Thursday, December 25, 2014

Kya sword wielding goondo ke ache din aaye hein?

The Fatal combination: BJP is ruling in Delhi, Maharashtra and Mumbai ( with Shiv Sena). My house is on the junction of TPS3 , Santacruz east, Mumbai. Two days back sword wielding gang came in front of my building and build a shade overnight. This location is just 100 mts away from Main Vakola Police station. Is police involved in this? Is local ruling party leader involved? TPS 3 was developed by Britishers so it had well planned road, bungalows, huge public  garden, public hospital, gymkhana etc etc.. However the entry to TPS 3 is from Regency Hotel and my building and Neelachal Society. Due to negligence of Bureaucrats and leaders and general apathy of residents of TPS 3 this corners sight is one of the worst , illegally parked tempos, drivers and cleaners urinating in open, night becomes open liquor bar and thus noise, filthy language, broken liquor bottles everywhere, and law and order problem. Police vehicle comes every night meets the dada's take their share and leave. Local corporator, MLA and MP and others too pass thru this way regularly but none thinks of beautifying or cleaning or developing this junction. As either they are in league with these elements or are callous. BMC staff makes few crores every  year from all unauthorised structures in our area Santacruz east as maximum land belongs to Govt, , Military, PWD, BMC, P and T., University etc on which these officers have encouraged slums in partnership. I ask all of you is their any change u find after the fatal BJP forming government in Maharashtra, Center and Mumbai? Is their any chance of development? Is their any fear on police and BMC staff that Modi ji  has come to power and they must act and also stop illegal activities. I am sorry to say I find during Kejriwal wave they acted when  even common worker wearing AAP cap approached but now even people like me has no voice and goonda raj is thriving. I had even approached City survey office after Fadnavis ji took over as Chief Minister. But same attitude, callousness, rudeness and unhelping nature and greed. Behaviour in ration office and election office is same. Kya sword wielding goondo ke ache din aaye hein?

Sunday, December 21, 2014

illegal migrants blocking important roads and bridges

From Vakola I was going towards Ghatkopar via Military camp and Air India Colony. The bridge on way was very small so they have after years of work ( it should have taken 2 - 3 months) made one additional bridge. Same is not put to use as is used by car thieves who have parked over 150 cars and their skeleton. Whole stretch dominated by a illegal migrants is encroached upon and blocking movement of traffic but no police, BMC, Shivsena or BJP has guts to improve condition there. Similarly half  Bridge landing coming from Mahim west to Dharavi is blocked by illegal migrant scrap merchant and no one has guts to reclaim that part of bridge and put it to use.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

secularism does not mean patronising or siding with any religion but being strict with all religion

All benefits to all religions must be taken off and actions on defaulters must be taken as per law. Some one must file RTI and collect info of all religious places misusing land, power, water doing illegal construction. That will mean true secularism.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Gujju Ambani's give one more most modern hospital to Mumbai

True minority Gujjus, Jains, Sindhis, Rajasthanis, Christians have given so many schools, colleges, hospitals to Mumbai and India that we cant count. And majority, Muslims, UPians, Biharis have only exploited Mumbai and government and charitable facilities. I call upon 30 lacs Muslims, and 40 lacs from UP and Bihar  living in Mumbai to form a trust and give one rupee per day and come up with similar facilities.And before u condemn Hindus/ Marwaris/ Gujaratis etc  pl. take a look how many of their facilities u r exploiting.

Let Aamir enthuse Muslims to come out for modernisation

True Aamir has not shown ills in Muslims. Muslims are poor because they have many more then two children. They r so careless that their children join ISIS like organisation but they do not know. Their basti are very dirty and they do not want to do social work and beautify their own locality. They are far behind in philanthropy and starting charitable institute. In Mumbai Jains are less then 1 lac but own hundreds of charitable institutes ( and most beneficiaries are Muslims, UPians , Bihari ) and Muslims ka are 30 lacs but they can not name even 30 good institutions in Mumbai. So they want all free ke and Aamir shields them.

Let Aamir enthuse Muslims to come out for modernisation, for contributing more for poor Muslims and ask them to have less children but educate them give them quality of life instead of giving quantity .

