Monday, April 21, 2014

Thanks to Togadiya ji for helping AAP

It seems there r some in VHP and RSS who are anti Modi and creating fear against him by saying such things so that he looses and NDA is also divided. It helps other parties. But I want to ask everyone here that the freedom which we see in India for all foreign religion do we see that in Pak, Saudi, Dubai, BD, and still there is too much hue and cry. What exactly is fear? Can v go to Pak and Kashmir and then Gujrat and take a real taste? With what design in mind Muslims are breeding children uncontrollably,are those who are getting huge funds for conversions from abroad fear Modi?

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Why produce mass and not class??

  • Tariq Mohd Amba Lal ji aapko pehle bhi request ki thi ke communalism ko chhod do Insaniyat ki bat karo....Apko mza aata hai hoga magr is nafrat se aapka ya kisi ka bhi bhala nahi hoga.
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  • Alok Tholiya Shri Tariq bhai. I find some time language offending, But if all communities behave, if they v control our own misadventures ppl, when v become responsible and breed only as many children as we can take care and do not depend on free ka from govt and charity then no one will raise such issues. Come with me to BMC hospital, Ramakrishna mission ashram hospital, and so on and u will find most no of Muslims. Not that gross income is less but because no of children are more , no of dependents are more. This irresponsible breeding has to stop by own education or then by law or then by difference. First way is better . Besides when parents do not hv time for properly grooming two then how can they take care of 4 or 6 or 8?Finally some of them become criminals. Then harassed police does some atrocities when nabbed. Finally they join hands with anti national. If one has one or two children then proper care , proper education , full love and attention will be given and we will see them becoming best scientists, engineer, , doctors and so on. Why this simple logic does not appeal Muslims , UPians, Biharies?? Why they want to dominate by numbers and not by intelligence, good brand , good business ????? Why produce mass and not class?? is there some design??