Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Either respect everyone s sentiments or be totally secular

While I believe that instead of by force or law we must try to win over people. But when silly unreasonable demand comes from from fanatic minorities we give in quickly.We in India are protecting and promoting so many sentimental and religious demands of minorities and others which in no way is secular or human or scientific or modern. Need i enumerate all of them? So what is wrong in doing something where Hindus are sentimental about. And by banning Cow noone will die, no terrorists are going to get free hand . If there is a objection to it then we must object to use of loudspeakers at wee hours at midnight , for subsidies given for religious purposes ( as they are all anti secular) . demolish all illegal religious places , remove personal law, stop banning certain movies and books and and so on.....

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