There r many many good Muslim. If the focus of leaders of their samaj is changed to developing and educating their youth, teach them living lawfully and become useful to their own poor brothers and sisters by founding educational and medical institutes then lot will change. But they are putting them selves behind Dawood, Owaisis and such and then there is a rift and they feel they r in minority and develop complex and then produce uncontrolled children who take to weapons and violence.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

AAP duplicating Congress stunts

Arvind Kejriwal added 3 new photos.
After our women, Youths & students' wing, AAP minority cell is launched to include all communities and sections of our society in our party.
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  • Surendera M. Bhanot AN AAP ANNOUNCEMENT
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  • Alok Tholiya shocking. There was no need of following the ways of congress. Will AAP b ever able to work for family planning ?????? And breeding unplanned any no. of children are the curse to nation. And Jains, Parsi , sikh etc are the minority and Hindu and Muslim are the majority.
  • Alok Tholiya

Blaming Congress for all own sins and lack of vision and lack of concern.

yeh sab sonia gandhi/congress aur UPA ke dum pe bhokte hain
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  • Anil Kumar Jain narendera modi ji iska bhi ilaj kariyeSee Translation
  • Alok Tholiya Anil ji, Why u blame congress. U had means v had vote power , other options but v go for cards party on elections day. And Muslims, UPinans , Bihari, criminals, hotelier, mafia, land grabbers go for elections and then they run the govt they have elected. Even now there is some opportunity to wake up and demand family planning but which has to be for all and not just one religious group. Besides no illegal migrants be allowed in Bharat. But selfish, narrow minded Indians will b more interested in cricket and filmdom and not in independence. So Bharat will be Islamic country by 2014.
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  • Alok Tholiya For foolishness of Hindu saints who never united and asked for Hindu rashtra, family planning, stopping illegal migration u cant blame Sonia. These saints hv 60 yrs made money and never cared to save Bharat.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Can Shivsena or Mumbai BJP can show one single landmark project worth visiting, or any civic development at par with world?

Dubai has a very open minded ( except is not secular) , dynamic and progressive leader The Prince of Dubai. He has given best of law and order, best of infra, best of tourism, best of health and best of economy. Hats of to them. And compare what BJP and SS has given to Mumbai. At Least NAMO cud take Chinese head to Sabarmati but Udhava ji has no place in Mumbai which he can or his BMC ruled by SS can take even a third world country visitor proudly.

Behind scams, mafia, drug peddling etc there is one top police, bureaucrat or courts or neta

Behind scams, mafia, drug peddling etc there is one top police, bureaucrat or courts or neta. U cant save ur skin where u do a small mistake but then gross criminals and law breakers survive and thrive . How? Behind every successful Ambani, adani, Dawood, Bhai, smugglers, mafia, land grabber there is one who's who. CBI is behind many successes of scams and scamsters have thrived.

Owaisi gave a venomous speech response

Owaisi gave a venomous speech today ( why , where what not written here to not to give him mileage ) . But one Ashish used bad words trying to show him down.
My comments on what Ashish wrote: Ashish ji, Use good language even if one does not deserve that. If u want to put Hindus in sleep mode then give false bravity story of Hindus and show Owaisi and alike as weak. But fact is world wide different. Besides Gulf, now africa, asia pacific, russia, Europe and even China is affected by rising blood sucking population of extremists. So take threats of Owaisi seriously. U ll not realise but when some foreign country will help them and Thapa like and mumbai police type ( who made Dawood , Yusuf, Haji etc mafia and who did serial bombing in Mumbai and then u know Kasab and his gang. U survived and some ppl near u does not mean u r safe forever. And note most Muslims are peace loving, good and that is why he still has to plead them to unite, so v hv some peace because of these good muslims. Do not alienate them. Do not use one stick to whip all. Let us live with all communities as family but to avert all risk have family planning thru good incentives. And if population balance , good education and good job opportunity is given priority then automatically no one will care for such ppl. Actually best punishment to Owaisis will be by ignoring him as even such speech coverage gives him publicity. And Muslim with farsight have realised that such leaders will affect their progress badly. They need good diplomatic leaders who can nicely put their demands and get it attended. All groups have some dire needs and demands but ways to put has to be nice... Hope peace loving Muslims will charge and sideline aggressive leaders who will only misguide youth and ruin their future and make everyone vulnerable.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

