Saturday, November 26, 2011

My response to Advocates conference...on facebook

Vinod Sampat EXCELLENT PROGRAMME ORGANISED UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OF ADV. ANIL SINGH BY THE BAR COUNCIL OF MAHARASHTRA AND GOA WHICH WAS ATTENDED BY CHIEF MINISTER MAHARASHTRA AND GOA BESIDES A NUMBER OF JUDGES OF SUPREME COURT, BOMBAY HIGH COURT AND SENIOR LAWYERS. ABOUT 1400 ADVOCATES ATTENDED THE SEMINAR IN ITS 50TH YEAR. MOOD OF CELEBRATION IS PREVALENT AMONG LAWYERS. VERY HAPPY TO MEET MY OLD BUDDIES. Like · · Share · 14 hours ago near Mumbai · --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ajay Chaturvedi and 4 others like this. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alok Tholiya So it was a good Facebook kind assembly. But is something going to change in justice system??? Any important resolutions passed??? Is Anil Singh trying to rub shoulders or he means business??? Pardon my language but I have spent my 57 years in such gatherings where nothing was achieved, nothing was debated, nothing was passed but light was lit, bouquet distributed, speeches given, had sumptuous food , kingpins of org rubbed shoulder and others left for facing next day before delaying courts, harassing officers, corrupt politicians etc etc.. My life never changed for better.. Has anyone's life , has Mumbai, has judiciary, has bureaucrats ever changed for better???????? Sorry ...and I stand to correct if I am wrong . And I wonder this is a second such meeting as in first meeting CM did not come. So this time they managed to have CM. Great. But the expenditure on these two meet may be around 25 lacs.( host a small party and one will know the cost) . It is very important to know who is funding and why??? I have stopped having a cup of tea in social functions if I dont have these answers. I will have something only if there is a registration charge or or if prominently the name of sponsors are announced. Big order but yes I dont want fingers on me as I raise on all and sundry. Though I may attend such meetings to know / deliberate but avoid food, souviniers, memntoes etc.. a few seconds ago · Like

MY response on facebook on Kingfisher still flies.......

Ajay Chaturvedi kingfisher working n alive, reached safely mumbai. Like · · Share · 9 hours ago · Ajay Chaturvedi and 7 others like this. =========================================================================================================== Bheda Chandresh cheers!! 9 hours ago · Like ============================================================================================================== Alok Tholiya: So many textiles mills too worked for decades but drowned were suppliers, creditors, tax authorities, bankers, financiers. Rather when the management realized their industry was sinking they diverted lots of resources to personal accounts and while staff and others suffered owners were still enjoying life like Vijay Mallaya. Vijay Mallaya should be asked to sell his airline if he can not manage but should not be given bail out. Govt has to bail out those below Rs 32/- earnings and not Malalya.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Great Harvinder

Indur K Chhugani Just 1 slap & Sardar booked under 4 sections of Indian Penal Code. Every NCP worker goes on a riot, burn and damage property and no action against them. And still the politicians wonder why people are angry. Like · · Share · 16 hours ago · Vinod Sampat and 29 others like this. 15 shares Raju Korti I am sure, tomorrow, they will book someone for looking angrily at a political leader. 12 hours ago · Like · 3 Harbir Singh Gill shared.... 9 hours ago · Like Alok Tholiya And what abt punishment to rioters who vandaled after arrest of Indira Gandhi. Rather many of the m who burnt buses etc were given tickets to election. I salute Harvinder singhji who has raked up the issue of price rise in his own way. He is Bhagat singh ( I hope he does not do anything wrong of the kind which will tarnish his good image) of 2011 and needs proper assistance in court and good protection.Of course he should have restrained himself to slap and not branded a kirpan.

what they write on face book and what I write .....

Siddharth Murarka today is LAW DAY and also 26/11 yani kasab day. we promise all terrorist that whatever may be the expences we will not punish them, keep them guest and will give them lifetime proper hearing at all levels though we may have to sacrifice our own men and violate their right to be heard in court... PAKKA PROMISE. jai kasab Like · · Share · about an hour ago via BlackBerry · 4 people like this. Mukund Chari is this the promise by our PM AND soniya ji,,, about an hour ago · Like Ahtsham H Batt India being A sovereign state hs its own identity @ Int level.& nations r not governed by sentiments. about an hour ago · Like <b>Alok Tholiya In all probability Kasab will be hanged. However we can not circumvent process of law and earn bad name. Bad name has been earned by judiciary by dealying cases as influential advocates take adjournments on false grounds, cause influential politicians take bail like fast food served really fast, that who's who get balance of justice always on their side. But in Kasab's case there has been no unnecessary delays. We dont have to criticise only for the sake of ... And Kasab has to be protected till he is hanged else Pakistan will kill many of our innocent litigants on same example. He is a prized catch. His capture has changed the world opinion on Pak. Brave police lost his life to arraest him and thus we can not risk his life at the hands of some unruly crowd. Our people are so mad and coward that they can attck Annaji and other unprotected harmless. They wont dare to attack Dawood or alike. Hence he is to be protected till hanged by due process of law. Sorry though u r an advocate but ...... no one dares to say except Alok such things........... a few seconds ago · Unlike · 1

