Sunday, April 1, 2012

Part 2 of My Will

I am a very angry and boring person. I am fast growing oldy. When I am still older then will u ignore me and avoid seeing me and will not invite me to my grand childrens party or will not seek blessings for them???? Till I am hale and hearty I will invite all old family members or seek their blessings and request their presence even if their is some reason to ignore them but I shall not do so. Pl. do not praise me after my death, behind me. Pl. do not keep my photo in drawing room. Do not keep any Vidhan in my name or tereva. No need to print my photo in newspaper to invite them on third day of death/ baitak. If u want to collect ppl then collect while I am living and wanting to pass time , wanting to see others. I can't remain alone on chair/ bed whole day when old. I need your comapny. So have baithak, tereva and all other functions , vidhan, when I am alive and ailing Do not distribute any memento in my name. Do not kill cow and donate a pair of shoe. Let me have some good time with you. Chat with me. Laugh with me and even if I have bad nature enjoy me , those will be my last years. Do not write abt me ,your father / grand father/ grand uncle in remembrance of me on facebook, in poems etc rather call me ( when ailing and old) now when I need to talk to you. I know I am not going to be as attractive, as well dressed. as monied, as hygienic,as perfumed,as well mannered as your young monied friends are but still I am your father who lived life for you and your well being so how can you ignore me when old??? I have nothing to say about the most lavish party you throw, dinners you host, cocktails you serve but can't you call me once for a light khichdi (Rice preparation) dinner or even a cup of tea?? Remember if you set a right precedence then your grand children's too will host a dinner for you, throw a party for you but you are ignoring your old parents and so shall happen to u! Amen! U throw party for Lions, Rotary, rich neighbours, ministers , who,s who but who have no time and no need for same. I as lone person requier some attention and partying but who cares?? Many of U have risen in life because of something which we seniors sacrificed, taught, did for you and we do not get back even little gesture of thanks ( though you may carry same in your heart) . If u r truly indebted, is greatful, and not thankless then show it when you have an opportunity not when I am gone. You thank everyone for paltry deeds in vote of thanks but forget to thank your seniors who made your life to some extent. Now is a time or never ...... This is going to be part of my will that no rituals when I am dead as you never cared to give your time when I was alone, needing you, looking forward to hv a cup of tea with you. Thanks and Regards, Alok Tholiya, Sorry though it is a rough draft but sharing same in a hurry. When I hv time I will reframe and rearrange as lot of polishing is required to make this attractive.

Corrupt and inefficient Mahanagar Gas ltd and its way of working......mail going to 50000 recipients

Mahanagar Gas ltd. has dug up on our gate and around our gate trenches for last 6 days. No work is on. Sr. citizens and others find same very difficult to walk and traffic is also getting blocked. Their person says the pipes to be laid are out of stock. So without inventory why did they commence the work? Can traffic police, BMC , Govt of Maharashtra explain how these agencies are allowed to delay work and inconvinience the citizens ( consisting old, sick, blind, handicap, school going children, pregnant women etc ... Earlier: 3 months back they blocked our road for resurfacing and spent a lot of funds. Two months back they dug up for laying sewer ( gutter ) line. The work halted half way because their workers suddenly left for their village ( palghar / dahanu) as they had their local bodies elections( Panchayat etc ) . What commitment to contract taken. As per their original planned they were to dig and lay pipes on south side road of but since there is a illegal chinese food vendor so he manipulated and they diverted to north side.Then they were to make main hole ( which will keep over flowing ( as we have very talented corporators and engineers in BMC ) just on the middle of my main gate. After lot of persuasion they agreed to shift same 8'. They asked bribe for doing so and I threatened fast un to death. During course of digging they broke several water pipe lines of near by buildings and including mine. Municipal staff the Ravana's of today's time patronised by Saffronists took bribe from all to restore water supply. While digging for water pipe line restoration they damaged Reliance power supply cable. Municipal staff did nothing but just informed us. We chased with Reliance emergency helpline they took time but without any tantrums and without any demands repaired same. March beginning they finished the work and refilled the trenches and now MGL ( Mahanagar Gas Limited) has started redigging. And see photos of ancient technology they adopt and Uddhav Tahkery is happy with BMC the Aamchi Mumbai Mahanagarpalika. ( By the way I thank local corporators husband from Shiv Sena who saw that municipal water dept does not delay water restoration and also offered tanker facility. Thanks and Regards, Alok Tholiya,