असम के पूर्व डीजीपी शंकर बरुआ ने खुदकुशी कर ली है।

My comment on news: असम के पूर्व डीजीपी शंकर बरुआ ने खुदकुशी कर ली है। बरुआ 1974 बैच के आईपीएस अफसर थे। गौरतलब है कि शारदा चिटफंड घाटाले में सीबीआई ने उनके घर पर छापा मारा था।

Behind scams, mafia, drug peddling etc there is one top police, bureaucrat or courts or neta. U cant save ur skin where u do a small mistake but then gross criminals and law breakers survive and thrive . How? Behind every successful Ambani, adani, Dawood, Bhai, smugglers, mafia, land grabber there is one who's who. CBI is behind many successes of scams and scamsters have thrived.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

My humble reply to Priya Seraj Akram who shares his concern sportingly

My humble reply to Priya Searj who shares his concern sportingly and same way takes others views as a healthy discussion. till v r able to keep communications things will always be peaceful and healthy. Communications break then chaos starts...
Aloks reply:
If any one is not allowed to conduct business then this is lawlessness. And NAMO should act. 
In MUmbai Dawood, Yusuf and so many muslim mafia kidnapped, murdered and raped hindus and why same voice was not raised? 

My building today is surrounded by muslim illegal hawkers who cook non veg on touching my compound but Hindu police and municipal staff and shivsena corporators patronises them. 

In Dubai and Saudi and many muslims countries do not give any religious freedom to Hindus. Pl. demand in same way freedom for hindus in theses countries and v shall give same to Muslims. 

Muslims have attacked a holi and band of Hindus passing for nr the mosques? Why? They hv certain objection? Jains hv certain objections on Non veg being prepared in Palitana. These issues should be sorted out by discussion but both sides r having ego. 

Thanks and Regards,
Alok Tholiya,

Mail from Seraj: 

From: seraj akram <>
Date: Sun, Sep 7, 2014 at 12:46 PM
Subject: Muslims businessmen compelled to shut their business in Gujrat
To: Alok Tholiya <>, menow group <>

By  Abdul hafiz lakhani   Ahmedabad

PM Narendra Modi's brain child Vibarant Gujarat will be held in the State
this time under the leadership of New CM Anandiben patel.At  this time when
western diplomats and investors are making a beeline to seek favours
from Gujarat , Muslims are not allowed to do meat business and egg business
in Palitana about 100 KM. from Bhavnagar.

  More over   10 Gujarati Muslim traders have alleged having been forced to
close down businesses over past one month. The latest complaint was been
filed on Thursday by hotelier Mustafa Patel, who claims to have  shut down
his Jyoti Hotel on Viramgam highway, 90 minute drive from ahmedabad, after
receiving threats.His petition says that despite court orders Police has
refused to provide him protection.

Confirming that the Commission has received complaints related to
preventing people to operate their businesses, chairman Wajahat Habibullah
said he has sought reports form Gujarat Government.

Earlier the Commission had received complaints from nine traders of Chhota
Udepur, alleging their businesses have been ruined. The complaint says,
that sarpanch of village Baroj, Jayanti Rathwa engineered a riot in the
area to take away the luxury Transportbusiness from his

Monday, September 1, 2014

Hope bank clients ke bhi acche din ayenge Puri sahab.


My HDFC C.A. no. 13332000000953  

U r not tired of putting uncalled for and unethical  charges and therefore I too am not tired of challenging same. 

Urs is a service industry and u r suppose to give various services to us under one and one account with you. Presently I am talking of my above account .

It is a current account so u do not pay any interest. However u r charging for practically all small small services too. 

I as a insurance agent, as a landlord not able to charge my clients nor able charge my tenants the way u charge unilaterally. 

Finance ministry and RBI and Bankers association and Ombudsman are all ur pitthus/ licking ur feet. As u can bribe or give favours to them. There r thousands of instances where undeserving corporates and builders hv been given crores of rupees loan at the instance of who's who in ministry, RBI, etc which r now NPA's and Indian banking industry is suffering.

