Thursday, May 22, 2014

How case of 2014 against AK is moving so fast and case of 2011/12 is lingering?

Can someone get me copy of complaint filed by Gadkari? Here Gadkari the khaas admi has not proved that he is honest yet AK the AAM ADMI  was arrested as concerned ppl handling complaint want promotion from BJP. The complaint of Gadkari is of 2014.

In a case where my one mischievous tenant THE KHAS ADMI ( who bribes, flows  liquor freely ) did make defamatory allegations. Same were proved wrong. There is a record with police  that the allegations were wrong. My complaint was noted as Gunha Nondani ( NC)  no. 4506 dt. 05/10/2012 under section 182 Vakola, Santactruz East Police Station, Mumbai . I made several written request to Vakola Police to file a case in Metropolitan Court under section 182 but police has not taken any action against him . Reason is same here I am AAM ADMI.

I also filed a Suit no. 2328 of 2012 In the City Civil court at dindoshi, Goregaon, Mumbai against tenant Harish Chadha for compensation for indulging in Defamation  in 2012 for compensation.However  court  is just adjourning case and purposely delaying matter for helping the accused and harrassing me the AAM ADMI.

How case of 2014 against AK is moving so fast and case of 2011/12  is lingering? 

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  1. Bhavesh Pandya
    May 22 (3 days ago)
    to me
    Res Sir
    Its really disturbing to see all this ... we need judicial reform ...need to raise our demand for reforms
    Human Dignity