Saturday, May 24, 2014

Alok Tholiya speaking in AAP meeting reviewing the election results 2014

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Alok Tholiya speaking in AAP meeting reviewing the election results 2014       


All AAP members from my North Central District, mumbai

This mail is in continuance of what I had offered for dedicated AAP volunteers. 
Last meeting was held on 20th May 2014 to  review our performance in last elections. Meeting was held in Marigold Hall , Tholiya Bhavan. Ad Firoz Palkhiwala, Shri mayank jain were amongst those about 100 present.  

My offer: Those AAP volunteers who want jobs will be helped by me so they can sustain and continue to work dedicatedly for AAP.

I have taken requirement from one co. who are willing to employ 4 persons. 

Subject to passing the interview. 
Preference to Applicant  with AAP for 1 year min. 

Vacancy : Commerce graduate 2 nos. 
Sales Manager : 1 for Mumbai and One for Ajmer= 2 vacancies 

Pl. send resume by email only. 

Alok Tholiya,
09324225699 /   02226125699/26173203

Marigold The Little Hall, 
​Tholiya Bhavan,
10th rd, Santacruz east,
Mumbai 400055
Nr Vakola Highway Signal, next to Regency Hotel. ​

Marigold The Little Hall, 
Beautiful small mini party hall for small marriages, parties,Birthdays , celebrations,seminars,meetings, training,workshops, classes etc .                        


Thursday, May 22, 2014

you can send me to jail ????? Sir u r raja and I am slave, sir, your honour , his highness,

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Alok Tholiya,
Marigold Hall, Tholiya Bhavan, 10th Road, Next to Regency Hotel,
Near  Vakola Highway Signal, Santacruz East, Mumbai – 400 055
Tel. 9324225699 /

22 May. 2014

The AMC,  
H/east , MCGM,Santacruz east, Mumbai 400055
Tel . No. 26125849/26182217
Email id : Not mentioned on your letter

Request : Folded hand but without mincing words
Reg: Your notice no. ACHE/ 354 /A E (B & F) dt 21/05/14  
SUB: you have ordered threateningly that I can be put behind bars, penalties cud be imposed on me if I do not prop up entire building and carry out extensive repairs  to my building Saburi, 107, Vakola Bridge, santacruz east, 400055

Dear Sir,

Namaskar and Season’s Greetings.

I am in receipt of above notice. Pl. note that govt bodies are made to help improve life, living, conditions of citizens .

Everyone in media, BMC and government are aware  that there are over 15000 buildings in falling conditions or where beloved citizens of so called modern and free India are staying in pathetic condition.
Every other day we hear of death of precious lives in building collapse. Sir, if one of your own was to die that way and you were at the helms of affair then on that death how much will u b shattered.

And Sir, ur corporation is richest, biggest, is manning the largest and biggest metro, supposed to have best brains and best skills and are also highly paid ( not to speak how much everyone makes ) but have no heart , no vision, no mission , no concern on such a burning issue. Mumbai Municipal corporation takes a matter of falling building so lightly and routinely.


I  say redevelopment is only the only answer  and is good for all be it government, BMC , tenants.

But instead of that BMC is sending a routine notice, and threatening owners and occupiers with dire consequences like imprisonment?

  1. Sir tone down the language of your notice.
  2. Sir, instead of threatening and still leaving buildings  unattended in ruinous condition call meeting of all owners and occupiers to your office and educate them. Pl. do not treat yourselves as victorian British white officers and illtreat us as black Indian dogs who can be shooed and if raise voice then can be shot.
  3. I do not know which kind of dragons have drafted all these acts which are empowering rulers like never before and just with a notice so harshly , with so many weird sections invoked are sent without trying to have atleast one heart to heart dialogue. Sir I am a slave of BMC and its acts and actions. Free me.
  4. Sir you are asking for propping up. the building. You and your seniors must have gone to foreign countries several times on official, unofficial and sponsored tours, Which country you saw thousands of buildings in ruinous condition ?
  5. You have referred to various sections but did not give even gist of same. Neither u hv given links to these sections, your letter does not bear any email id where I can ask for contents of these sections nor your letterhead bears any  website address.  Sir , are we living in stone age ???? But your number of cars, palatial cabins and house and costly mobile and passport with so many stamps says  as if you are living in world best city / country.
  6. sir, ur letter does not offer any details of when and where to contact and that we will b able to find u on ur seat and that v will be given any assistance. Sir U r bulling us instead of treating us as taxpayer equals.
  7. Sir, if we file for any request with your office we may not get any reply for months, your projects are never completed in time , your institution is never even near to perfect but you have given me notice of 30 days or you can send me to jail ????? Sir u r raja and I am slave, sir, you honour , his highness,
  8. Osho says not everyone has ATMA. I am sure you dont have. So send your stooges to attack me, my institutions and do all sorts of witch hunting but I will like to die then live any more as a slave. In my life I hv seen bootleggers, illegal structure developers, land sharks, law breakers , unlicensed businessman, scamsters  rising to heights but I am where I was thanks to my father who taught me to be like that but he died without fighting atrocities in one room , without car and without his own office. But I shall die fighting the menace and atrocities.

    1. ​Sir ji, U ask me to carry out this costly work immediately! Sure u think I am loaded with funds like most of those in Govt​ on sr. post. Sir here my condition is that I am delaying my eye treatment for long and on the top I have marriage of my two marriageable age children. Sir this building has paid you for 72 years the tenants have made fortune for 6 to 7 decades. Why not both of you give some contribution from the money made from this building for 7 decades.
    2. Sir , If tenants and you contribute 50% then I shall try to collect remaining 50% from known sources and banks my contribution but for which I need a reasonable time to gather bits and paisa
Sir, I with folded hand request  to see the condition of falling and crumbling buildings with human eyes and find good solution forever and bring an end to falling buildings and deaths it causes.

