Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Alok on facebook : on holi, on those blaming others for sins by corrupt Hindus .....

To those everyday blaming others : I hv planned to stop indulging in mind less arguments but some time: ur Hindu r sold out and hence our economy does not flourish, law and order is weak, we ill treat SC,ST etc and accuse conversions, ....etc etc instead we bass the blame on others. Thapa and entire Hindu police was was sold to Dawood, most ministers and film stars were touching feet of Dawood and so on and we blame Dawood??? Blame our own sold out folks, find them , finish them ( lawfully). Do not blames Muslims and Christians they r doing what they should but our ppl are weak, corrupt, sold out.

My folded hand request"
1 Stop our children from throwing balloons.
2. Do not force play specially on those who do not want to play because of their beliefs.
3. Do not take women in public places like Juhu on Holi day unless with good no. of male members are with them.
4. Protect eyes etc..

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