Friday, October 29, 2010

This is what I wrote in reply to : what was said by Moily and appearedin Indian Muslim Observer..

Alok says: and no one told you before...

But I see minority flouting all laws. They too block roads.They too construct unauthorized worship places. They are also ( like many others) in to illegal activities. Most law enforcing agencies dread of entering Muslim dominated areas.And then lot of hue and cry abt others not doing enough fo minorities. But in pro rata terms if Muslims have 20% population then are they contributing taxes to same ratio? Are they building to same ratio schools, colleges, hospitals,water huts, tree plantation,humanity center to suffering handicap/ poor/old/widow/animals etc.. ( or we only see them crowding institutions and charities run by others) ( or we see them not in work of humanity but only in human rights) ( or we see them in large no only in politics and not in social work??) ( or we their and other vote hungry leaders frustrating them, misguiding them instead of motivating them to become educated, start good career, earn right way and spend on other needy in community and on even others not for own community.Some one said ask not what country can do for you but what u can do for country. I find minorities only know reverse of this. If I am wrong then use your PR and show to world that u r not beggers but giver too. You are not ask but share too. You are not only demanding but considerate too.See if that happens then how automatically fanatics and terrorist of majority community get totally side lined. Also advise other muslim nations to give freedom to other religions what you expect and get in India , Nepal, USA, Sri Lanka , France etc.. Ask them to convert to democracy these countries give to people not from originally from their own land. Ask those Muslim and other countries to allow buying and owning land by other migrants living in these country for decades. Ask Pakistan that why their own good citizen when died but was a Hindu they wrote on his coffin Kafir. If these changes come then I can assure you that everything will change . We will see new human, brotherly,friendly world and instead of cribbings and cries we will see love and praise for each other. .....No one tells you this ..Alok
Thanks and Regards,
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We offer free ( against deposit) wheel chair,patients Fowler bed,tripods, sticks,walker etc..

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Daddy had a fall at 4 am


he woke me up with lot of pain on back of head. Due to weakness, lack of ability to balance etc it is common for all sr citizens and ailing to fall specially in the night when visibility is poor, person is drowsy and often bit confused abt directions, hurdles when getting out of bed for urination etc.


1. Keep a helper who will sleep with sr citizens. But we hired a maid / nurse for maa and realized that she used to go in deep sleep and would not listen for maa's call. Even she retaliated some times when we woke her up saying maa was calling her. In other cases as per media the help which u keep turn in to criminals as they have easy access to all info. /happenings in the house. Pl. recommend a suitable boy/ maid for ailing person as family concerned may not get easily.(  I too want a male help for him,


2. Baby monitor ( audio and video camera near baby but can be near patient /sr citizens and monitor with others) can be useful but not available in India easily. We have tried to get but no luck. Today security market is only concentrating and encashing over ripe CCTV demand.Pl. suggest baby monitor and all cost will be paid.


3. Sr citizens need to be cautioned

a. against fall as it leads to head injury, fractures, hip joint fractures etc

b. They have to be advised to use urine pot as not good to get up frequently in the night

c. They have to be advised vitamins as general weakness tends to develop with age.

4. They have to sleep near western toilet (attached room)


who will bell the cat?????????????? pl. help.


5. For funeral and last rites only 4 persons are required. For prayers ( Uthamana ) people r required to share sorrow of close relatives. Jain religion does not believe in yearly Shradha/ rituals and recommends what u have to do for elders do it when they are alive and not to do after they are gone to their photo. Feeding others in the name of dead is like cleansing ur biting conscious and getting mental relief for the sins/ negligence/ lack of performance of duty when he/she was alive. So taking care of sr citizens is often long drawn process. So everyone's time, help (at least for whiling away time as they get bored being lonely) is required. So spend some time with sr citizens when needed and not after their death.


6. Advising sr citizens and arranging lectures where they can be told of lot of helpful things is duty of society/ professionals etc.. They would never listen to family members or those with whom they r 24 hrs/ often r biased.



7. The area which is used by sr. citizens should be clutter free. Should not have different levels. Support bars in toilet etc are must. Place must be well lit.


8. Rotary/ Lions / local bodies should add one more committee "Friends of Sr. citizens". The members must turn by turn visit sr citizens in their locality, their ex members etc. Presently Mumbai police is sincerely doing this which good social organizations should do.


9.Cluster of housing society can keep patients rehabilitation items so not everyone has to buy and stock. Like patients bed/ fowler bed, sticks, tripods, pots, walker, wheel chairs, water bed, air bed etc..  By the way I am already in my personal capacity is running this project and giving against full refundable deposit these items to needy patients most of them r sr. citizens.


This mail is to my near and dear ones but I am making this mail open as cud be of use to others too. 



