Sunday, November 20, 2011

they do not want to bail out small investor to, poor, sufferers but a playboy

yeh news pad kar aaj ka din khrab ho gaya : LIC the only proud flagship corporation of Govt of India which has been acclaimed the world over is being given a slow poison by enemies of India , and sonia and Manmohan are becoming tools of same. LIC has earned shame and disrepute by asking agents to sell ULIPs by over promising and giving rosy pictures and thus millions specially poor and middle class have made heavy losses. LIC is not bailing out them. Manmohan not asking LIC to bail out its investors who have made losses due to false promises given by LIC thru agents and before the last day of closing of those ULIP's the branches of LIC were collecting premiums till dawn next day. Poor villagers and others have morgaged their personal belongings and valueables and to bail out small LIC itaken ULIPS and now these ULIPS are in loss. Many LIC clients have it seems committed suicide due to losses. Has ever Manmohan / Sonia / Digvijay/ Kapil Sibbal / Prafull have ever thought of bailing out any of loosing poor investors of LIC???? Why ???? And why are they trying to bail out Vijay Mallaya the person who spends time on beaches shooting for loust naked girls calender, in IPL, in Car race in alcohol trade etc etc .. What are there connections with him???? My marathi manoos bai who worked in various houses as domestic servent is bed ridden due to damage to backbone ( paraplegic), her husband already had paralytic attack. They have two daughters. One has taken over her mothers work and other is studying. They r unable to meet their expenses. I asked them to get a BPL card so that they can be treated in good hospital for free. The marathi manoos officers asked for huge bribe and gave lenghty procdure for illetrate , ailing poor senior citizens. But one who lands today from UP/Bihar / bangla desh gets taxi / auto permit/ unauthorised hut and then free house/ unauthorised stall and they are all helped and saved by marathi speaking officers. Why??? Garibi hatao or illigal migrants are only issues to raise sentiments and get votes but at the end of the day who is the winner won who bribes. Aur mera hindusatan mahan?????? Shame and sorry for those believe in these leaders. Thanks and Regards, Alok Tholiya,

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