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


He believes Manmohanji is good and honest and I said according to me he is most corrupt. Read what is corruption as per wikipedia and but as per some corrpution means bribery and since MM ( PM) does not take money he is not corrupt. No sir, no he is most corrupt::::::::read on:::: corruption [kuh-ruhp-shuhn]   1. the act of corrupting or state of being corrupt. 2. moral perversion; depravity. 3. perversion of integrity. 4. corrupt or dishonest proceedings. 5. bribery. Synonyms 2. dissolution, immorality. 8. rot, putrefaction, putrescence, foulness, pollution, contamination. Antonyms 1–3. purity. 3, 4. honesty. look for true meaning of corruption,Bribery which does not only may be corruption but corruption means lot more then bribery. If lust for post or flattery or importance or even under influence of fear of community etc if one does something wrong or does not do what is desired is a corruption. Recently I was in a conference organised at the behest of a well respected saint. The speakers after speaker were diverting from topic of the day and getting indulged in bestowing lots of praises of respected saint ( which he deserves too).The speakers were totally evading the main topic. I wrote to saint that pl. inspire speakers to majorly cover the topic in their speech and not otherwise. He read and kept my note on one side. According to me that is also a corruption. I complimented Justice R J Kochar for being only blunt and honest speaker ( honest to topic of the day) during lunch break and added Sir I give you 100% where as to this graet saint I give only 95%. In a conference of advocates ( where I was not eligible as a delegate but allowed to be observe as guest) at goregaon held recently the speaker after speaker were doing lal ( flattery) of newly elect Presi. And the topic was just forgotten. Is not that corruption??? In conference of fast justice where the then law minister was present, many ex-justice, and many dignitaries were present like Medha Patkar, etc.. In few minutes I lost my cool as a leading ex justice Dharmadhikariji himself was talking on totally different experiences then what, why and how to get fast justice delivered in India. I raised point of order and stopped all that and asked the Chair of conference to stick to the topic. The presiding officer had to. Most activists spoke on how bad and slow is a judicial system and how the justice can be speeded up but again a aspiring politician came and started talking abt other important issues but not relevant to topic for which conference was called. This time I made heightened hue and cry specially when I was a registered delegate. This politician is good, but this was no platform for increasing vote bank. So Manmohanji as per me is most corrupt Prime minister as he has no control over his governments doings. He may not be taking bribe but he is silent on various issues which one should thru even fufkaro lekin kato mat mantra boost image of party and govt. His men's scathing attacks on people like Annaji etc and on the other hand giving impression that if it was not the Judiciary no scams would have been unearth and dealt with. That means he is encouraging many other sitting ready to do scams and worst is his remark in support of Vijay Mallaya bail out. He has no time to bail out poverty stricken dying farmers, widows, children and does not think of bailing them out , does not think of mahngai/ inflation and does not think of bailing out good hospitals, charitable, welfare institutions but trying to bail out Kingfisher!!! He may be honest but for wrong reasons and there r stories of ppl like robin hood who did wrong for right reasons AND I ALOK WILL ACCLAIM THE ROBIN HOOD.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

