Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Metro must not change role : Be a good wholesaler and not try to be a cooking class

The Managing Director,
Metro cash and Carry,

We have become Metro member to get good quality branded items at wholesale price. However we find in many categories the products are not upto the mark,  viz leather wares, box files etc.. 

We have also seen that Khakhara etc are over priced. Same khakhara were carrying MRP much lower than what was in Metro. 

Then there r many more issues like there are no salesman on whole floor to help. Or if they r there but hv no interest in extending help. 

The queue on payments counter is too long. 

So, resolve these issues and make our shopping experience much more happier and stop sending time wasting mails on  Delicious Cuisines. We did not become  metro members to become better cook. If anyone is interested then there r several TV channels and websites with world famous celebrities like Kappor and Tarla. So focus on members issues alone. Call for brainstorming of members, ask for reviews etc and stop cooking mails. 

Thanks and Regards,
Alok Tholiya,

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Believe in Karma Theory

  • Alok adds: 

    How true. Believe in Karma Theory and all your problems will be over. No god, No ritual no prayashchit can change ur destiny but good karma can.And most think Gai mar kar juta daan karne se punya milega. ( Kill a holy cow and donate a piece of leather for sandel will save u from ghastly sin). That is what most politicians , govt officials and police thinks. Wherever u go they have made temples, hang photos and garland same everyday and then drown themselves in sins thinking that this photo will save and cleanse their sins......Alok adds.