Thursday, December 25, 2014

Kya sword wielding goondo ke ache din aaye hein?

The Fatal combination: BJP is ruling in Delhi, Maharashtra and Mumbai ( with Shiv Sena). My house is on the junction of TPS3 , Santacruz east, Mumbai. Two days back sword wielding gang came in front of my building and build a shade overnight. This location is just 100 mts away from Main Vakola Police station. Is police involved in this? Is local ruling party leader involved? TPS 3 was developed by Britishers so it had well planned road, bungalows, huge public  garden, public hospital, gymkhana etc etc.. However the entry to TPS 3 is from Regency Hotel and my building and Neelachal Society. Due to negligence of Bureaucrats and leaders and general apathy of residents of TPS 3 this corners sight is one of the worst , illegally parked tempos, drivers and cleaners urinating in open, night becomes open liquor bar and thus noise, filthy language, broken liquor bottles everywhere, and law and order problem. Police vehicle comes every night meets the dada's take their share and leave. Local corporator, MLA and MP and others too pass thru this way regularly but none thinks of beautifying or cleaning or developing this junction. As either they are in league with these elements or are callous. BMC staff makes few crores every  year from all unauthorised structures in our area Santacruz east as maximum land belongs to Govt, , Military, PWD, BMC, P and T., University etc on which these officers have encouraged slums in partnership. I ask all of you is their any change u find after the fatal BJP forming government in Maharashtra, Center and Mumbai? Is their any chance of development? Is their any fear on police and BMC staff that Modi ji  has come to power and they must act and also stop illegal activities. I am sorry to say I find during Kejriwal wave they acted when  even common worker wearing AAP cap approached but now even people like me has no voice and goonda raj is thriving. I had even approached City survey office after Fadnavis ji took over as Chief Minister. But same attitude, callousness, rudeness and unhelping nature and greed. Behaviour in ration office and election office is same. Kya sword wielding goondo ke ache din aaye hein?

Sunday, December 21, 2014

illegal migrants blocking important roads and bridges

From Vakola I was going towards Ghatkopar via Military camp and Air India Colony. The bridge on way was very small so they have after years of work ( it should have taken 2 - 3 months) made one additional bridge. Same is not put to use as is used by car thieves who have parked over 150 cars and their skeleton. Whole stretch dominated by a illegal migrants is encroached upon and blocking movement of traffic but no police, BMC, Shivsena or BJP has guts to improve condition there. Similarly half  Bridge landing coming from Mahim west to Dharavi is blocked by illegal migrant scrap merchant and no one has guts to reclaim that part of bridge and put it to use.