Sunday, August 23, 2009

I support Anil Ambani for using pen power instead muscle power to settle his long unresolved issues.....Alok

SubjectNew ways of shaping public opinion
Main PointUsing advertisements as a means to inform and shape public opinion

The Ambani brothers dispute has taken an advertising turn with the ADAG group asking for people's views via front-page newspaper advertisements. (See samples in )
a) What do you feel are the pros and cons of such a method of resolving disputes via public opinion and pressure?
b) If you had the opportunity to do so, what advertisments would you like to release and why?
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Posted DateAug 20, 2009
Alok Tholiya replies: I too use opinion building measures like, seeing elders, community leaders, writing emails, blogs, etc and even attack thru RTI or media mails the person troublingg me but never ever I take law in to hand. Anil Ambani has done the same by releasing advt. against his issues. It is shameful that P.M. disliked his pen weapon where as we find many politicians and businessman in India and world over use muscle, mafia, Dawood to settle their issues. I m fully with Anil on his method of raising his issues.

If there is a dispute which is not getting resolved then u have fewer options. Either u take law in hand ( murder,rape,revenge,sabotage,etc) or create public awareness about the unresolved issue and atrocities/ effects on u.Createng public opinion,public pressure is most peaceful,lawful,and rightful thing. And it is rightly said mother also does not feed till u cry then as a suffering party u have to make hue and cry to get long and harmful issue resolved. In most other cases we see brothers becoming rivals or even blood thirsty but Anil Ambani has done it gracefully and peacefully thru press adverts. Hats off to him. Alok Tholiya