Friday, March 14, 2014

fools become happy with dramatising rangrots

कोंग्रेस aur So Called Secularism सोच है, बेहद विध्वंसकारी सोच...
1. सिन्धुस्थान या आर्यावर्त को आमूल चूल ध्वंस करने वाले मुगलों और लाश बन चुके भारत के आखिरी हर...See More
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  • Alok Tholiya Weak spine. Ppl want honest, visionary, truly secular, proIndia leader and not one accepts to wear a topi and gives topi to them in return for 5 years. But truly speaking Muslims force u and offer them to wear these topis , they do not believe in secularism and only in their faith so it comforts them to see everyone as Muslim.And kejriwal has a Gandhi/ AAP topi then I do not know what made him play tricks or surrender to Muslims demand. Why must Hinds force Tilak on others and why must Muslims ask / offer their topi to others. See their work and not how good they are in falsely pleasing you. All those who do that are rangroot.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Alok on facebook : on holi, on those blaming others for sins by corrupt Hindus .....

To those everyday blaming others : I hv planned to stop indulging in mind less arguments but some time: ur Hindu r sold out and hence our economy does not flourish, law and order is weak, we ill treat SC,ST etc and accuse conversions, ....etc etc instead we bass the blame on others. Thapa and entire Hindu police was was sold to Dawood, most ministers and film stars were touching feet of Dawood and so on and we blame Dawood??? Blame our own sold out folks, find them , finish them ( lawfully). Do not blames Muslims and Christians they r doing what they should but our ppl are weak, corrupt, sold out.

My folded hand request"
1 Stop our children from throwing balloons.
2. Do not force play specially on those who do not want to play because of their beliefs.
3. Do not take women in public places like Juhu on Holi day unless with good no. of male members are with them.
4. Protect eyes etc..

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My take on Kashmir......either take it back or tell the truth and apologise ...put behind bar who lost Kashmir to Pak

no one tells you this except Alok ......the man who saw tomorrow..

Just to respect sentiments of emotional countrymen I too am against showing truthful position on Map of Kashmir. As we in India live on beliefs, falsehoods and hv no courage to accept truth. There r some mad who kept dead bodies of loved ones hidden  as they did not want to loose the loved one . Without realising and accepting fact that the loved one is no more and the dead body will start deteriorating. My mother always said do what u can for elders and not to do tereva, shradh, hand their photo on wall, or garland dead persons photo ones he is no more. But I see all over no one wants to give time and resource for living old suffering elders but are jostling to do big terevan, name roads, name by giving donation in temples etc, do shradh every year .

Congress lost half of Kashmir to Pak. They never told that if still Pak does not live in peace then v ll strive to take it back. Has any congress/ BJP said so in last 50 years?

I will say on danke ki chot that I will highlight the loss of part of Kashmir to Pakistan to my next generation and woo them to recover same.

But some sick minded just want that part to remain in Pak in actual, the other part allowed to burn, and yet b a fool hardy by misrepresenting Kashmir on map.

Touch ppl I will serve a good food on whats app and they say now be happy and declare that your lunch is over.To such fools I will give them a cheque of Rs 1 million with instructions to bank not encasheable and still those payee's must give me credit in their accounts in my name for 1 million. Agreed?

So the showing full Kashmir in just maps is making fool of innocent Indians and saying be happy with Kashmir on map and go to sleep. When on smallest mistake everyone is asking resignations of ministers/ govt but on such an issue of loosing part of our motherland even opposition has remained silent.

And a time has come when Arunachal Pradesh will only be on maps. When Assam, Hyderabad and several parts will be trying to join hands with Bangladesh and Pak respectively.

And foolhardy Indians will be happy with showing united India on maps where as same  will be disintegrated due to over population of separatists.

Does any one have courage to ask for compulsory family planning? Does any political party have courage to annex that part of Kashmir lost decades ago or ask pak to be a good neighbour ?

A tiny Israel can face every enemy but Indians are happy with sleeping in their blanket without pants ( or rather pissing in their pants) and having maps which r misguiding the future generation of my country and asking to live ;like that instead of asking to recover that.

So b it. For such foolhardy I too would say give misrepresenting picture to Indians be it about boundary/ sarhad, be it abt poverty, abt development, abt all other issues and keep looting them and keep doing scams.

And therefore AAP for public false happiness must remove the person responsible for showing correct maps to fools who want to live like that and be happy. After all this is election time and to please one must do all untruthful things ( wear topi they like, visit religious places u do not like, give big slogans and so on and win hearts of fools and become rulers ..somehow one tells you this except Alok

Monday, March 10, 2014

My take on Aadhar card.... damaged security as blindly Aadhar card is accepted

As far as I am concerned Aadhar Card is a Vast Idea with half vast implementation and poor integrity / honesty. Even poor , old , widow had to bribe to avoid huge queues, chaos at booths. The executives of Adhar were not interested in feeding full info as desired in form so were saying just fill name and address and one id proof and purposely ignored to collect massive / detailed profile it was suppose to record. There are many who have bribed over Rs. thousand to get Aadhar without proof. And those illegal migrants got Aadhar easily then original permanent residents who were harassed. 

It has generated millions as black money as bribe.

It has damaged security as blindly Aadhar card is accepted everywhere which may be forged, false , counterfeit.

Then today 3 Muslims ( I can' t recollect names) possibly ISI agents were arrested with machines thru which they were issuing Jali/ bogus Aadhar cards to Pakistanis and Bangladeshis. Who will destroy peace, rig elections, produce more children and bring more illegal migrants and then bring India under control of Taliban and affect cordially living all original citizens from all religion. 

This is my take on Aadhar . May b some of u can throw light on that.