Monday, May 19, 2014

Consumer Complaint to Metro Cash and Carry

My membership no. of Metro cash and Carry 20 016725 1


Alok Tholiya

4:26 PM (29 minutes ago)
to, bcc: hema, bcc: Pratik, bcc: Dr, bcc: Purnimajiji, bcc: Jain, bcc: Bazari
Dear Sir,
Metro Cash and Carry ,
Borivali East,


I am member of ur wholesale store for years and a regular buyer. Yesterday alone I have purchased goods worth Rs 15408/-. However  inspite of having sufficient staff on floor either they're not interested in helping buyers or they r gossiping or they r not trained well. Result is we took 3 hrs for above purchase. Some of the items we cud not buy as v got no assistance.

Finally when v reached home we found that New Clear Dandruff was open and leaking.

Worst is when my wife opened the Choco Spread this morning she found that was already open and 80% consumed. Attaching photos herewith.

Earlier I had brought to notice of Metro that Khakhara of same brand had lower MRP printed in open market. But no reply was given.

I had bought Sigma brand box files which were having bad quality clips lever.
Then last time we had found only 5 glasses in the box of six. V did not complain as were not inclined to waste time.

Yesterday I also purchased Lazor brand ball pen which were made in 2013 . Had no time to chk manu. dt. But my experience says old pens either leak in shirts spoiling costly shirts or get dried and u can't use.

I am sure that u ll take corrective steps.

.Stop pilferage from customers and staff.

2. Many areas u may not allow children specially
 ​ food section. Create childrens zone and let them play there under one hostess. 

​3. Do not sell old stuff.

​4. Keep bell switch in each row which v can press a bell so bell boy ( incharge for that row attends. Display name on the bellboy/ sales person of that area / row in each row so even if he hides to gossip on mobile we are able to locate him. 

​5. Freebies  procedure is bad. Best thing is a star or under line must appear on bill against item which has free gift . I did not get any free even after purchasing items worth over 15k. Not that it has to b there but I am not able to confirm that truly I did not deserve or ur man has done mistake. 

You should have feedback on exit for row sales persons and only then they will b alerat. They r too lazy and not interested which causes pilferage and also reduces sales and customer leaves with bad taste. 


​Replace these two items immediately. 

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