Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Today is not a day for celebration but for Introspection.........

This day is not for celebration but for Introspection. Not for giving treat to VIP's but to call them below flag and run a lok adalat and charge them for  their misdeeds and failing us in front of Mahangai ( inflations), china, lawlessness etc.

This is a day when one ruler handed over Raj to another brutal, corrupt, inefficient ruler. And I am slave of such rulers. These rulers in the name of tax suck my blood, from education, health, job,any work in govt,courts,and even temples  and now even in pvt offices is all for sale ( bribe), there is no rule of law, these rulers are with land sharks, with smugglers, with druggpeddlers and so on..... We are 100 years behind most countries. Tiny Korea wins more medals. China can gulp us any time. Pakistan can send in terrorists any time. Merit matters no where and corrupt, tax evaders, rule breakers prosper. I do not celebrate 15 th August the day when poor, downtroden were enslaved to remain like that , when courts were told to not to impart justice for decades, when police is for only VIP's , houses for only who'who . They have incresed communal didvide and never bothered to take steps to bring integration as they thrive on vote banks  ( some on green, some on kesri and some on Blue). Water is still scarce and unpotable. Higher education is only for rich. Where women are still illtreated, old neglected,children abused and sufferer sufferes more in Indian courts and govt offices and hospitals , And so on... and you hurt me further by wishing me today.. by saying Happy Independence day.
It is like on on one hand I am filing my balance sheet with all red and heavy losses with heavy heart on 15th August and and you wish me to celebrate this day and inflict further injuries to a man in loss???? No this is a day when I must introspect and bring my company  India Inc. in profit, in order  and take measures to spread love, peace, comfort and prosperity.
At most I cancall 15th August an Introspection day and day to remove curse from India but just can not celebrate. What you do is your choice whether u do chamachagiri of Netas today  or eat sweet , have fun and frolic to forget the stress of living in so called free India.

Alok Tholiya