We are awaiting further action/ advise as per noble man.

Kindly do the needful.

Thanking you,

Sincerely yours

Alok Tholiya


CC to Hon. P.M. 
Hon. Municipal Commissioner, Mumbai
Hon. Chief Justice Of India,
Hon. Chief Justice of High court of Mumbai,
Hon, Chief Metropolitan Magistrate,
Hon Chief Judge , Small causes Court
Hon. CM MH
Hon. Mayor,
Hon shri Udhav Thakre
Hon. Sr. Inspector of Police Vakola,
Hon. commissioner of Police, Mumbai
Hon Chief of Fire Brigade,
Hon. P S UD2 , Mantralaya.
by email to abt 10000 recipients including media, FB, yahoogroups

How case of 2014 against AK is moving so fast and case of 2011/12 is lingering?

Can someone get me copy of complaint filed by Gadkari? Here Gadkari the khaas admi has not proved that he is honest yet AK the AAM ADMI  was arrested as concerned ppl handling complaint want promotion from BJP. The complaint of Gadkari is of 2014.

In a case where my one mischievous tenant THE KHAS ADMI ( who bribes, flows  liquor freely ) did make defamatory allegations. Same were proved wrong. There is a record with police  that the allegations were wrong. My complaint was noted as Gunha Nondani ( NC)  no. 4506 dt. 05/10/2012 under section 182 Vakola, Santactruz East Police Station, Mumbai . I made several written request to Vakola Police to file a case in Metropolitan Court under section 182 but police has not taken any action against him . Reason is same here I am AAM ADMI.

I also filed a Suit no. 2328 of 2012 In the City Civil court at dindoshi, Goregaon, Mumbai against tenant Harish Chadha for compensation for indulging in Defamation  in 2012 for compensation.However  court  is just adjourning case and purposely delaying matter for helping the accused and harrassing me the AAM ADMI.

How case of 2014 against AK is moving so fast and case of 2011/12  is lingering? 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Consumer Complaint to Metro Cash and Carry

My membership no. of Metro cash and Carry 20 016725 1


Alok Tholiya

4:26 PM (29 minutes ago)
to, bcc: hema, bcc: Pratik, bcc: Dr, bcc: Purnimajiji, bcc: Jain, bcc: Bazari
Dear Sir,
Metro Cash and Carry ,
Borivali East,


I am member of ur wholesale store for years and a regular buyer. Yesterday alone I have purchased goods worth Rs 15408/-. However  inspite of having sufficient staff on floor either they're not interested in helping buyers or they r gossiping or they r not trained well. Result is we took 3 hrs for above purchase. Some of the items we cud not buy as v got no assistance.

Finally when v reached home we found that New Clear Dandruff was open and leaking.

Worst is when my wife opened the Choco Spread this morning she found that was already open and 80% consumed. Attaching photos herewith.

Earlier I had brought to notice of Metro that Khakhara of same brand had lower MRP printed in open market. But no reply was given.

I had bought Sigma brand box files which were having bad quality clips lever.
Then last time we had found only 5 glasses in the box of six. V did not complain as were not inclined to waste time.

Yesterday I also purchased Lazor brand ball pen which were made in 2013 . Had no time to chk manu. dt. But my experience says old pens either leak in shirts spoiling costly shirts or get dried and u can't use.

I am sure that u ll take corrective steps.

.Stop pilferage from customers and staff.

2. Many areas u may not allow children specially
 ​ food section. Create childrens zone and let them play there under one hostess. 

​3. Do not sell old stuff.

​4. Keep bell switch in each row which v can press a bell so bell boy ( incharge for that row attends. Display name on the bellboy/ sales person of that area / row in each row so even if he hides to gossip on mobile we are able to locate him. 

​5. Freebies  procedure is bad. Best thing is a star or under line must appear on bill against item which has free gift . I did not get any free even after purchasing items worth over 15k. Not that it has to b there but I am not able to confirm that truly I did not deserve or ur man has done mistake. 

You should have feedback on exit for row sales persons and only then they will b alerat. They r too lazy and not interested which causes pilferage and also reduces sales and customer leaves with bad taste. 


​Replace these two items immediately. 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

But if BJP behaves high handed

At times BJP won only 2 seats inspite of decades of existence. BJP did settings with 25 other parties. AAP fought on its own. And fought for a principles. They removed many candidates on hearing their hidden side. BJP still has Yedu and Gadkari etc.. In last one month a feeling spread that AAP may not get majority and hence congress may come back and ppl were very angry with cong for scams and inflation, increased rape cases, poor response to enemy country , psydo secularism etc.. . Things turned and AAP supporters voted for BJP. Actually AK should hv nither become CM and should not hv contested Varanasi. He should have monitored and worked to inject more strength to his candidates. He became busy and Modi was preparing meticulously for last decade. He cud dump Advani ji and others so was his Chanakya strategy a fool proof one. And cong and others did not get alerted and prepared. Not even after losing 4 states. Wind was favourable and money, muscle, everything was used as fire power. IF Modi ji really give development, shock to enemy countries , introduce family planning etc then we are blessed never mind political positions, But if BJP behaves high handed, gives free hand to Adani, Ambani, Yedu etc then AAP will encash and are ready to pounce.