Monday, January 12, 2015

Swacha Bharat Abhiyan is eye wash to cover up faulty governance

NAMO has asked all of us to sweep dirty streets as the civic staff whom we pay so heftily do not work. Civic staff which is supposed to clean streets and nallas just attend office to mark their presence and then go and do other private jobs or go to have liquor. Instead of asking stern action against such callous staff he has asked us to do their duty. Courts too do not function properly. 3 crore cases are pending and which will take 400 years to clear them. Half the year courts are enjoying holidays. Why not NAMO should ask citizens to bridge this gap and run courts as courts too are not working like civic staff? NAMO is running a government and not a social organisation. Either he should know governance and ensure that all government machinery be it cleaning staff or courts work or he should resign as PM and become President of any Lions Club or other organisation without governance power and want to do some awareness campaign. In 1972 I ran a campaign as a President of Pali Hill Jaycees youth Club " Juhu is yours Keep it clean". But he is a PM and he has to ensure that govt staff works , does their duty and not just do bullying , harassment of citizens and collect bribe and do scams. My father had a FD in ICICI. They harassed by delaying claim after his sad demise. Then they deducted TDS. For a year I am asking for TDS certificate which they refuse to give saying we have closed the account. And even on IT site the TDS does not reflect in my Dad's account. Yet instead of improving the functioning of ICICI bank Chanda Kocher ji is trying to impress PM by running swach bharat campaign. She should run low cost good banking campaign instead........No one tells you this except ....Alok