Saturday, September 25, 2010

Humble expectations from courts and advocates



1)Hon Additional Chief Judge,

Small causes Court,

Bandra ,Mumbai

2) Hon. Registrar,

Small causes Court,

Bandra ,Mumbai

3) Hon. Secretary,

Small causes Court Advocates Bar,

Bandra ,Mumbai



Respected Sir/s,



I am making following humble suggestions/ requests. Most of them are easy to adopt. Pl. do the needful.


  1. Separate q for sr. citizens for lift.
  2. No entry for people chewing paan / mava etc. in court property. They have been spitting everywhere and spreading contagious diseases. There should be heavy penalty for such people. Joggers park is cleaner but the court building.
  3. I visited family court. There are enough benches in lobby there. Pl. provide more benches in our lobby.
  4. Each lobby should have at least one desk. Presently clients and advocates prefer to write in the court while it is on for convenience but then create distraction.
  5. Even 12th pass insurance agents know the benefits of laptop.but the advocates. Even in colleges we see laptops but in court. Every time there is a small routine application to be made same is handwritten. I feel several ready made forms ( formats) must be kept ready in xerox room and or format should be kept ready on laptop ( with typist in bar room) and routine things should be done in no time. We are still seeing British period style of working with steno typist instead of laptop/ desk top. Pl. encourage latest gadgetry in courts and modernize our courts.
  6. Rs. 10/-  and Rs. 1 /- stamps should be available with advocates clerks and xerox wala. Clients are made to run for same.
  7. There should be minimum 3 xerox machine near bar room.
  8. Toilets for visitors and clients???? Seeing is believing.
  9. Everyday not more then 30 dates be given , 15 per session. We should value time , money , travel cost, travel harassment, parking problem, pollution created due to fruitless travel etc.etc.
  10. Pl. advise courts and advocates to use courier / email / sms and other latest communication tools. In the beginning it will all look waste but soon it will increase efficiency of all and lot of precious time will be saved. Recently my beloved mother died.As per her will and probate we have to incorporate my son's name.Against my own application court issued summons thru beliff. Same could have been done thru email. All minor work can be done thru email.
  11. Advocates clerk can sms the clients not to come if court is not sitting. Presently they reach court only to find that there is no court today or total board has been adjourned.
  12. A particular case may come up in later half of the session say at 1 pm in morning session. But clients have to be there since 11 am.Instead of 2 sessions it can be divided in to 4 session 11 to 12.30 , 12.30 to 2 then 2.30 to 4 and 4 to 5 or what ever.Practically whole day is lost  ( including travel time) when a matter may not even see a light.


Hope my humble suggestions will be taken in right spirit.


Alok Tholiya

9324225699  ( reply if any may only be sent by email to save paper).


CC to Hon . Chief Justice High Court,

Hon Chief Judge Small causes court,

Hon Law minister Govt of India.


Alok Tholiya


Thanks and Regards,
Alok Tholiya (S.E.O) M:9324225699

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With kind regards,
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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

how to read spoon fed Times of India correctly.......Alok

This is a planted news.This statement by collector means that unless 20% + is given as bribe they will not let this plot get sold.And keep track finally this plot will be sold.Newspapers dont keep track of end happenings and just print what is spoon fed bureacrats.In future also all such claims by IT, BMC, police and others must be read with meaning in between the lines.They use newspapers to just put pressure on concerned parties and finally settle everything with heftier bribe.
If TOI reporteres are honest then they should with underline say we will track this issue and see what finally collector does.

Mafatlal can't sell Byculla plot, says collector


Nauzer K Bharucha

Posted On Tuesday, September 21, 2010 at 03:23:13 PM

The Mafatlal Industries' proposed land sale near the Byculla zoo could get scuttled if the state government has its way. The city collector's office on Monday issued a stern statement, pointing out that the company did not have permission to sell the land.

(Pic used for representational
purpose only)

"The land belongs to the collector and the state revenue department. They cannot sell the land," said Mumbai city collector C V Oak. TOI in its edition dated September 18 had reported about the company's decision to sell the 7-acre prime plot. It invited bids sometime ago and has already short-listed three developers Lodha Group, Peninsula Land and Kanakia.


The land is expected to fetch the company over Rs 1,000 crore, according to market sources. However, Oak, in a written statement, said that the land totalling 58,197 sq m or about 14.5 acreswas leased to the then Sassoon Spinning and Weaving Company (presently Mafatlal Industries) from 1913 for a period of 99 years.


"The period of lease is coming to an end on August 30, 2012. As per the lease agreement, the lessee has to hand over the premises, including the buildings on the land to the government. Further, there is express provision in the lease agreement that in case of a breach of any covenants by the lessee, the government has every right to re-enter the premises and the agreement will cease," said the statement.


" Mafatlal Industries cannot sell or assign the said piece of land to anyone as per the lease agreement without the express permission of the government. Any transaction entered into without the permission of the government shall be null and void," it said.


When contacted, Mafatlal Industries sources said, "As per the terms of the lease, the company has the right to assign the land and then inform the licenser (government)."


The entire Mafatlal mill land is spread over 14.5 acres. The government had subsequently reserved the land for expanding the zoo. But in 2004, the government decided to give Mafatlal half the plot (seven acres) and reserve the other half for the zoo. Mafatlal Industries was also promised transfer of development rights ( TDR) for the portion that will be surrendered to the zoo.

Thanks and Regards,
Alok Tholiya (S.E.O) M:9324225699

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Ayodhya request to Govt and all is to defer court judgement till Dec or Jan.

We all know that for infinte years Ram has been from Ayodhya and it is a place of worship for millions of Hindus in India. We also know that Babar was brutal aggressor and demolished several temples.
But right now there is a flood, Kashmir is burning, Common wealth Games are on, October month is for exams, will be followed by festivals ( Navratra, Dashhara, Diwali). All these are already a concern for law and order machinery.
So my request to Govt and all is to defer court judgement till Dec or Jan.
Best still is govt should force a common long term peaceful way out.
Our country does not have matured masses and igniting them is easy. Even possible is saffron brigade will win future elections on this issue . So let us find solution and impose which will be acceptable to masses.
Muslims have to be big hearted to whom India has given big place inspite of formation of Pakistan. If they show big heart nothing will be lost but if there is a disturbance then we may loose peace,secularism and India may head towards Hindu rashtra.
Thanks and Regards,
Alok Tholiya (S.E.O) M:9324225699

We offer free ( against deposit) wheel chair,patients Fowler bed,tripods, sticks,walker etc..

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