Thursday, April 2, 2015

India will soon be over populated

Changing population proportion is dangerous and heavy incentive population control measures must be introduced at the earliest and benefits to third child onwards must not be given.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

It is myth that politicians are most corrupt.........

More then politicians collectors, commissioners, IAS,IRS,IPS, bureaucrats milk mumbai / suck blood of citizens besides some advocates, doctors and people in judiciary. Ask any builder or industrialist whom they fear and bribe most? This needs courage and true vision to speak. Most Chartered accountants do not know any politicians but daily bribe in lacs and crores IT, ST and excise officials, most builders bribe municipal building proposal dept, officials, ask architects whom they have been bribing whole life, businessman bribe licence dept officials whole life, schools bribe whole life education dept officials and UGC, hoteliers, jewelers bribe police, licence dept and so on, liquor shops and dance bar bribe police, contractors and suppliers whole life bribe officials of be it of municipal bodies, railways, airways or any govt dept . Now develop the idea and u realise that few ministers and millions of officers daily squeeze blood and have ensured that wrong doers thrive and honest are left behind and that India suffers and legs behind. Have vision please one tells you all this except ...Alok /

Monday, March 30, 2015

Unethical investments by LIC......also cursing Dilip gandhi and his children ...

Immediately he should be raided as only few crores can make one say this. These fanatics are daily crying for ban on what one must not eat but want to promote tobacco. I bless Dilip Gandhi and sinners like him that all their children become tobacco addict. 
Also I was shocked to learn that LIC and government of India has 25% of shareholding in ITC and other tobacco industry. What an unethical and hypocritical stance.LIC which refuses policy or hikes premium of smokers is putting their money in cigarette industry? I condemn this.
I heard Dr Pankaj Chaturvedi on TV on why some measures must be taken to educate harms of tobacco. He was marvellous. To the point and ready with all statistics. Actually person like him must be on such panel or even the health minister.

for your functions avoid inviting

It is time to start inviting  as Chief guests / guest of honours activists, good humanists or philanthropists then a politicians or bureaucrats.

Ofcourse for public exposure and accountability politicians and government officials can have open public grievances redressal meets every saturdays.