Monday, March 10, 2014

My take on Aadhar card.... damaged security as blindly Aadhar card is accepted

As far as I am concerned Aadhar Card is a Vast Idea with half vast implementation and poor integrity / honesty. Even poor , old , widow had to bribe to avoid huge queues, chaos at booths. The executives of Adhar were not interested in feeding full info as desired in form so were saying just fill name and address and one id proof and purposely ignored to collect massive / detailed profile it was suppose to record. There are many who have bribed over Rs. thousand to get Aadhar without proof. And those illegal migrants got Aadhar easily then original permanent residents who were harassed. 

It has generated millions as black money as bribe.

It has damaged security as blindly Aadhar card is accepted everywhere which may be forged, false , counterfeit.

Then today 3 Muslims ( I can' t recollect names) possibly ISI agents were arrested with machines thru which they were issuing Jali/ bogus Aadhar cards to Pakistanis and Bangladeshis. Who will destroy peace, rig elections, produce more children and bring more illegal migrants and then bring India under control of Taliban and affect cordially living all original citizens from all religion. 

This is my take on Aadhar . May b some of u can throw light on that.

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