Friday, August 30, 2013

Neena next time I will demand your resignation .......or will resign myself......

Let everyone follow their religion at their 
places and do not mix it with politics. While 
electioneering no one must visit any religious 
place, no one must wear any costume which is
 not their own party recognized regular dress. 
No appeasement of any religion, cast, 
sect,language, .......Alok 

Aap Neena Jain shared Kishor Korade's photo.
कल तक बीजेपी वालो को आम आदमी पार्टी से डर लगा था की बीजेपी के हिन्दुओ के वोट काटकर वो कांग्रेस को फायदा पहुंचाएगी .
और अब आम आदमी पार्टी को मुस्लिम समर्थन मि...See More
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They have ignored family planning

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  • Often Power and money makes you criminal, egoist, immoral etc etc. The more power and money you have the more you want and even at the cost of taking law in hand, hurting innocent, harming national / social interest ( like for retaining power they try to create and then please vote bank and allow the national interest to go to dogs. They have ignored family planning and so many good measures. The result will be India will be Islamic country by 2014. 
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