Friday, May 2, 2014

I fear few of those who are Atankwadi and Talibani

Most Muslims are good and some are exceptionally good. But I fear few of those who are Atankwadi and Talibani and who can b very dangerous. Only family planning can keep some control and then a fair treatment, good education and good job opportunity to all equally.

Monday, April 28, 2014

30 lac voters from Mumbai are also registered in UP / Bihar

One of the tenants family members of my building Madhukar Purohit had moved to Jaipur for over 15 years. He has all his business, bungalow, cars, licences, office, membership , passport, etc and even voters registration at Jaipur address. Still his name was found in Mumbai roll. I applied for deletion of his name from Mumbai Kherwadi electoral roll. Election staff did not remove is a long story ......everything well documented.....and they took huge bribe and connived with him and did not remove his name. Then finally when they removed his name on furnishing his name in Jaipur too they removed the name of Madhukar Purohit. But inspite of all followups they have not taken any action on this illegal man who had given on oath in writing that his name is not existing anywhere else in India. SIC Gaikwad did not take action on PIO and electoral officer who did not reply to my RTI. 

Besides more then 30 lacs UPinas, Biharis and Bangladeshi are registerd in Mumbai and in UP / Bihar. The electoral officers are corrupt , they enroll voters for bribe, ration cards are given to them on bribe, driving licence are given on bribe and they r all Marathi speaking SS / MNS followers. 

So they take vote by calling names of parprantiya but give them everything for notes.