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RE: Urgent reply solicited from IRDA chief

RE: Urgent reply solicited from IRDA chief

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Good Evening sir,

After reading i certainly agree to all the the points you have mentioned, I would like to highlight on one such incident as in if a career part-time agent could not complete his or her specified lives or policies mentioned as per IRDA for the agency year or license year, the commission of all those policies which are already processed; the agent does not receive a one single penny from those policy(s) premium or premium commission for entire life and in turn the agent is demotivated and negativity is being created in the agent's mind for that specific insurance company and yet the agent is bond to give service to all those existing policy holders at his or her own cost which i feel is totally unacceptable and IRDA and all the insurance companies should collectively seriously think about it.


Thanks & Regards

Bosco Coelho
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Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2011 18:09:55 +0530
Subject: Urgent reply solicited from IRDA chief

Request to all to fwd this mail to IRDA chief and FM. Alok

The Chairman,

Dear Sir,
Pl. note that all those who are looking for buying a policy are getting half deal/ half info and lot of misguidance.

We wish to clarify thru u on following:

  1. Why Personal accident policy is stopped by all insurers at the age of 70 yrs? Earlier to formation of IRDA all insurers were giving PA policy for life. My mother was covered even till the age of 87 yrs and I have those documents with me. But now due to blessings of IRDA and entry of private insurers everyone is giving cover only up to 70 yrs. Pl. explain. 
  2. Most health policies are stopped by insurers at the age of 80 yrs. Why? If one buys policy at the age of 25 and survives till 90 then in spite of paying insurance co. he is thrown out by insurers after the age of 80 years. This has happened only after IRDA was formed. 
  3. Brokers  have benefits of infinite no. of staff and infinite no. of branches. So they should be working on turn over. But because IRDA wanted that way the insurers are giving officially 30 % commission to them. Then they give 45% discount to car owners then what r the insurers left with? Besides brokers are killing career small time agent by giving away portion of their commission to customers and thus snatching away business of small time career agents. 
  4. Insurance is a very committed and personal touch affair and needs service back up. However staff of banks and brokers sell insurance either by discounting or by arm twisting. But who will give service? They keep switching jobs/ keep getting transferred etc etc..
  5. The claim level can go up when one is above 60 years of age. And there r many single senior citizens in bedridden condition or so. A career agent used to go to their house and give all support or service. But all insurers have reduced their commission to 5% so giving that service is not possible. While brokers and financial institutions don't give home service to ailing old clients yet get 30% commission on the directive of inhuman policies of IRDA. 
  6. Most insurance companies specially LIC, and Govt general insurance cos dont update their site for years, don't give all the forms , tariffs, etc on their web site, they don't reply to emails, they don't generate policy in stipulated time and IRDA shelters them.Why?? AMFI / SEBI has made time and date stamping a must for all mutual fund houses and new IPO's and they have to act on applications in stipulated time, they have to refund money in stipulated time as time is punched on every transaction but due to the blessing of IRDA these insurers take their own time at their sweet will. While a agent from family of manager of insurers or brokers who are ex insurance company seniors get their work done in time but other agents are kept dragging because IRDA behaves as sold our hand in glove organization. Like 2G and 3g scam their is a scam in appointing brokers too. 
  7. All insurers are refusing to cover poor persons for less then s 1 lac sum assured for health. Is this the directive by you?
  8. All insurers are not promoting and are least interested in covering senior citizens. While world is extending all assistance to senior citizens but for IRDA and insurers. 
  9. Most insurer s are not settling claims in time frame.
  10. Most insurers are not giving commission and TDS certificates to agents in time. Why?
I request you to explain and clarify all my queries , disclose all facts or I will be filing an RTI against my above letter and chase u on these issues.

Thanks and Regards,
Alok Tholiya

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Alok digging own grave ...v/s. sick executive of Indian overseas bank..

REG: RTI/136/69/2011-12......the sick executive of Indian Overseas bank

Main meri kabra kodh raha huin (digging own grave ) for the better life of my countryman;s future generation. When every poor, farmer, clerk,peon,driver,constable,widow, women,lay person will be treated with dignity,warmth, and positive attitude, Corruption makes them hardcore and no money/ no vasila / no influence  then u get bad treatment is the order of the day.

Dear Shri B M Warman,
CPIO, IOB, RTI Cell Law Dept,

1. Pl note that I had taken cash of Rs. 10 to pay as a fees against my RTI application. However  I was told that cash is not accepted. Hence I had to come back  to take out pay order which costed me heavily on time and money. Have u updated all your branches abt accepting cash ? Or u all only sacing innocent lay person by giving complicated big replies instead of assisting them?

2. Pl. note that in my application in point 4 I have given all desired and available information like branch name, account holders name and purpose of account and that he has taken loan for taxi from saidbranch. Pl. read my application in correct mood and do not act like a negative person in dictatorial mood to refuseand reject a lay persons mails. You are supposed to be highly qualified and trained and such silly mistake is unpardonable. While we are ordinary , not so qualified and not trained person and yet ur reply is in insulting, negative tone and not in any format , not in simple truthful language.

3. I don't take any nonsense like this any more in my life having run pillar to post, seen all delays, harassment, non action etc .. In old age people used to go for pilgrimage for shudhi / purification. I am taking head on with non performing, non courteous, dictating , harassing executives, legislature and judiciary. And u will learn for life to behave.

4. Because Indians have been slaves for 1000 years so they are scared and dumb. I am not. If u think can bully and be bossing then I too can. If Govt , Sonia and her ISI pet Digvui can be retaliated by Annaji then what r you? Be careful before handling we the citizens of India if one thinks they have genes of Britishers then we have of Shivaji, Gandhiji and likes.

If u don't send fresh RTI reply to my application using info which is on application and very much visible ( unless u r blind and want me to send in brail) then I will be going in first appeal and asking for penalty for evading such application purposely.

Since 2005 we have started living and after Lokpal Bill we will be living as proud Nation ( presently we r poor because executives like bankers of Nationalized banks, legislature has been looting us and keeping all that money in Swiss instead of development. 

Earlier to 2005 we were having sleepless nights and now u will have same. Authority does not mean har ek ki baja do , rula do!! ( make them dance to ur tune and make them cry) And if u can then we too can. Atleast I am same ruthless to one who is so to me even if my work suffers because what is more important is my dignity and my pride and my lawful rights.

NB : note I am circulating this mail to 50000 + to wake the sleeping citizens and so also give jolt to dictators / rules of innocent lay persons of India. Definitely it will go to ur chairman who must see my application and ur false statement.
Luckily I dont need help of corrupt media to cover my story as internet can make me reach millions.

Thanks and Regards,
Alok Tholiya