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About my mails....which r for bringing change, creating awareness, raising issues which no one dares to.......

except in one mail I have done mistake of my life recently by quoting name of wrong person at wrong place otherwise they r never a personal issue. If there r personal issue then mail will go to only those concerned .
I m not writing such mails as brother , husband, Jain. I m writing as now we call blogger or earlier a writer. There can be many
 similarities when a story writer/ article writer writes. But is never made for individual attack. It is to change samaj rachana/ change in social norms.
If it was meant for coxing you or any one from family then I had no reason to mail this to others , even press, even friends and business colleagues, TV channel etc. It would be  very mean to take such writings personal.
And then always pluck from in between thorns rose, pick Lotus from mud etc etc . If one  can  not appreciate any comment, suggestion,view, observation from an entire mail then it needs lot of introspection. 
Recently Amitabha Bachan blagged and said something about women  getting TB and then not getting pregnant. People linked it to Aishvarya.
So one is free to link and free to take out meaning as per their own wishes but blogging will go on.And mind it, not even 10 % of total recipient read such articles.
May be those of u who r  very busy u may have not read my most mails so ignorant abt my writings. Not heard me in meetings so do not know how I take up issues where no one dares to.Viz.
 I have written in favour of increase in Salary of MP's, Inspite of being staunch Jain I have written against Jains forcing other cultures to follow teachings of Jainism, I have written against those Jain scrap merchants who buy stolen items, I have written about care/ neglect  of Sr. citizens ,written on  sexology ( which even leading sexologist take as taboo and dont touch) written  against builders ( Ajay Jain called up saying you have taken big risk by writing against Wadhavan builder) I have repeatedly written against media which is sold out, brainless while everyone else try to lick their feet, I have written against judiciary ( which can send me to jail for such writings) and mailed to them , against police, BMC.Every where my views are revolutionary.Muslims have sent hate and threat mails and I just coolly delete, no one remembers abt family planning and I am coxing govt to reintroduce same. So I write differently, for social cause, general benefit but I am aware I am a small fly in this big world and will never be spared for my writings and thoughts when Mahavirji, Gandhji, Osho were misunderstood then who am I ??? A small fly in this big world! There was vighna/ upsarga  on  saints and munis then it will be on any one with newer thoughts specially a small man like me.
And abt me, I m the only person who dared to speak against Sahu Shreyans ji Jain ( of Times group) in meeting and abt managemnet of teen murti and Lo I was thrown out of prestigious committee of Teen murti. Others approached me to just withdraw my statement and I did not as they were nothing but truth. Same thing happened when Ashok Parekh was President of North Bombay Jaycees. Same thing happened when Santosh Shetty was President and I was Hon Sec of Lions club of Santacruz. I raised voice to trifercate lions district 323A. santosh Shetty opposed. And he called board meeting and removed me. Meeting and my removal was declared null and void by International Lions. Finally the then dist governor requested me to take over reins of Lions club of Vakola. So in Lions club of Santacruz it would have taken 4 yrs to be a Presi which I became immediately upon reinstatement but in different club.Next year again in dist. conference I raised the issue of trifercation of dist and it passed. Besides that year I was declared  best president of Lions district 323 A by Governor. That huge  trophy is still in my cabin.
I together with Nayan Shah ( Mayfair Housing ) won best parliamentarian award in mock parliament organised by  Jaycees. So our particiaption and arguments was adjudged best but by none other then the then Vice Chancelor of Mumbai University T K Tope, Legal luminaire Y P Trivedi and Ex Sheriff of Mumbai Shri Nana Chudasama. So not all can appreciate , digest , understand what I say. It needs something to understand and accept path breaking appeals , views. 
Cool mind without making it personal can understand. Not all. Not bias.
By the way many things if told by father, saint ( think of whom u adore), person who is more successful  then becomes biblic message  but if same / similar message comes  from a mouth of ordinary person like me becomes offending.
So my request for those people is like u don't see all chaells, do not read word by word newspaper similarly unsubscribe or delete mails of writer whom you do not like instead of loosing cool. Incidentally I believe in democratic way of dialogue/ debate hence it does not bother me. Any one is welcome to write in any language befitting to self, and discard/ challenge  my thoughts 100%.
Thanks and Regards,
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Sunday, August 15, 2010

India’s statistics and figures

Here is a small list of India's stats and figures compared to the rest of the world. Source- Socyberty

The World's youngest population (under 25) resides in India (1 out of 10 people in India are under 25).

