Thursday, January 24, 2013

Who encourages slums??????? reply to Mahatreji...

1. Bad law like rent act gave rise to slums as rental property market has been killed. There r lacs of unused flats and shops and commercial properties available but for 60 year old draconian rent act, slow and corrupt judiciary which indirectly helps the illegal encroacher and harasses landlords result in no one giving their property on rent and no new investors coming in rental market. Ask for change in rent act. 

2. No population control in Muslims  UPians and Biharies who keep producing without able to support their children who then settle on roads and footpath ( many take to crime too) . Attractive family planning measures like 20 lacs , or flat in govt housing or job in govt can increase interest in family planning.

3. Saffronists who rule Mumbai have been making money and thriving on settling illegal migrants. Only true Marathi manoos are Khairanar and Dhoble rest are making money and getting vote by exploiting Marathi manoos by sloganerring,

4. If fast trains and buses are introduced to ferry people ( besides giving basic amenities) in satellite areas of Mumbai will too decongest Mumbai and note there is no love for Mumbai and easily 30 to 40 lacs can shift to other areas around Mumbai but govt is not giving water, giving bas power supply of MSEB, no good schools/ hospitals( govt must sell first land to those whop want to develop such infra in theses area like in CIDCO new Mumbai ) and then we can see people migrating up to Dahanu Palghar, interiors of Thane dist etc etc.

5. Corrupt laloo type of baby producing machines of Bihar, UP, Bangladesh too r responsible for over crowding and illegal settlements in Mumbai. 

6. Corrupt BMC and Police and netas are equally responsible  for encouraging such people. If there were many Dhoblels and Khairnars then Mumbai would be different.

Note : I am not against any migrant who come and buy/ rent house and do business legally from legally built premises. My ancestors too migrated from Rajasthan but they first took room in building on rent then took shop on rent though my mother remained in one saree for days. We earn here and spend here and love my Mumbai and want not to be burden on Mumbai and we contribute to Mumbai. Illegal migrants can at least do one favor to Mumbai by keeping their surroundings clean. Come and see area around my house and it will put to shame anyone except these illegal migrants who like to live that way and feel it to be their right to make nuisance and gandagi. And Marathi speaking nuisance detectors and police constables are happy collecting bribe and encouraging them to make Mumbai a biggest garbage bin of world. There r simple ways ( one of the ideas Mrs Aliyavar did it 4 decades back  ) to advise these people to to keep Mumbai beautiful and clean ( I did a campaign in 1972 As pali hill Jaycees youth club president , Juhu is yours keep it clean) . So local police and ward officer can call meeting of all community netas and union leaders and advise that we expect cleanliness at any cost be it slum, stalls surroundings, taxi stand, tempo stand or any area where they are . It will have good effect and such meetings every quarter is required. 
Thanks and Regards,
Alok Tholiya,
Marigold Hall,Tholiya Bhavan,
10Th Rd., Santacruz East,
Mumbai 400055

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Who encourages slums???????

How can the ruling Shiv Sena-BJP say that slums mushroom because of me?

I have been on indefinite hunger strike without food and water since 23rd January, 2013 still my demands have not been met.

My demands:

1) Demolishing of the commercial tomato market and its surrounding godowns in Ganpat patil Nagar. (Owned by Upshakha pramukh)

2) MRTP action against those buildings slums and commercial structures. (as till date no substantial action has been taken) MRTP action against those ruling party post holders on whom the panchanama has been done yet no action.

3) Demolishing of all commercial structures that don't have any court orders.

4) Demolishing of the artificial ponds
created by killing mangroves for fishing and the surrounding hutments.

5) Survey by the city survey department of Ganpat Patil Nagar.

The ruling Shiv Sena-BJP is just creating a political issue and fooling innocent tax-payers.

I appeal to all citizens to take cognizance of these support me.

Thanking you,

Sheetal Mhatre
Municipal Councillor, ward no 3.
Sheetal Mhatre