Friday, March 14, 2014

fools become happy with dramatising rangrots

कोंग्रेस aur So Called Secularism सोच है, बेहद विध्वंसकारी सोच...
1. सिन्धुस्थान या आर्यावर्त को आमूल चूल ध्वंस करने वाले मुगलों और लाश बन चुके भारत के आखिरी हर...See More
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  • Alok Tholiya Weak spine. Ppl want honest, visionary, truly secular, proIndia leader and not one accepts to wear a topi and gives topi to them in return for 5 years. But truly speaking Muslims force u and offer them to wear these topis , they do not believe in secularism and only in their faith so it comforts them to see everyone as Muslim.And kejriwal has a Gandhi/ AAP topi then I do not know what made him play tricks or surrender to Muslims demand. Why must Hinds force Tilak on others and why must Muslims ask / offer their topi to others. See their work and not how good they are in falsely pleasing you. All those who do that are rangroot.

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