazardly ( owned by illegal migrants). Recently prepaid taxi booth has come up at Bandra terminus. They have not displayed and fare board.They r arrogant. They over charge. For minimum distance I had to pay Rs. 104/- for going from Bandra terminus to my house. Who patronizes these illegal migrants??? The booth is run by Shiv sena who poisons voters mind against each others and then patronizes their illegal acts. 

To my knowledge  for general public visits, for  knowing problems area  No Mayor or Municipal commissioner has visited my area in last 20 years. They may have come to some private functions specially of builders and hoteliers as these are  mostly run by politicians, bureaucrats and  mafias). Therefore it is necessary to divide Mumbai in 4 Civic body for proper supervision and easy access by citizens. There must be legal requirement that every week there must be open Janata adalat in ward offices and erring, negligent, lax, and those officers siding with illegal are punished. But who will bell the cat???? Where all whose who in Mumbai from corporators to govt of Maharashtra are only interested in Milching the holy cow ( my beloved Mumbai)  and converting it into shameful slum-bai which they call Aamchi Mumbai and rape it. 

I am attaching a photo of unauthorised work on last week touching my wall. 

Thanks and Regards,
Alok Tholiya,