Tuesday, November 22, 2011


He believes Manmohanji is good and honest and I said according to me he is most corrupt. Read what is corruption as per wikipedia and dictionary.com but as per some corrpution means bribery and since MM ( PM) does not take money he is not corrupt. No sir, no he is most corrupt::::::::read on:::: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corruption corruption [kuh-ruhp-shuhn]   1. the act of corrupting or state of being corrupt. 2. moral perversion; depravity. 3. perversion of integrity. 4. corrupt or dishonest proceedings. 5. bribery. Synonyms 2. dissolution, immorality. 8. rot, putrefaction, putrescence, foulness, pollution, contamination. Antonyms 1–3. purity. 3, 4. honesty. look for true meaning of corruption,Bribery which does not only may be corruption but corruption means lot more then bribery. If lust for post or flattery or importance or even under influence of fear of community etc if one does something wrong or does not do what is desired is a corruption. Recently I was in a conference organised at the behest of a well respected saint. The speakers after speaker were diverting from topic of the day and getting indulged in bestowing lots of praises of respected saint ( which he deserves too).The speakers were totally evading the main topic. I wrote to saint that pl. inspire speakers to majorly cover the topic in their speech and not otherwise. He read and kept my note on one side. According to me that is also a corruption. I complimented Justice R J Kochar for being only blunt and honest speaker ( honest to topic of the day) during lunch break and added Sir I give you 100% where as to this graet saint I give only 95%. In a conference of advocates ( where I was not eligible as a delegate but allowed to be observe as guest) at goregaon held recently the speaker after speaker were doing lal ( flattery) of newly elect Presi. And the topic was just forgotten. Is not that corruption??? In conference of fast justice where the then law minister was present, many ex-justice, and many dignitaries were present like Medha Patkar, etc.. In few minutes I lost my cool as a leading ex justice Dharmadhikariji himself was talking on totally different experiences then what, why and how to get fast justice delivered in India. I raised point of order and stopped all that and asked the Chair of conference to stick to the topic. The presiding officer had to. Most activists spoke on how bad and slow is a judicial system and how the justice can be speeded up but again a aspiring politician came and started talking abt other important issues but not relevant to topic for which conference was called. This time I made heightened hue and cry specially when I was a registered delegate. This politician is good, but this was no platform for increasing vote bank. So Manmohanji as per me is most corrupt Prime minister as he has no control over his governments doings. He may not be taking bribe but he is silent on various issues which one should thru even fufkaro lekin kato mat mantra boost image of party and govt. His men's scathing attacks on people like Annaji etc and on the other hand giving impression that if it was not the Judiciary no scams would have been unearth and dealt with. That means he is encouraging many other sitting ready to do scams and worst is his remark in support of Vijay Mallaya bail out. He has no time to bail out poverty stricken dying farmers, widows, children and does not think of bailing them out , does not think of mahngai/ inflation and does not think of bailing out good hospitals, charitable, welfare institutions but trying to bail out Kingfisher!!! He may be honest but for wrong reasons and there r stories of ppl like robin hood who did wrong for right reasons AND I ALOK WILL ACCLAIM THE ROBIN HOOD.

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