Banks r also in bad shape because u hv created 5star type branches and paying very high salaries to even juniors. Our elected representatives, police, courts and many others do not get even 25% of what u pay to ur CEO/ MD and staff while u work limited hours in posh infra and safe environment.

I am surprised that on 17/7 / 14 u hv debited my account for debit card annual fee. Shocking and pure loot. I want u to reverse the same, also hence forth before putting any charges take my written consent. 

Pl. do not penalise honest and small account holders for ur sins of financing NPA's and then not recovering billions from mischievous well connected debtors. 

I ask NAMO to make it mandatory for banks the so called service industry to have there offices in Industrial and cheaper place and not on posh costly areas. Also no need to have costly interiors. Instead banks must be asked to give one S B Account per aadhar card free viz. offer one debit cum ATM card, one credit card, one account , cheque books and statement complimentary lifetime. Similarly against one registerd co. / firm also be given one account complimentary / charges free ( as it is interest, locker  and draft etc will be recovered which r already v. high) . First basic account per person and per business must come with bundle of facilities and free and those wanting second and more account can be charged. 

Hope bank clients ke bhi acche din ayenge Puri sahab. 

Thanks and Regards,
Alok Tholiya,
09324225699 /   02226125699/26173203

Marigold The Little Hall, 
​Tholiya Bhavan,
10th rd, Santacruz east,
Mumbai 400055
Nr Vakola Highway Signal, next to Regency Hotel. ​

Marigold The Little Hall, 
Beautiful small mini party hall for small marriages, parties,Birthdays , celebrations,seminars,meetings, training,workshops, classes etc .    only authentic matrimonial website for members of digambar  jain samaj. 

Sunday, August 31, 2014

tali do hath se bajti hei ..........

The prem bhav, adjustments, respect to each other religion and feelings , equality, sacrifice , charity etc etc must come from all. By ur living in fools world and denying the risks coming on u still using great words is suicide. Need of the hour is family planning and how many of them follow? Need of the hour is with religion teach modern education and train young for opting good vocation but why most of them r sent for Jihad????? Develop the idea and hv right vision. Kabutar ke aankh band karne se billi nahi jhapategi eisa sochane vale mare jayenge.

Friday, August 8, 2014

ur debtor, ur advocate and your court loot, delay and harass u .......

Lacs of Cheque bounce cases pending in various courts all over India . section 138 has no provisions of adjournments but Gang of judicial system thrives with cheque bouncers and criminals. Honest suffer at the hands of those not paying and thereafter at the hands of own advocate and courts.

sachin an irresponsible RS member using post as ornamental and for impressing

we hv been criticising politicians left right and center. Now sachin has willingly accepted seat in Rajya Sabha. But is absent. Has not raised any public issue. Why sachin fans are silent? He is a good cricketer so let him teach young cricketers and resign from RS and give the seat to some active person.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Criminal fed police and judiciary will never act. And Indian citizens will always vote for immoral,

Fool Indian voters vote for such goondas, mavalies, criminals. If honest humble like members of AAP stand then they are voted out. If u make goondas ur leaders, ur saint, ur police, ur minister then u will always be beaten up like this, rapes and dacoities and black mailing will continue. Even this boy must have voted to a goonda and then u hv it. These ppl are encouraged by communal fanatics, by police , by PP and by courts. So this will go on. With all this evidence have all these 5 assaulters been arrested ???? Criminal fed police and judiciary will never act.
Toll booth operator beaten up for demanding toll from the
President of KRV (Karnataka Rakshana Vedike) in Chitradurga, India.

Courtesy: NEWS9
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I hv fought at every single opportunity all unjust and and attempt to enslave by present bureaucrats and system.

I hv fought at every single call, every single opportunity all unjust and show down and attempt to enslave by present bureaucrats and system. Hundreds of my work has suffered but I hv never allowed myself to loose my dignity and principles. I may hv been less successful in this materialistic world but avoided chaplusi ( licking), and never failed to raise voice where ever necessary. I hv good number of foes and enemies and frustrated gang of professionals police, bureaucrats. be it . I believe one God and right action is more then a majority. I shall follow same path whole life.
Photo: The Mind Unleashed
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