Friday, April 23, 2010

Subject: 18000/- worth mobile handset lying for repairs since 11/04/10 withn planet M

Dear All,
Inspite of 500/- higher price at Planet M then market I bought Nokia 6220C from Planet M Cause:
1.I trusted Videocone group service as I too was their dealer
2.Planet M santacruz East is near my house
3. They promised me they will give stand by unit in case of complaint and repair same as fast as possible.
Why I bought Nokia:
Our very cheap LG and Samsung  instruments worked for years are still working without any problems.I thought Nokia high end model will work more.
But Nokia gave several other problems. Like its fonts r very small, features r non user friendly, even their staff at Nokia showrooms and Nokia help not know most of the advance features.And as most people in India buy high end phones only for status and not for using all features they never heeded to my suggestions that like micro wave oven sellers run cooking classes to make familiar of various uses they shud also have 2 hour sessions for high end phone. But who cares Nokia still sells inspite of poor service, poor quality and high price.
However coming back to Planet M . My nokia purchased from Planet M the Videocon group company started giving me problems.Its key 1, 2, 3 stopped working.When I approached the Planet M showroom they did not give stand by worth even Rs. 1000/- against Rs. 18000/- handset purchased from them. Then  after continuous chase they called me on 21st April saying finally handset is ready.
To my shock while key 1,2, and 3 started working several other keys stopped working. This is the report of their own man on counter. I insisted talking to their senior, asked for tel no. of their manager, their Mumbai head, their head office etc. etc. They bluntly refused to give same. I insisted on  salesman on counter Mr Salim to atleast speak to the service provider of Planet M. He put me on to one Tejas who was very rude and curt and refused to talk.
I followed up with one Prabhakar in showroom but he cud not help and refused to give any info / contact details of higher ups.
When country's leader Mrs. Sonia Gandhi is refusing to even P.M. and Supreme court from curtailing the RTI here is a sad and bad example where private enterprise is doing everything in secrative way. I dont know where to go for redressal of my
 complaint. After lot of efforts I found out from Videocan office the no. of Palnet M H.O. which is . However the managers refused to come on line.They dont give their email id/ address/ names of managers and their mobile no.
Just dial does not have Palnet M office details. Planet M does not have a web site. And they live in 21st Century???? Dhootji shud pack up and go in hiding or his CEO's and senior executives will  do this one day with such attitude and service.
So many chain shops and airline have a board at all their outlets giving details of whom to contact in case local people r not helping.There is complaint book in most places but in Planet M. 
Pl. help me by guiding. I finally demand full refund of my money with compensation for my woes and harassment and a written apology.
Thanks and Regards,
Alok Tholiya (S.E.O.),

Fw: for approval.............Alok



215/216, Ashoka Shopping Centre, L T Marg, Mumbai 400001

Tel. 022-22625283/ 0981953664

10 November 2009

Sub : announcement of 2 most important project:

Dear All,

Jain Jinendra.                                                                                                                                        

As usual we r coming up with a newer ideas and projects before u.

1.       Patients rehabilitation project:

For the first time in Mumbai our Samiti is taking initiative to start a patient's welfare project.

Patients often require temporarily wheel chair, fowler bed, sticks, tripod, crutches etc..

Buying is also a burdensome at times but bigger burden is after the usage is over where to keep this. Hence we will be keeping all these items in stock and any Jain can borrow same free of charge and return it back once it is not needed.

We already have:

A.      Wheel chair

B.      Sticks

C.      Fowler Bed

D.      Walker

E.       Tripod

F.       Crutches

Any member of Jain community is welcome to use it as well as donate any of these items (new or used ) and be the part of project.

Mrs. Diggi has already donated a wheel chair to us.


2.       Student's wing: We are very delighted to announce formation of our Student's wing.

There are several Jain bodies where mostly elders participate. There is also a youth / couples body. But there is no body for students. Hence students of our community hardly get platform to mingle with each other and have fellowship. Rather they only get to meet boys and girls of other communities in colleges and offices and hardly know their counter parts from their own community.

Age: 18 and above

Eligibility: Student of any recognised institute and is unmarried and is Digambar Jain

Fees: Rs. 200/- p.a.



A.      Annual  Get to gather

B.      Holi Utsav

C.      Picnic

D.      Providing volunteers to Jain  Muni Sangh /  jain Utsav

E.       Helping Jain students

F.       Inculcation of Jain Sanskar  and values ( catch them Young)

Shortly u will receive the membership form for your children. You can also collect the same from our offices above. Pl. Fill the same and oblige.

Thanking you,

K. C. Chabra                                                                                                                        Alok Tholiya (S.E.O.)

President                                                                                                                 Vice President /                                                                                                                                                           Project Chairman

Project Office: Sunday Closed (10.30 to 6.30)

Alok Tholiya (S.E.O.), 
"Marigold", the little Party Hall, 
Tholiya Bhavan, 10th Rd., Santacruz East, 
Mumbai 400055 
M: 9324225699



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