Monday, November 26, 2012

Utterly Butterly Request ........Recognise one who visioned and executed and achieved..Dr Kurien

To all Enlightened and Thankful personalities,
Sir/ Madam,
Shri late Dr. Kurien nees no intro to yourgoodself.
He has done a lot for commonmen of India and for decades played a great role in uplifting poor villagers, milkman and farmers and that was a dream of everyone from the times of Nehruji to date. He made the white revolution a dream come true as was planned by govt planning commission.
Acually such people must get recognition and thanks from all of us in their life time which will embolden their faith in themselves and do more and more for society/nation.
However we have erred. And now is a time to atleast be thankful to such visinary taskman ( I have vision but know not how to accmplish and like me there are millions). But he thought, he planned , he worked hard and took all plans further and wide and far. Everyday there was a newer development and progerss and achievement.
Dr. kurien now needs no honour as he is no more but we as person of gratitude, ehesanmand, being thankful want him to honour and we want our government takes lead and appreciates a person who asked not what his country can do for him but he asked and did what he can do for his country. And can country be so ungreatful???
It will be befitting to honour him by giving Bharat Ratna posthumously and also declaring Birthday of Dr. Kurien as "
Sahakarya Kranti Diwas" on every 26th Novemeber. ( Due to serious personal issues I am writing this mail one day late but know well that even if I had written like many others few days back yet decision would not have come so fast) .
I am sure from next year onwards we will have thousands of shows, programmes, seminars, events, exhibitions etc
on Cooperative Movement Day which will further boost the sahakarya andolan/ cooperative movbement.
Thanks and Regards,
Alok Tholiya,