Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cant we Indians fill potholes ...

when others can build bridge in 7 days we Indians can not fill potholes

Accidents can happen ( but can be terror act/ sabotage/ land grab act etc. too).
But failure to contain the losses is unpardonable. Worst is/ inhuman failure to provide other emergency relief / services. Yesterday I was on way to Kota from Jaipur. The site / Oil depot which is still live and burning ( though not very aggressively and is nearing end) was close to Highway leading to Kota. Govt has diverted traffic from that route and rightly though. But the diversion has no markings, not even lanterns in night, no sign boards with arrows to give proper direction.Every junctions we had to ask for correct route as v has started at pre dawn when there was no noticeable traffic to follow. Several patches in between have big pot holes.By spending some paltry amount govt could have made this diversion too safe and motorable. But who cares . V read newly elected MP's r fighting 4 bigger and prominent bungalow allotment at Delhi.
Is there any human touch/ caring/ preparedness/ vision in politics and bureaucracy??
Has any one from media raised this issue? or they r busy attending cocktail dinners?

Is there a NGO who can take some initiative and show down callous administration by being alert and active?