For Issues of Sr. citizens : Issues of Public interests : For harrassed litigansts : For education funds : •Also subscribe to my very popular yahoo group for mails on ahead of time views: Send blank mail to: precious collections:

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Alok says to Indian Muslims observer . com : The more unsatisfied the muslims r the more justified RSS stand against Gandhijis secular theory.What was a need to declare India a secualr state when nither Hindus nor muslims are happy.It was a very bad decission as India has seen so many communal riots due to its secular agenda which does not bring about peace, tolerance and brotherhood.UPA is a bad govt who is having no guts to impelemnet family planning,impelement strictly laws of land when illegal structures come up, illegal assemblies blocking road by various religious groups,possessing illegal arms, doing illegal business, car thefts,encroachments,constructing unauthorised structures etc etc. For votes UPA is not acting the way Dubai/ Singpoare acts and we dont see riots and illegal activities.
Thanks and Regards,
Alok Tholiya (S.E.O) M:9324225699

We offer free ( against deposit) wheel chair,patients Fowler bed,tripods, sticks,walker etc..

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Blogs 2 new results for indian courts Why is UPA sleeping over Ayodhya verdict?
By IMO admin
We want the government to stand up and clear the shadow cast over the secular nature of Indian republic by the Allahabad High court verdict. Narasimha Rao type of dilly dallying tactics may not just boomerang on the government but could ... -

Monday, October 25, 2010

I am attaching a mail from China so diligently prepared and sent promptly which our Indian cos take months to time ?? delete

Why China is way ahead??
Alok adds: India is a biggest market for security gadgets ( due to lawlessness,police hand in cuff with criminals, people having no ethics and no compliance of committments be it marriage issue or business deal, and to top it all we have internal and external terrorists).
Yet there is no national/ multinational level co. in the areana. They all want to come in mall, mobile,builder,TV business, car  etc
No one from a organised sector is paying attention to booming security products line, no good brand is able to streamlined solution, right price, proper service etc.etc.
I yesterday sent my inquiry to 86 vendors of India and 5 of China. All 5 of China replied in next 3 hours or so. Out of 86 Indian cos only 2 responded. I wanted my address and other has raised new questions.
Few vendors whom I talked eariler are trying to sell out dated solutions as they have not been getting latest upgrades and trainings. Most of them r selling cheap Chinese and taivanese products.These products r not backed with proper service, service centers.They say if DVR fails it may take a month or so for repairs.
Most of their sales and site visit persons do not have detailed knowledge, no proper catelogues hard copy or online, they give vague quote without mantiomning brands. 70% of them have rented offices. Means they r likely to shift from their office and then will not be located for replacements, warantee service.
The quality is not cerified. Hence half the systems will keep failing and never work again.
Yet crores of Rs. tenders are cleared by railways, defence,police,airport authority, industries , banks, ports, etc etc as they have limited choice.
No newspapers / media is imparting any knoledge on these products and they have been only concentrating on Mobiles, bikes, cars etc.etc.
Any takwers for this futuristic line with 500% margins????
Thanks and Regards,
Alok Tholiya (S.E.O) M:9324225699

We offer free ( against deposit) wheel chair,patients Fowler bed,tripods, sticks,walker etc..

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Dear Alok,
Thanks for your inquiry. Please find my recommended items are as following. For detailed information and quation please refer as attached price list.
Best regards,
Keven Xu
5th Floor, Building B, Yi Yuan Tong Industrial Park
Xue Xiang, Ban Tian, Long Gang Dist
Shenzhen, China. 518129
Tel: +86-755-8960 0010  Fax: +86-755-6126 0090  Mobile: +86-13418638032
Email:  MSN:  Skype: tt-kitty  (English)  (English) (IP Cam) (Chinese) (Alibaba)
Online factory: (ID & Pass: ttcctv)
TT INT'L GmbH(Germany office)
Tauroggener Str. 14, Aufgang 2, 3 OG, 10589 Berlin Germany
Tel: +49 30 3300 6969  Fax: +49 30 3300 6911


A. I have a office on Ground floor and residence on first floor.

I need  cameras for ground floor open premises

  1. On office front   ---------  TT-RSO32C-S 
  2. reception ----------- TT-25SO32CA
  3. Car park side --------TT-CPSO52C
  4. Back side of building ----- TT-OF185GF-IR
  5. near dhobi hut on east north corner------TT-OF185GF-IR


I also want 1 camera on first floor passage. ------TT-RSO32C-S

I also want one camera for mid of stair case.-------TT-RSO32C-S

Totally  7 cameras.


Give option of day and  IR both.

All camera shud be with audio.


B. DVR : I require 8 channel DVR with 7 days recording or more with audio recrding.-------TT-DVR8008






 I also require :

 1  wireless IP cameras for 1 st Floor with audio ------TT-IP60WD

1. wirelss IP  camera for my cabin on ground floor with audio------TT-IP60WD

1. wired IP camera for office ------TT-JASO54CPT-IP

Note: above items are not wireless. we don't sell wireless camera, as it is not as stable as IP Camera.


4 IP camers.


Pl. suggest if we will require Net work switch??-----Just plug and connect to internet then play


We don't mind going for Grey also.

Quote with warntee, brand etc .

Also quote for wiring and installation if extra.

Thanks and Regards,
Alok Tholiya (S.E.O) M:9324225699

We offer free ( against deposit) wheel chair,patients Fowler bed,tripods, sticks,walker etc..

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