Sunday, September 7, 2014

My humble reply to Priya Seraj Akram who shares his concern sportingly

My humble reply to Priya Searj who shares his concern sportingly and same way takes others views as a healthy discussion. till v r able to keep communications things will always be peaceful and healthy. Communications break then chaos starts...
Aloks reply:
If any one is not allowed to conduct business then this is lawlessness. And NAMO should act. 
In MUmbai Dawood, Yusuf and so many muslim mafia kidnapped, murdered and raped hindus and why same voice was not raised? 

My building today is surrounded by muslim illegal hawkers who cook non veg on touching my compound but Hindu police and municipal staff and shivsena corporators patronises them. 

In Dubai and Saudi and many muslims countries do not give any religious freedom to Hindus. Pl. demand in same way freedom for hindus in theses countries and v shall give same to Muslims. 

Muslims have attacked a holi and band of Hindus passing for nr the mosques? Why? They hv certain objection? Jains hv certain objections on Non veg being prepared in Palitana. These issues should be sorted out by discussion but both sides r having ego. 

Thanks and Regards,
Alok Tholiya,

Mail from Seraj: 

From: seraj akram <>
Date: Sun, Sep 7, 2014 at 12:46 PM
Subject: Muslims businessmen compelled to shut their business in Gujrat
To: Alok Tholiya <>, menow group <>

By  Abdul hafiz lakhani   Ahmedabad

PM Narendra Modi's brain child Vibarant Gujarat will be held in the State
this time under the leadership of New CM Anandiben patel.At  this time when
western diplomats and investors are making a beeline to seek favours
from Gujarat , Muslims are not allowed to do meat business and egg business
in Palitana about 100 KM. from Bhavnagar.

  More over   10 Gujarati Muslim traders have alleged having been forced to
close down businesses over past one month. The latest complaint was been
filed on Thursday by hotelier Mustafa Patel, who claims to have  shut down
his Jyoti Hotel on Viramgam highway, 90 minute drive from ahmedabad, after
receiving threats.His petition says that despite court orders Police has
refused to provide him protection.

Confirming that the Commission has received complaints related to
preventing people to operate their businesses, chairman Wajahat Habibullah
said he has sought reports form Gujarat Government.

Earlier the Commission had received complaints from nine traders of Chhota
Udepur, alleging their businesses have been ruined. The complaint says,
that sarpanch of village Baroj, Jayanti Rathwa engineered a riot in the
area to take away the luxury Transportbusiness from his