Largest Banana Production in the world.

The largest amount of Acquitted in the world.

Largest police force in the world.

Largest rate of murders per 1000 persons in the world.

The Largest Democracy in the world.

The largest Voter Registration numbers in the world.

The largest share of all the poor people in the world (41%)

Largest number of films produced and the largest Cinema attendance.

The largest number of independent newspaper in circulation and the most read newspapers in the world.

The largest army with regards to the number of Army Personnel.

The country with largest population in 2015.

The Largest non-Islamic and non-Arabic nation with the most amount of Muslim population

Largest contributor of United Nations peacekeepers (55,000 Indian personnel serving in thirty-five nations for peacekeeping)

The Largest percentage of victories in wars (83% victory rate).

The largest film and movie ticket sales

The largest rate of films produced per year

The largest Railroad system in the world

The Most busiest rail system networks in the world transporting 16 Million passengers and over 2 million tons of cargo daily.

The Largest Consumer and Producer of Sugar

The Largest Peninsula in the world

The most effective herbal and traditional medicinal treatment in the world (Ayurvedic, Soukya, Rajah, Homio, and other herbal treatments).

The most populous Democracy in the world.

The only nation that is a "Sub-Continent"

The only nation with the most amount of religions being founded (Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism).

The home to four major religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism).

The country with the most official languages (more than 22 official languages).

The only nation to be called the "Crown Jewel" of the British Empire.

The only semi-independent founding member nation of the Non-Aligned Movement and the United Nations (as part of British India).

The only nation, despite sanctions and criticism, that consistently refused to sign the CTBT and the NPT

In July 2008 The Washington Post reported that nearly a fourth of the 540 Indian Parliament members faced criminal charges, "including human trafficking, immigration rackets, embezzlement, rape and even murder". At state level, things are often worse. In Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections 2002, candidates with criminal records won the majority of seats.

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It is not at all shoking for me to see that China will be ruler of Asia Pacifc by 2018

 that now Fiji is trying to fall in to the lap of China. First Pakistan and then  Lanka, Bhutan,Nepal , Bangla Desh and now even Fiji etc and even many north eastern states of India are singing song along with China. Rather on the lines of China. Now they have come to Orissa and Bihar too.  Be it Naxals or maoists the more and more we see of them more and more I find we r loosing out due to our weakness , lack of vision, lack of diplomacy and worst is weak military and security.


Will we wakr up before China rules Asia as per design. China had planned to rule Asia pacefic by 2030 but it seems they r ready to gulp it by 2018 or so.


Indian Govt. needs to make commission of  highly intelligent and visionary diplomats , ex military and police chiefs and make a time bound policy which will not only bring people of Panjab, J & K, Nagaland,Naxal affected areas etc  closure to us but also be able to be very close to our neighbouring countries.


But will wisdom prevail ???  Or is it that govt thinks these constant disruptions r good for our militaet and police who get first hand practice by fighting terrorists and naxals infinitely.



Fiji Courts China to Indian Community's Dismay (Comment) | Vamban News
By Vamban
Shunned by others for failing to establish democratic rule, Fiji is actively courting China, much to the dismay of its large Indian community. Fiji's and.
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Tholiya Bhavan,10th Road,Santacruz East,
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My favorite quote: Work hard to get what u like...or else....U ll b forced to like what u get!
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Issues of Public interests :
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