Monday, January 17, 2011

My visit to seven hills hospital

I had been to seven hills on last saturday ( first time I had come on inaguration day) for some of tests for my daddy (Shri B L Tholiya).
here r my observations:
  1. Very good, beautiful and big with all latest equipments and technology.
  2. Nice staff but untrained so they had lot of difficulty in feeding required detail for billing etc
  3. It is far inside so if u want more clients from far places in Mumbai then find a architect/ town planner who will study and suggest some ways to to reach fast JVLR so one can reach w.e. highway fast.etcetc.
  4. Power failure was frequent I dont know why?? Is it MSEB supply??
  5. Coming there is ok as u have good latest machines but merely to come to collect report? Impossible to travel.U can charge Rs. 10 or so and courier or email to client who prefer so.Being modern hospital u can offer to email to docs too so then can act faster.
  6. I had requested my daddys xray report to be emailed but same has not been done. It was out of way request but they had agreed on OPD counter on understanding my difficulties.
  7. I think charging Rs 80/- for registration for OPD client who have come only for test  is not fair. And charging after  10 days Rs 30/- is unfair.
  8. Rather u should encourage more and more clients looking for quality diagnostics. That is a market by itself.
  9. Being huge proper arrow / sinages r required.But on the whole it was a great expirience and is project of pride in our deteriorating city.
  10. Last word of caution: ( chote muh badi baat): Have cost audit / control/ anti wastage team as wastages will eat away funds and then it will be no more reasonably priced as it is now.
Thanks and Regards,
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