Friday, April 10, 2015

Gross major mistakes in Mumbai Development plan 2035 as we do not have honest able town planners

Gross major mistakes in Mumbai Development plan 2035 as we do not have honest able town planners

Maharashtra Government must withdraw proposed development plan for Mumbai . It seems we do not have capable planners so pl. appoint foreign planners like from Singapore etc and make a new plan so that Mumbai can really compete with other good modern cities world over.
Actually Fadnavis is so young that if he gets world best planners and takes Mumbai to newer heights and out of the clutches of Bhumafia( builders/ commissioners/collectors) then he will lead Mumbai/ Maha for next 20 years. Or AAP is ready to take on him.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Alok on NAMO's appeal to give up subsidy benefit

Alok on NAMO's appeal to give up subsidy benefit:And all that subsidy I gave up, the taxes I paid has been looted by scamsters , bank chairmen, ministers, collectors, commissioners and so on..

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Wherever Muslims are in majority

My reply on government feedback: Not a detailed reply. Not aware of any such programme which can discourage population explosion.

Status as on 08 Apr 2015
Registration Number:PMOPG/W/2015/0077817
Name Of Complainant:Alok Tholiya
Date of Receipt:29 Aug 2014
Received by:Prime Ministers Office
Forwarded to:Department of Health & Family Welfare
Contact Address:Room No. 252, A Wing,
Nirman Bhavan
New Delhi
Contact Number:23061730
Grievance Description:home-affairs-enforcement: Wherever Muslims are in majority there there is no secularism. In general they have scant respect for others religion. If they come to barbarism then it is difficult to find match. So it is important that demographic proportion of India does not change. Where ever they r in majority like say Hyderabad, Kashmir etc they hv become irresponsible and attack Hindus/ pandits. In present scenario making family planning compulsory will be calling for opposition. Incentivise family planning.
Current Status:CASE CLOSED
Your Feedback:
Date of Action:26 Mar 2015
Details:Sir, Govt of India is taking steps in the matter through its various programmes.

Either respect everyone s sentiments or be totally secular

While I believe that instead of by force or law we must try to win over people. But when silly unreasonable demand comes from from fanatic minorities we give in quickly.We in India are protecting and promoting so many sentimental and religious demands of minorities and others which in no way is secular or human or scientific or modern. Need i enumerate all of them? So what is wrong in doing something where Hindus are sentimental about. And by banning Cow noone will die, no terrorists are going to get free hand . If there is a objection to it then we must object to use of loudspeakers at wee hours at midnight , for subsidies given for religious purposes ( as they are all anti secular) . demolish all illegal religious places , remove personal law, stop banning certain movies and books and and so on.....