By running ALM's sukhatankar has given more free time to BMC staff to loot us

BMC officers and corporators loot the booty and the innocent residents made to work to keep city clean????? What is a concept of ALM ALM= aram se lootne ke mechanism. so BMC officials and corporators loot the city , sell it off to land sharks, illegal migrants, contractors and so on and keep innocent citizens busy in sweeping the city. ALM should only act as a watch dog and see those rascals paid so high work and not that u work and they get time to loot you more. Read item 2 below. .......Alok 2. PRESS RELEASE: BMC gives Rs 26,500 salary to Sweepers & Peons-on-hir From: Krishnaraj Rao View All Topics | Create New Topic Messages 1. Mumbai, 19 November ‘11: Municipal Commissioner Subodh Kumar and Maharashtra Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan have got us all convinced that they are serious about cleaning up. Here is a small shocker that makes us wonder just how serious they are. RTI activist Pramod Kadam learned that the Municipal Corporation had entered into a contract with a couple of firms to paying a mind-blowing salary of Rs 26,578 for 759 personnel, and Rs 26,199 for 754 personnel. The personnel were sweepers, school attendants (i.e. peons), plumbers and electricians to Municipal schools. Please note, this is probably a bit more than the salary of Principals and Headmasters of Mumbai’s Municipal schools, and definitely more than even experienced teachers and staff! The names of these firms are: · Krystal Trade Com Pvt. Ltd -- · BVG India Ltd -- The payment for this three-year contract, which began on 1 February 2009-10, is being done on a monthly basis. The monthly payment is nearly Rs 2.02 crore to Krystal, and nearly Rs 1.98 crore to BVG. See work order: Being a bank employee, Kadam also found out that the actual salaries credited by these agencies to their salary accounts was a meagre *Rs 4,000 to Rs 5,200.* As anybody can see, the massive amount pocketed by the agency – over Rs 21,000 per employee provided – is extravagant and unreasonable. He also found out that a comparable contract award had been awarded in 2008 for security and maintenance of Prabodhankar Thackerey Hall in Borivli for Rs 6,600 per personnel per month. Hence the difference between these two contracts, awarded about one year apart by the same Standing Committee, was Rs 20,000. Besides this huge wastage of public resources, he also found that many things were not in order. After a lot of RTI research work over a couple of years, Pramod Kadam finally complained in January 2011 to Municipal Commissioner Subodh Kumar, CM Prithviraj Chavan, the Municipal Chief Auditor and others. Read his detailed complaint: A couple of months later, the audit department confirmed Kadam’s allegations. However, instead of comparing the salary with the Rs 6,600 benchmark of Prabodhankar Thackeray Hall, the auditors compared it with Rs 13,800 per head paid to the security staff of toll (jakaat) nakas. On this basis, it calculated that there was excess payment of Rs 34.52 lakhs per year. Perhaps more importantly, it questioned how these firms could have been selected when they did not have the necessary Income Tax and Sales Tax clearance papers. Read the MARATHI report of the municipal auditors: However, eight months after the chief auditor’s report, the contract continues. Not only that, as the municipal elections near, almost coinciding the renewal date of this contract(Feb 1, 2012), one hears over the grapevine that THIS EXTRAVAGANT CONTRACT IS ABOUT TO BE RENEWED. Why will it continue? Because some political parties in MCGM need the KICKBACK MONEY FOR THE ELECTIONS. Mr Municipal Commissioner Sir, Mr Chief Minister Sir, are you listening? What do you have to say about this? In this instance of blatant corruption, the buck clearly stops with you. Warm Regards, Krish

they do not want to bail out small investor to, poor, sufferers but a playboy

yeh news pad kar aaj ka din khrab ho gaya : LIC the only proud flagship corporation of Govt of India which has been acclaimed the world over is being given a slow poison by enemies of India , and sonia and Manmohan are becoming tools of same. LIC has earned shame and disrepute by asking agents to sell ULIPs by over promising and giving rosy pictures and thus millions specially poor and middle class have made heavy losses. LIC is not bailing out them. Manmohan not asking LIC to bail out its investors who have made losses due to false promises given by LIC thru agents and before the last day of closing of those ULIP's the branches of LIC were collecting premiums till dawn next day. Poor villagers and others have morgaged their personal belongings and valueables and to bail out small LIC itaken ULIPS and now these ULIPS are in loss. Many LIC clients have it seems committed suicide due to losses. Has ever Manmohan / Sonia / Digvijay/ Kapil Sibbal / Prafull have ever thought of bailing out any of loosing poor investors of LIC???? Why ???? And why are they trying to bail out Vijay Mallaya the person who spends time on beaches shooting for loust naked girls calender, in IPL, in Car race in alcohol trade etc etc .. What are there connections with him???? My marathi manoos bai who worked in various houses as domestic servent is bed ridden due to damage to backbone ( paraplegic), her husband already had paralytic attack. They have two daughters. One has taken over her mothers work and other is studying. They r unable to meet their expenses. I asked them to get a BPL card so that they can be treated in good hospital for free. The marathi manoos officers asked for huge bribe and gave lenghty procdure for illetrate , ailing poor senior citizens. But one who lands today from UP/Bihar / bangla desh gets taxi / auto permit/ unauthorised hut and then free house/ unauthorised stall and they are all helped and saved by marathi speaking officers. Why??? Garibi hatao or illigal migrants are only issues to raise sentiments and get votes but at the end of the day who is the winner won who bribes. Aur mera hindusatan mahan?????? Shame and sorry for those believe in these leaders. Thanks and Regards, Alok Tholiya,