Sunday, July 19, 2009

write to Prime Minister

Pl. give all ur problem and sufferings on PM's website. Link is given here.
Thanks and Regards,
Alok Tholiya (S.E.O.),

Dear Friends,

Also Please visit the following Link of Prime Minister of India and please write how our lively hood is affected and why buildings are falling and slums have come up.

xtraordinary times.....suicide avoiding

These are extraordinary times, and I would like to help u over come this. But no one can help u unless u have decided to help urself:

Ensure that u, ur parents, ur children, ur boss and ur staff all follow these mantras or else ve tumko le dubenge ( they will drown with u)..

Daily Wisdom for Troubled times

Get up earlier.
Go to bed later.

Work harder.

Finish what you start.

Learn one new thing.

Renew one contact.

Do not be copy cat and dont compare urself with the no. 1.Every one can not be no.1 Trying to copy their lifestyle, cars, the way they throw party, the way they dress etc etc is dangerous and will bring u under suicidal debt trap. Don’t run for costly work spaces when u can manage things better from a small industrial estate. And can sleep well without ant pressure.
Ask, "How can I help you?" at least once.

Make yourself visible.

Confirm if they have understood u right

Control expenses, wastages, anger, speed of vehicle, pilferage
Be of good cheer.

Take decision to expand only after due deliberations, no fancy/ whimsy ideas no borrowings

Save power, do not block windows, ventilations, doors, use CFL,

let central plant be not on for late sitters, provide smaller cabins or portable fans for such guys. Except for peak hours stop lifts not reqd...

cut on travel and phones, travel thru mass transport, reuse, refill, recycle,

Develop habit of emailing and video conferencing instead of flying.

I do not know why people r buying electronics gadgets with hundreds of features and frills but which they r not going to use/ do not learn to use. Why buy something for which ur supplier does not give training and then urstaff struggles to use, struggles to learn, under uses same. I am yet to find people who can utilize 50% of features of their PC, mobile, EPABX etc..

Do not upgrade for no reason. I have good investors but who r still using B & W monitors and 486 PC’s as their work does not demand higher configuration. But most others keep upgrading, under utilize and keep borrowing.

No car be allowed to be sold till 7 years.

Put all ur additional property on rent (demand good rent act from govt. to protect ur property from blood sucker tenants).

keep insured

be accident free, theft free,( these r very costly if not avoided)

best place to party is ur own office or home and not costly hotels

Reduce response time

increase salaries but avoid giving luxuries viz. costly cars, laptops, posh cabins, spacious offices, A class tickets( u wont spoil them and also they will save for future) and drivers.

Catch a break.
Or not.

Read again tomorrow. And tomorrow keeps coming so keep reading everyday. Till u become shock proof to recession.

Thanks and Regards,
Alok Tholiya (S.E..O.),