Friday, November 25, 2011

Great Harvinder

Indur K Chhugani Just 1 slap & Sardar booked under 4 sections of Indian Penal Code. Every NCP worker goes on a riot, burn and damage property and no action against them. And still the politicians wonder why people are angry. Like · · Share · 16 hours ago · Vinod Sampat and 29 others like this. 15 shares Raju Korti I am sure, tomorrow, they will book someone for looking angrily at a political leader. 12 hours ago · Like · 3 Harbir Singh Gill shared.... 9 hours ago · Like Alok Tholiya And what abt punishment to rioters who vandaled after arrest of Indira Gandhi. Rather many of the m who burnt buses etc were given tickets to election. I salute Harvinder singhji who has raked up the issue of price rise in his own way. He is Bhagat singh ( I hope he does not do anything wrong of the kind which will tarnish his good image) of 2011 and needs proper assistance in court and good protection.Of course he should have restrained himself to slap and not branded a kirpan.

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