Friday, October 9, 2009

they live all life for free,

they live all life for free, their burden is on u and yet r rewarded in

millions ..courtesy : rent act, Indian judicial system, media, and corrupt

bureacrats who patronise these people....Alok

Alok Tholiya (S.E.O.)

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Hon. Municipal Commissioner, BMC Mumbai,

Hon. Police Commissioner, Mumbai

Hon. Commissioner Sales Tax,

Hon Commissioner Income Tax,

Hon Commissioner Profession Tax,

Hon. Commissioner Service Tax,

Hon. Assessor and Collector, H East,

Hon. A .E. B& F.,

Hon. Inspector Licence,

Hon Inspector Shops and Establishment,

Dear All,


Sorry for bothering u. But my sleep is gone due to this notice.

Pl. advise and help and take necessary action.

RE: Penalty order under section 207A(2) of the BMC ,10(A) of the Maharashtra Edu (cess) Act of 1962

No. AC/PN/473 of 2008-2009 H/E ward, Sr. No. 309612

GIST IN ONE PARA ( if u don’t have time to read full mail then at least read this Para and oblige)

A trespasser who has built unauthorized shade does not pay any rent to us (landlords), does not pay anything to govt of India, baths in open half naked, commits several nuisance, but does not pay even his property tax, does not keep his surrounding and toilet which he uses clean but due to rent act and delaying courts we can't do anything. And if landlord would like to develop his property he would bring injunctions after injunctions. And if he decides to vacate he will demand nothing less then Rd. 25 lacs. So this a reward to illegal settler enjoying all rights and privileges for free. And the worst is such migrants use school, hospital, and all other facilities of city for free.

We were tenants in an old building. In 1978 my grand father purchased this old building.

Since the earlier landlord was not staying in Mumbai one notorious tenant had inducted two trespassers in building and was making income out of it. We did not take any action on these tenant and trespassers. One trespasser is a dhobi running an cloth ironing shop with 4 people working for 16 hrs. His monthly income is Rs 70000/- pm + (they charge average Rs. 3/- , sari Rs. 10+, Suit Rs. 80/- +). One person does 200 clothes everyday. So 200x Rs.3/- x 4 persons makes it income of Rs.2400 per day so per month Rs. 72000/- pm. He pays no sales tax, no income tax, no service tax, and no profession tax no other govt levies. I m sure he is also not paying shops and establishment tax. He has no account to be maintained, no salary, no computers reqd to write accounts, no filing work, no returns so no professional fees to be paid b y him. So in short no overheads. Thinking poor as operates from a unauthorized shade dada's don't ask for chanda, puja contributions, alms etc.

However just to save his unauthorized structure he bribed BMC officials and got that structure assessed. Ideally municipal officers should have demolished same instead of assessing. But like whole of Mumbai have been converted in t slumbay this too was.

The assessment tax for six months is merely Rs. 100/- for this unauthorized shade.

This dhobi has not paid even this paltry amount who has by now bought several acres of land in UP, send lots of costly items to his family in UP. Has mobile. Pays electricity bills in thousands as same will be disconnected. But not paying the Rs. 100/-

Finally Bombay municipal corporation (BMC/MCGM) has given notice of 15 days to me for his default and warned that attachment of your immovable property will be done if the trespasser does not pay his liability as I am the property owner.

Can some one pl. advise as to how to deal with this situation?

Thanks and Regards,

Alok Tholiya (S.E.O.),


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